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Service flags on Grandstream gxp2160

13 June 2017 - 03:56 PM

I have a Grandstream gxp2160 running firmware I can't get a service flag programmed on a button to work? Do service flags on Grandstream phones work with the PBX?

Trunk Custom Headers

12 June 2017 - 03:15 PM

We are using custom headers in our trunks with the To header set up as follows.

"{domain-display}" <sip:{if clip true}anonymous@anonymous.invalid{fi clip true}{if disa true}{ext-ani}@{domain}{fi disa true}{from-ani}@{domain}>

We need to change the "{domain-display}" part based on the outbound ANI of the extension making the call or some other custom field that can be configured for each extension. I do not see any other variables we can use to replace {domain-display} with to make this happen.


We can't use {ext-display} because each extension has the users first and last name configured. It would be great if there was a field for each extension that could be populated with this a value that set a variable that could be used in the custom header, something like {ext-CNAM}. If an extension's CNAM field were set to "Company 1" the {ext-CNAM} variable would "Company 1" If a different extension on the same domain had its CNAM field set to "Company 2" the {ext-CNAM} variable would "Company 2"


In he custom header below if an extensions CNAM field is set, whatever value was in the field would be used otherwise processing will continue and the {domain-display} variable will be used.

{if ext-CNAM isset}"{ext-CNAM}" "{domain-display}" <sip:{if clip true}anonymous@anonymous.invalid{fi clip true}{if disa true}{ext-ani}@{domain}{fi disa true}{from-ani}@{domain}>

Web interface and Vodia phone app.

02 June 2017 - 01:00 PM

Running Vodia v58.


There is an app that you can download from Vodia that when run brings up the web site. It looks like this app just takes your user credentials and log you in as a user on the PBX web page. I logged into the PBX using Chrome from my phone and got the same user interface I get when I use the app.


My question is Does the app just make it easier to log into the web page from your phone?

Recording auto attendant messages

26 May 2017 - 01:47 PM

I have many customers complain that it is very cumbersome to record prompts for the auto attendants.


It is easy to dial *98xxxx to record the first prompt but recording the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th prompts is painful. There is no way to listen to the message or rerecord it. The only way to listen is to activate the message. All this requires involvement from our support team because the customers don't have access to the PBX.


It would be nice if recording the messages would allow you to review the message and rerecorded it. Can't it work like recording your first VM message where you can listen to the recording, rerecord and then save the message when you are satisfied with the recording?


It would be even better if anywhere you can record audio prompts such as Agent Group, Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, etc. you could record, review and save the recording. 

Web interface and extension licenses

25 May 2017 - 05:44 AM

I have noticed that when I am logged into the web interface from my mobile phone using the Vodia phone app on my android phone I have an additional registration for my extension. I have a desk phone at my office and the app on my mobile phone so there are 2 registrations, one for my Snom D725 and one for my mobile phone that says "Vodia WebRTC 1.0".


Does this additional registration count against the total number of extension licenses that are purchased for the PBX? 


Let's say I have 10 extension licenses and I have 10 desk phones so all 10 licenses are in use. If I log into the web interface from my mobile phone that would seem to be an eleventh registration. Would I be denied access to the web interface? What happens if I try to exceed the number of licenses I have purchased?


Would I need to purchase additional licenses if I wanted to allow the 10 people with desk phones to all log into the web interface and have there desk phone still working? I guess I am asking if I would be required to double the number of extension licenses if I wanted to use desk phones and make calls from my mobile phone using WebRTC?