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In Topic: Establishing round-robin within agent groups

Today, 09:30 AM



Q) What we require is; when the caller reaches this agent group they are passed around to each currently logged in agent for approx 10-15 seconds each. When the caller is passed onto another agent, the prior agents phone stops ringing (instead of all ringing at once). If an agent is not logged in/is already on a call it should simply call another randomly logged in agent.


Ans) Yes, they will all ring one after another, that is how the Agent Group works. If you want everyone to ring at once and if you need separate stages for each set of extension then please try Hunt groups. Its far simpler for you and you can transfer the call from Hunt group to Agent group too (if HG alone, cant solve your query). In short, you dont need to create these many agent groups or any other group. That's the main reason it was created for. :)

In Topic: Moving to a new server (after 4 years)

Yesterday, 04:10 PM



1) Copy the entire working directory of the PBX.

2) Copy this on the new server.

3) Reset your license ONE TIME ONLY. And re-apply that on the new server. And you should be good to go. https://vodia.com/en/orders

In Topic: Service flags on Grandstream gxp2160

16 June 2017 - 02:06 PM

Great !! Thanks for letting us know.

In Topic: WebRTC from iPhone (latest iOS)?

14 June 2017 - 01:32 PM



As of now we dont have a version for WebRTC on iOS devices. But stay Tuned. :)

In Topic: Dial plan--removing non numeric characters

11 June 2017 - 02:05 PM



I guess the Admin was referring to adding that to the next version of the PBX. As of now, just making sure your customers can enter numbers as suggested by you shall be the best case scenario.