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  2. Fraud Protection based on Rates / Billing

    ok, sound is good ;:) The parameter is not described in the docu how this is used If a value of 100 is entered here, it means that every month on the 01st this value will be set for "all" domains in a hosted. thanks
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  4. 40@domain_name ... that did the trick thanks a lot! Without the domain name, I can't login as a user. The german welcome mail is a bit confusing ...
  5. 58.4 Portal Glitches

    I have found that 58.4 has issues when importing a domain with any browser other than Chrome. Also there seems to be an issue when trying to add address book entries at the extension level (the domain level works fine)
  6. Provisioning Username and Password

    One small glitch I found with using an account just for provisioning is that the system fills the LDAP credentials in based on the creds used to log in, and not based on the extension that the MAC is bound to, so that would need to be corrected.
  7. Associating certificates with domains

    This worked well, and I also realized some details that I were not in the documentation. One of the confusing issues I was having is my wildcard, and my regular cert both have the same base domain name. My regular cert is xxx.yyy.mydomain.com. Wildcard certificate was *.mydomain.com. The problem was with regards to the web portal (the main reason I have the SSL cert is for the web portal, most all recent browsers support server name identification). If I put the wildcard at the domain level, then the server would utilize it when accessing xxx.yyy.mydomain.com. Technically it should not, and only match yyy.mydomain.com, and therefore it would not get to the server level traditional cert of xxx.yyy.mydomain.com that I needed to put there in the default position for phones that do not support server name identification. So the solution I found was to put the traditional cert at both the domain, and server level, and the wildcard only at the domain level, and everything worked fine. This should not pose much of an issue since very few customers require SIPS/SRTP, so by the time I get another customer that requires it, chances are their phones will support server name identification, or I will have filled the server up, and be on to the next one. This does lead to a potential feature request. If a domain could be bound to both a specific IP and port, then you could bind a certificate to the domain. This would make for a much more granular approach. It would also make sense to be able to select certs separately for HTTP versus SIP access
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  9. Associating certificates with domains

    Would that help much? In a multi domain environment you'll probably end up with the wrong certificate most of the time. The default is the server certificate right now (you can load wildcard certificates also into domains if they match).
  10. Logo Phone

    The PBX web interface will automatically resize the image to the needed sizes (there are more than one). When you drop an image, take a reasonably high resolution (e.g. 1024 x 768) so that the browser can down scale it (and not up scale it)
  11. Fraud Protection based on Rates / Billing

    There is a setting "Automatically recharge credit for domain" in the monthly billing section that can be used for that purpose.
  12. Hi, We can test 2 things here:- 1) Try putting 40@domain_name and then the password. 2) Please make sure your password is a completely new one and you have never ever, used that before. 3) Try upgrading to the latest 58.4 and give it another go.
  13. Hi, a current example, the boss doesn't want its calls from other extension to be pickup. We have entered in the field under user or extension level "Permissions to monitor this account:" : 40 This should prevent the 40 from monitoring and pickup, this feature is not working for us Version 58.4 We can still monitor the extension and pickup the value is not saved You can save the value, we are under the admin account in the extension level of the domain thanks
  14. domain level email_header.htm ignored ?

    From what I experienced, with an customized email_header.htm at admin level, the domain level one isn't used. Tried many changes and only ones in the admin level template are used. BUT email_header.htm is somewhat specific as it's never called directly but included from other templates. Could it be the cause ?
  15. Hello Vodia, i've installed a S5 bundle V 58.2 and I can't login as a user (e.g. 40). The web password is definitly correct!? I can only switch from domain into user mode to test the user interface. I've changed the web password for user 40 I've deleted extension 40 and re-created it nothing helps ... Regards / Gifti
  16. domain level email_header.htm ignored ?

    Hi, The hierarchy goes like this:- Extension level customization takes precedence over Domain level and Domain level takes precedence over Admin level. All the config templates can be changed at all the levels.
  17. Hi, We are not completely clear what are you trying to achieve here? Are you unable to locate the "Permissions to monitor this account:" setting, then it is under Extension level. Also, can you provide us with your License code in a private message? If you would go to the permissions tab on the extension level, then you can set all the permissions there as an Admin and let us know if it works after those changes.
  18. Adressbook

    Hi, the end user login is working before are using the click here from admin ;-) thanks
  19. Adressbook

    Hi, We just tested this on 58.4 and we can save new contacts. Please make sure you are logged in as an user and not using the "click here" functionality from Admin level. For adding the CSV file, please give us some time before we update you back on it.
  20. domain level email_header.htm ignored ?

    Regardless of how old the version is it would be worth knowing what config templates can only be changed at the server level vs the domain and phone level.
  21. domain level email_header.htm ignored ?

    Forgot to precise : our PBX version is 5.2.6 (pretty old)
  22. Hello, For one our customers, I'm trying to set up a specific logo in email_header.htm template. So I modified the template for his domain but it doesn't seems to be used. That's always the server one that's served. Is it a bug ? I tried to get around this bug and tried to get the domain name and build the logo URL in the main email_header.htm. Seems to work well but I have to add the domain varh to every template in the domain. Is there a way to make some kind of 'if' a variable is set and swtich between custom URL (of var is set) and default one (if var isn't set ?). Or better : get the domain name directly in the main template ? Hoping my question is clear. Best regards, Julien
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  24. Hi, is there a possibility to protect an extension (Monitoring/Pickup) from another extension as admin, we found these settings but they have no effect Watch the calls of the following extensions: This feature allows users to watch the presence of an extension(s). The system will automatically generate configuration files of the extensions specified. Note: Wildcard patterns are permitted in this field. If only a star is used, the system will place all extensions of the domain into its call-watching list. Watch the presence of the following extensions (* for all): This setting is similar to the previous setting, but it doesn't provision calls. Instead, it asks the device to subscribe to the presence state of the listed extensions. The system will forward the presence state of the phones, but the phones themselves will be responsible for generating the presence information. Permissions to monitor this account: This setting allows the administrator to specify the accounts that a user is permitted to see the status of, including active calls. By default, all extensions are allowed to see the status of other extensions. A user can either list the extensions (e.g., 511, 518, 523, 522, 513) or use wildcards to match multiple extensions (e.g., 5*). This feature not found in the Domain under Extension
  25. Hi, we want to define a model based of billing the calls for fraud prevention and set a limit for the domain or extension, this is working no problem. Is there a possibility that the amount will be refilled on the 1st of the month? Automatic charging cannot be used in this case. thanks
  26. Logo Phone

    Hi, the logo for branding the phones which size and which phones are suitable for the logo any list of supported phones thanks
  27. Adressbook

    Hi, The system does not save any contacts user portal, it is also not possible to create contacts by importing them. Version 58.3 and 58.4 thanks
  28. Provisioning Username and Password

    Really all you would need to do is to make the pbx do is accept the username/password of users in the domain admin field for phone provisioning requests. right now I can work around it by creating an extension just to provision with, however that is a waste of a license.
  29. Associating certificates with domains

    Since I am trying to support a phone that does not support server name identification, and it also does not accept wildcard certificates, I would like to set a default certificate that is issued whenever the client does not support server name identification.
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