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  2. According to changes in version 5.3.1. , it is possible to trigger the alert for missed calls that end up in a hunt group. Our customer uses a hunt group in which there are six extensions, on which group calls are routed. This group has four stages, of which the first three are the above extensions (25 seconds each) and the last one is a voicemail. The option to have an email alert is active in the first three steps as well as the corresponding e-mail address. The problem is that it does not receive emails for missed calls. We tried to use different addresses (various e-mail addresses) and we did not received any of them. Our setup is in version 57.0 (Debian64) Please advise us.
  3. Select Tunk at time of call

    Hi, Won't the dial plans be the best option for this scenario for you? Please check this link out https://vodia.com/doc/domain_dialplans#Parts_of_a_Dial_Plan
  4. Vodia, I have a client two trunks, each with their own number. At time of call, client wishes to be able to easily select what trunk they call out on, so the CID is displayed to the recipient correctly. This is actually a common requirement as many companies these days have multiple numbers they wish to use to dial out on depending on the context of the call. I can see many ways of achieving this using individual Service Flags and trunks or pre-dial codes. I'd prefer not to use predial codes, as this makes for confusion with Call history presentation and people forget to dial the precode. My preferred option would be to use two functions keys. The one lit red would indicate the trunk that would be used when that handset makes a call. Ideally when the other function key is pressed, it would go red and the other would turn off. they would toggle. Same as radio buttons do. Not sure how I would easily achieve this though (on a per handset basis). Thoughts and ideas appreciated. Greg
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  6. Domain / Advanced / Buttons - not visible

    We are in the middle of changing the whole functionalities on the PBX end, so it's too soon for us (support) to comment how it will turn out in the upcoming builds.
  7. Can I change the buttons globally for a group of extensions? E.g. snom370 - agents / snom370 - non agents .
  8. Domain / Advanced / Buttons - not visible

    Hi, We have made the PBX smarter starting with this version and now the PBX auto-detects the phone that has been provisioned to it and then you can go to the button profile of that extension and make the button changes from there.
  9. Hi all, I tried to setting up button profiles on 59.0 as described in the documentation. Is there a trick to get the point visible?
  10. Original Caller ID

    Hi, Please put the ANI you want to be displayed on the Domain settings and give it a try. And please upgrade to 59.1 as it has various bug fixes compared to the previous versions.
  11. v59.0 login page

    Hi, You can always remove the page that we have and set it to a blank screen, which will essentially give you the same look. Customizing it to look like the old logon page will involve unnecessary overhead for your web development team.
  12. Original Caller ID

    Hi guys, From Release Notes 58.0: "Original Caller-ID. As the PBX routes the call through the system it changes the caller-ID. In certain cases the original caller-ID is needed. For this the PBX now makes a copy of the caller-ID when the call hits the PBX. It can be referenced e.g. in the hunt group for displaying the originally called number." Where can I turn this feature on? I need to display Original Caller ID for all diverted calls, either from the phones themselves or from the PBX. Trunk ANI is being used as Caller ID for diverted calls at the moment. If I remove the trunk ANI, Caller ID becomes "Anonymous/Private". My carrier allows any Caller ID passing on the trunk. Cheers, Tim
  13. Deutsche Telekom - DeutschlandLAN SIP-Trunk

    Ab Release 59.1 läuft der "Deutsche Telekom SIP-Trunk" in beide Richtungen! Damit können wir das Thema abschließen. Danke für den Support!
  14. v59.0 login page

    We have v59.0 loaded up for testing. I know we can customize the appearance of the logon page using the CSS files. What is the best way to remove that huge picture and make the logon page simpler and more like the old logon page? I also noticed that the "Forgot your password" link is gone. Will that be added back in at some time?
  15. Last week
  16. Caller ID While On Call / Call Waiting

    Did you even try testing it? It won't "answer" the call unless they press the check mark or softkey. All it will do is display the second call and it will be up to the user to accept/reject the call based on the caller ID.
  17. Caller ID While On Call / Call Waiting

    You can program the phone to display the second call ringing in rather than displaying the active call. http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/always_show_active_call
  18. Caller ID While On Call / Call Waiting

    The problem is they don't want to pick up the second call, unless it's an important call. So switching to that call to see the caller id makes no sense.
  19. Web Interface not available

    We have made a 59.0.2 that seems to solve the problem. It is in the 59.0 XML file.
  20. Domain admin can change trunk

    Hi, The latest build doesn't address this, Admin meant in the upcoming build after 59.1, hence 59.1+. Which version did you try?
  21. Domain admin can change trunk

    still available in the latest version of today
  22. Domain admin can change trunk

    This was problematic in version 58.0-59.0, should be properly addressed in 59.1+
  23. Domain admin can change trunk

    Hi, this setting is not effective, the domain admin can change everything and add new trunks thanks Domain Admin Permission These settings allow the administrator to restrict certain functions from the domain admin: Allow domain admin to change trunks: If this setting is disabled, the domain admin will be unable to change the trunks that have been configured for the domain.
  24. PBX version required to use Snom D745

    Hi, We have had the snom D745 template added since 5.5 version https://vodia.com/documentation/releasenotes550. Which version are you on?
  25. PBX version required to use Snom D745

    What PBX version is required to get the configuration templates for the Snom D745? Is there any way to add config templates to the PBX? Having to upgrade to a new version of the PBX to support a new model of phone is a pain. ========== We are on 5.5.0 and some of the newer versions. I do not see a template for the D725, does it use the 720/D720 template? BTW. I could not respond to this post so I had to edit my orginal post.
  26. Deutsche Telekom - DeutschlandLAN SIP-Trunk

    So wir haben uns das mal im Detail angesehen. Die Telekom sendet zurück: Record-Route: <sip:reg.sip-trunk.telekom.de;transport=tls;lr> Im RFC3263 steht wie diese URL aufgelöst werden soll. Das transport=tls hat unsere PBX ein bisschen verwirrt; wenn in der URI ein Port angegeben ist, muss NAPTR und SRV übersprungen werden. Die PBX hat das auch bei Transport gemacht. Das ist offenbar inkorrekt, die nächste Version wird das wirklich nur bei Port machen und dann sollte auch der Telekom-Trunk rund laufen.
  27. Deutsche Telekom - DeutschlandLAN SIP-Trunk

    PRACK kann nur gesendet werden wenn auch ein RSeq geschickt wird. Das ist in dem einen Trace drin; in dem anderen nicht. Das Hauptproblem dürfte aber sein warum die PBX keine Nachricht and die Telekom sendet (senden kann). Wir haben ein Setting "Don't accept SIP routing changes in dialog" mit dem wir das Problem erst mal lösen können. Dann dürfte die PBX die Nachrichten versenden können.
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