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  2. caller id passthrough

    Thanks for the reply. I had it working on version 58.0 When I upgraded to 59.0 it stopped working. I don't see the a 59.8 version link only the 59.0
  3. caller id passthrough

    In the latest (currently 59.8) we have revisited the header parameter "from" so that it should take it from the inbound trunk, if available. So if you want to try this again, our suggestion would be to move to 59.8 and use the {from} header in e.g. in the From header. There is also now a log available that shows all available variables, which should make ths trunk setup easier. Also there should be a drop down for setting up Twilio trunks that do it all for you, so you don't have to fiddle with the headers at all...
  4. caller id passthrough

    One of our operators, Twilio, says it's OK with our PBX "spoofing" the CID when calling out on their trunks for as long as the CID belongs to someone calling into their system. This would enable us to forward the actual originating CID to our cell phones. Caller (CID#1) --> Twilio Trunk --> PBX --> Twilio Trunk -> Cell phone (sees CID#1) However a caveat is that CIDs from calls originating from non Twilio trunks as well as from internal extensions should not be spoofed (or can't be spoofed). I'm uncertain about how to configure trunks properly for this scenario. Any ideas?
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  6. Establishing round-robin within agent groups

    Hi, As of now there are no plans of making only one agent ring and not the others, but we dont see any harm in other agents ringing all together as well. If the 1st agent is not picking in the first 10 secs then he/she wont pick later either. If anything, it just makes sure all the agents feel included
  7. Establishing round-robin within agent groups

    Is there any way to set up a group for longest idle. Ring agent A then if they do not answer after 15 seconds ring Agent B and stop Ringing Agent A. If B doesn't answer then look for the next agent with the most idle time. I konw from the comment above you said the system doesn't work that way it will continue to ring the first agent. All other call centers I have worked on ring the agent for the time allowed then stop roinging when it moves to the next agent. Is this something you are consider on adding in a future release? hunt group won't work for a customer that wan't to set up for longest idle.
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  9. Problem activating demo licence on Windows installation

    It is a common problem that the PBX is "competing" with other services on port 80 and 443, e.g. IIS. In such a case you can manually start the PBX from command line with .\pbxctrl --http-port 8080 --no-daemon --dir . and set the ports through the web interface (port 8080 obviously).
  10. Problem activating demo licence on Windows installation

    Hi, I have resolved the issue by installing the soft PBX on a different machine. I suspect there was some conflict between the PBX and an IIS instance I had running. I did configure alternate http, https & LDAP ports on the original install. So not exactly sure what the issue might have been. Anyway, something to keep in mind if you run into similar problems. Dougal
  11. Inbound Routing

    The only way I can think about would be to add an address book entry and use the name "Unknown" there. If you are lucky the phones will display only the name and not the number.
  12. Inbound Routing

    Hi Guys, I am using vodia 5.3.2 version. I've a query. Suppose I've direct line 1234567890 assigned to a hunt group and there are three extensions 200 201 and 202 are the part of hunt group to receive calls. I want if any body call to number 1234567890 the extensions should see call is coming from annonymous/blocked. Suppose I call from my cell phone to direct line but extenstions in hunt group see that call is coming from annonymous or blocked. I know we can set ''from-header'' to Group name and phones will shown group name on the screen. But when they will redial it call will go behind that number. So orignally my client want if any one call to that specific line no one should be able to know who is calling. Please advise.
  13. Copyright Text Footer

    Hi, Can you make sure you have the "boxed" setting set to "read from system and domain" like the image attached below.
  14. Hi, You can send the license code to us on the ticket that you have open with us, or you can send them to us in private message here along with your registered email ID.
  15. Copyright Text Footer

    thanks for answer I know the documentation, with the copyright under point 6 Copyright text the login is changed by the copyright but not the footer in a domain of the customer, where is the setting for a domain / copyright.
  16. Hi, I have applied my demo licence to my Windows installation but it doesn't look like it's activated successfully. After saving the activation code I see this: After a few seconds, this appears: Then it goes back to the first image. The response from the AJAX request the PBX is making to your activation server suggests that the activation is failing ("licensed":false). Is there a support email address I can use to follow this up with (so I can provide my Vodia user ID & licence/activation code info)? UPDATE: Went to check on the activation status and found this amusing Thanks, Dougal
  17. Copyright Text Footer

    Hi, You can refer to this link and make all the alterations you would like https://vodia.com/doc/appearance
  18. Acquiring a demo licence

    Hi, After a bit more digging around I saw that if I went to https://vodia.com/en/versions there's a link to https://vodia.com/en/cart?item=free&amount=1 where I've gotten a licence. Interestingly, after that then a shopping cart icon appears beside the 'Account' dropdown menu across the top of the page - it wasn't there before. The instructions in the links in my original post said " go to our online license portal, put a "free" license into the cart and go through the checkout process". But I didn't see a shopping cart icon. Maybe the text should include a direct link to the 'Vodia PBX Bundles' page (https://vodia.com/en/versions) as it's not clear what the 'licence portal' refers to. I've generated a licence and have applied it to my local Windows installation. It's currently having difficulty activating the licence. I'll give it another while and see if it eventually activates. If not, I'll be back. Thanks, Dougal
  19. Acquiring a demo licence

    Just send a quick email to sales they can get you a demo license for anything you need. They are happy to help you!
  20. Scheduled conference

    Actually this was supposed to be a feature. You don't have to worry someone else booked the room unless you run out of calls.
  21. Copyright Text Footer

    Hi, is it possible to overwrite the copyright text in the footer on the domains and where is this done? thanks
  22. Scheduled conference

    Hi, Thanks for letting us know. We will look into this.
  23. Acquiring a demo licence

    Hi, Could you let us know which step are you stuck on? The process is exactly as it is shown on the links that you shared.
  24. Acquiring a demo licence

    Hi, Wondering if anybody's been through the experience of getting a demo licence. The instructions say that, after registering on vodia.com and going to the licensing portal from where you can add a free demo licence (https://vodia.com/documentation/index & https://vodia.com/documentation/license) but it looks like the screen shots are from an old version of the Vodia website (where there is a shopping cart). I've logged a ticket with Vodia support to find out how I can arrange a demo licence but I was wondering if anybody's been through this procedure recently. Thanks, Dougal
  25. Hi, we noticed that when conferences are being scheduled it is possible to book the conference room more than once with the same time and date, there is a possibility to set the setting that a conference room is not available if already booked at that time. thanks
  26. Adressbook local extensions

    Hi, If developers deems this to be a good fit, they will add it to the builds in the future. Duly noted.
  27. Hi, is there a switch on domain level for the Address Book -> Include local extensions in the phone address book: Yes / No The local extensions in the phonebook are usually listed first and you have to scroll at 50 extensions if it is not switched off. If there are many extensions in the pbx, it makes sense to switch off general and an extension want include the local extensions to switch on via its extension. thanks
  28. Permissions to monitor this account

    thanks Now it is well understandable how the feature works ;-)
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