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  1. Outbound Dialing

    The outbound dialing feature is not clear for us. The numbers in the list are processed by the system, if the call is successful press # and the system sets an OK is working If the call is not accepted or was not successful you can press * to move it to the back but the * has no function for us, how to use this How to count the Attempt we have no number here Any setup to display the name (from the list) on the phone it makes sense that the name of the caller is shown on the display thanks
  2. Button user portal

    Can wait for it, is just a snapshot
  3. Button user portal

    Yealink The assignment of buttons is possible with yealinks in extension level GUI / Domain and user portal. For an update of the buttons or a new assignment, it is mandatory to activate open for provisioning. Workaround: The only workaround is to assign the buttons via the domain admin, not practicable for companys with many employees. Snom If the Snom is set via extension level GUI in the domain, no changes to the button will be made in the user portal and no more again in the extension level GUI. Workaround Only make changes and reassignments in the user portal then the buttons are set correctly. Bug Analysis The DND and Redirection Button Assignment shows an error, you switch on the function for example Redirection by pressing a button, but the lamp is not switched on. If you save the buttons without changing them again, the lamp is activated, the same for switch off the function, the lamp does not turn off until you press save button again. Polycom The buttons can be assigned in the user portal and extension level GUI, a transfer can only be started via a reboot on the extension level. Feature request / Bug Analysis The Polycom phone vvx has the function reboot and update in the menu / firmware, the buttons are transferred right the buttons after a reboot, the extensions are then displayed as non-registered, with a red cross after the reboot and one is registered, After 1 hour these extensions will be displayed as registered again! Workaround Wait 1 hour and all extension are registered Update: If we set "Expiry for dialog subscriptions (s):" to 60, the extension will be registered again in real time What impact does the very fast updating of the dialog on performance, stability, etc.? User Portal Missing Button List Entries missing in the user portal, list entry pickup group thanks
  4. Fraud Protection based on Rates / Billing

    ok, sound is good ;:) The parameter is not described in the docu how this is used If a value of 100 is entered here, it means that every month on the 01st this value will be set for "all" domains in a hosted or we set a date and the value in the domain is use. thanks Update: Just seen the domain can be selected, so that only the question is open is the loading always done to the 01. of the month
  5. Hi, a current example, the boss doesn't want its calls from other extension to be pickup. We have entered in the field under user or extension level "Permissions to monitor this account:" : 40 This should prevent the 40 from monitoring and pickup, this feature is not working for us Version 58.4 We can still monitor the extension and pickup the value is not saved You can save the value, we are under the admin account in the extension level of the domain thanks
  6. Adressbook

    Hi, the end user login is working before are using the click here from admin ;-) thanks
  7. Hi, is there a possibility to protect an extension (Monitoring/Pickup) from another extension as admin, we found these settings but they have no effect Watch the calls of the following extensions: This feature allows users to watch the presence of an extension(s). The system will automatically generate configuration files of the extensions specified. Note: Wildcard patterns are permitted in this field. If only a star is used, the system will place all extensions of the domain into its call-watching list. Watch the presence of the following extensions (* for all): This setting is similar to the previous setting, but it doesn't provision calls. Instead, it asks the device to subscribe to the presence state of the listed extensions. The system will forward the presence state of the phones, but the phones themselves will be responsible for generating the presence information. Permissions to monitor this account: This setting allows the administrator to specify the accounts that a user is permitted to see the status of, including active calls. By default, all extensions are allowed to see the status of other extensions. A user can either list the extensions (e.g., 511, 518, 523, 522, 513) or use wildcards to match multiple extensions (e.g., 5*). This feature not found in the Domain under Extension
  8. Hi, we want to define a model based of billing the calls for fraud prevention and set a limit for the domain or extension, this is working no problem. Is there a possibility that the amount will be refilled on the 1st of the month? Automatic charging cannot be used in this case. thanks
  9. Logo Phone

    Hi, the logo for branding the phones which size and which phones are suitable for the logo any list of supported phones thanks
  10. Adressbook

    Hi, The system does not save any contacts user portal, it is also not possible to create contacts by importing them. Version 58.3 and 58.4 thanks
  11. SMS2Cellphone

    right, not allow to save messageContent="{text-iso}"&test=false for "" the same thanks @Send notification for a Extension voicebox, missed call etc is is possible
  12. SMS2Cellphone

    Hi, ok, the service work the only problem what we have is the field not understand this http://sms.service.org/send?account=1234&password=secret&destination={to}&text={text-iso} The problem is the {} here is an error and you cannot save the field does not understand it The function is working without variables One question more normaly we plan to offer this service for a notification of voicemails from the extension this is possible thanks
  13. Button user portal

    Hi, thanks for the answer All phones are registered via PNP, we have already deleted the directory under generated and created a new directory for the extension. snom: we use a snom 320 With snom, the phone must be restarted for each action New / Change and Delete. A sync does not work Polycom VVX410 The same for polycom all changes to the keys must be sent to the phone via a restart. Yealink T41 With yealink it is the case that sometimes it is possible and often not, sometimes the keys are sent only after a factory reset. The yealink must be set to open provisioning again for this purpose Sometimes changes and deletions of keys can only be done via factory reset, the update of the phone after save the changes has no effect thanks
  14. Customize the Vodia 58.3

    Helplinks are also changeable, black question mark thanks
  15. Button user portal

    Hello community, we have problems with the buttons, the behavior is the following: This behavior is the same in the user portal or domain snom: No transfer of buttons to the phone, a reboot is require after a reboot the buttons are present, a change to buttons also goes only with a reboot. Polycom: The same here, only the buttons are displayed after a reboot same for only change / delete of buttons Yealink: With the yealinks buttons are transferred to the phone but changes / delete of buttons are not transfer and yealink need a factory reset not only a reboot to take over the buttons All telephones are connected with TLS to the system and Hosted version 58.3 and we use the redirection service. We can not figure out that is wrong with the config or setup , with the behavior is not a roll out to customer possible. But we do not see our mistakes, every help or tip are welcome thanks