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  1. koolandrew

    Multiple call status

    Isnt there any way to determine this status. please advise
  2. koolandrew

    Multiple call status

    ok thanks for your quick reply. Is there any way to create some type of notification (any kind) for a manager to log into the queue to add additional support for calls that are waiting in the queue, if necessary. Please advise.
  3. koolandrew

    Multiple call status

    Thanks for your reply..please keep replying by the way ?
  4. koolandrew

    Multiple call status

    Ment to jump into the queue and connect with the callers. Can you tell me if we can do this led indications on the phone and are there other methods that we could inform people ie. Email, or something else?
  5. koolandrew

    Multiple call status

    We are doing that now and all it is is a replication of the first button. What we would like to have a button for every caller in the queue? We need any available methods to notify manage
  6. koolandrew

    Multiple call status

    Is there any way to show multiple calls on an agent group. We have a added a BLF button to phone, but it obviously doesnt show us the status if there are two calls. Therefore we added another button, but it only reflects if that button is busy. Would there be a way of showing the status of each call separately, this has come up do to another problem.
  7. koolandrew

    Dial plan--removing non numeric characters

    People do it out of habit, or they copied and pasted, and it is certainly easier to read than all numbers. However, these all do need to removed, as you already remove spaces by default... You need to leave the + alone, as removing it will work when it is +15555551212 but doesnt work if is +442075551212, as i dont believe there is a standard to the amount of digits that follow a country code, and now we have 3 digit country codes, so that is best left to handled in the dial plan. Either way, it works when calling from their phone using the native phone dialler but wont work when using a sip dilaller if they are calling from their phone book. thx
  8. koolandrew

    Dial plan--removing non numeric characters

    I am very surprised that this cannot be resolved. The last response is no help. So i would send out an email, hey customers please remove () and - from your phone numbers in your phone book. Even though it has been working in your phone, it will no longer work when using your pbx........................come on.................
  9. koolandrew

    Dial plan--removing non numeric characters

    thanks for the reply. I agree about the agent, but i would rather take care of it on the pbx or domain level. I have no idea to implement your last line, could you please provide an example of such.I would like to leave the + alone though, as it is properly handled at the moment, just the other situations with ( ) and -. Thanks
  10. Hi, i have found that customers who are using softphones on their cell phones have issues with dialling through the pbx. For example if the number is stored in their phone book, in any of the ways below, i cannot determine how to ignore or remove the non-numeric characters: 1(555)555-1212 or 555-555-1212 or (555) 555 1212 If there are any type of bracket that they might have used in their phone book, i cannot figure out how to create a rule in the dial plan that ignores those characters. Please help.
  11. koolandrew

    Feature help: Destination for incoming calls

    Yes, 1.You need to create an ivr.node, lets say its account 800. 2. If you want all calls to flow through this, you will need to add all DID's that would be called as an alias to the account.. Let say the DID was 666-666-6000 ie Account number(s) 800 6666666000 3. You would need to create a from base routing match list: !5555555555!112 !.*!700----------------All calls from 5555555555 would go to account 112, all others would go to account 700 Good luck
  12. koolandrew

    Changing +1 calls to 1 and +[2-9] to 011

    As stated above, If i have a missed call from +155511212 and hit return, it will not work. If i have a missed call from +91123456789 and hit return, it will not work. When i receive a call on a softphone on my mobile device, so i am not sure what you mean by country codes. If we declare 1 as our country code, we get other problems.
  13. I cannot figure this out for return calls. If i have a missed call from +155511212 and hit return, it will not work. If i have a missed call from +91123456789 and hit return, it will not work. I am using +1 => 1 and +* => 011* and neither work. Please help.
  14. koolandrew


    Can you please clarify your statement above. Webrtc doesnt work on any Apple products as they dont support it. I dont really understand your statement above Thanks
  15. koolandrew

    Call From Browser

    Are there any plans to answer a call as i see the notification, but nothing happens when you hit the green button.