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  1. Yes. One of the next things on the to-do list.
  2. FreeBSD: 59.0 -> 60.0, libstdc++.so.6 Fehler

    Seems we also needed to upgrade the compiler... Please try again with the latest image.
  3. Dial plan saved as Gobal = YES still shows as NO

    There was a minor bug when loading the flag. Saving worked, but loading did not... Next build will have that fixed.
  4. FreeBSD: 59.0 -> 60.0, libstdc++.so.6 Fehler

    Wir mussten das FreeBSD updaten weil unsere Tools sonst nicht mehr funktionieren: [user@freebsd64 ~]$ freebsd-version 11.1-RELEASE-p6
  5. Both First and Last name required

    We have already changed that. Now only the last name is required, this is in line what LDAP would expect. Last resort would be to call it "40" for extension 40.
  6. v60.0.1 button config

    That means that the (end) user cannot change that button from the user web front end.
  7. Snom D315 IO provisioning not working

    Maybe the pattern was just missing in the pnp_snom file. You can try to edit the pnp_snom.xml file in the templates web page, like this (notice the snomD31?): <file name="snom_300.xml" encoding="xml"> <pattern mac="8">snom30?-############.htm</pattern> <pattern mac="9">snomD30?-############.htm</pattern> <pattern mac="9">snomD31?-############.htm</pattern> <prefix>true</prefix> <vendor>snom</vendor> <anonymous>true</anonymous> <protocol>tftp,http,https</protocol> </file> We will include this in the next build, so please after updating just revert the file then.
  8. Paging to phones shows as missed call

    Well the phone should accept the call automatically. In the test environment here they do. If the ringtones.xml got out of sync with the yealink template then this could happen; maybe double check if either file was changed?
  9. Page Group Play announcement tone not saving

    There was a typo in the web interface, next build will have that fixed.
  10. Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate support?

    It is on the to-do list...
  11. Sounds like a problem with the trunk settings to me. Try filtering in the LOG for the IP address of the SIP trunk provider; there should be some kind of error message on what they don't like.
  12. "model" URL parameter

    This was in the old way of doing it before 60.0. The new way is to detect the model using the various HTTP headers. If you can I would suggest to move on to 60.0.
  13. Provisioning PNP

    Well did you factory reset the SPA 122?! If you have removed the MAC from the PBX this should be all you need. Or did yo drop anything into the TFTP folder.
  14. Software updates release are not displayed

    Anything in the JavaScript console? Must be some error somewhere
  15. Auto Provisioning on New Yealink Phones

    One good reason to keep your PBX up to date is when new phone models come out well the PBX cannot guess what features future models will have.