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  1. Vodia PBX

    Shared Mailbox Access

    There are two ways for sharing: Making a copy into others mailbox where they can listen to it like it was their own mailbox; and linking it to other peoples mailboxes where they are essentially accessing the same message. So I guess you want to use the later one?
  2. Vodia PBX

    Multicast Paging

    Multicast is a special way to transport messages in the Internet. In the LAN this is mapped to a broad cast, but if you want to send messages out into different segments you need to program your router accordingly. Hint: This is not trivial. But there is plenty information about multicast in the Internet that can help you getting this done.
  3. Vodia PBX

    SIP Password via Welcome Email

    That SIP password is not available as a variable. But with the web password the user can log in and change the SIP password.
  4. Vodia PBX

    Phone provisioning parameters: Domain Alias?

    Got it now. Right now there is no variable for that, but you could hack something e.g. by using a name scheme for the alias. For example, if your domain has the name abcdef.com the alias could be failover-abcdef.com, which you can then reference with failover-{domain}.
  5. Vodia PBX

    Phone provisioning parameters: Domain Alias?

  6. Vodia PBX

    Call Center - Call Automation

    For a simple external call redirection you can use the IVR node, especially the ActionURL there should be useful. As long as the PBX does not have to listen to the users voice input this could be a way to handle things in a simple way.
  7. Vodia PBX

    when will the Apple App be ready?

    For now the solution is to run this inside iOS in the Chrome browser.
  8. Vodia PBX

    Deutsche Telekom

    Aha I was not aware that private people cannot use TLS on DTAG... At plain sight I agree it would make sense to fail over. However the whole RFC 3262 area is very tricky; I would at this point say it is easier to explicitly specify the transport protocol.
  9. Vodia PBX

    Deutsche Telekom

    Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh so going back to UDP works for you? That would answer the question if your IP address works, but it would still make me wonder why TLS does not work. And if UDP works, maybe TCP also works (which is a lot more stable than UDP).
  10. Vodia PBX

    Deutsche Telekom

    I am pretty sure that you can register only from a IP address that is on the Deutsche Telekom network. Maybe if you have the ticket open with them ask them if the address you are coming from is okay.
  11. Vodia PBX

    Deutsche Telekom

    If you want to use the trunk from Deutsche Telekom you have to come from a IP address that belongs to Deutsche Telekom. For example, trying this out from here (Boston) will not work - we would also get a 408 error.
  12. Vodia PBX

    Deutsche Telekom

    Ehh you are you on a IP address that belongs to Deutsche Telekom? Otherwise you will not be able to use their service as far as I know...
  13. Vodia PBX

    Deutsche Telekom

    Well that is not good... IMHO it should all end up at tls: or tls: Maybe you also need to turn the SIP logging on, so that we can see how it steps through the DNS records. You are on a recent version, right?
  14. Vodia PBX

    Deutsche Telekom

    If this is a certificate related topic, try turning TLS log level to 9 then there should be a message that makes this clear.
  15. Vodia PBX

    Deutsche Telekom

    Maybe a simple TLS problem? Does your PBX trust "T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2"? This is the Root CA that was used to sign the connection to "h2-eps-608.edns.t-ipnet.de".