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  1. Vodia PBX

    Deutsche Telekom

    Well that is not good... IMHO it should all end up at tls: or tls: Maybe you also need to turn the SIP logging on, so that we can see how it steps through the DNS records. You are on a recent version, right?
  2. Vodia PBX

    Deutsche Telekom

    If this is a certificate related topic, try turning TLS log level to 9 then there should be a message that makes this clear.
  3. Vodia PBX

    Deutsche Telekom

    Maybe a simple TLS problem? Does your PBX trust "T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2"? This is the Root CA that was used to sign the connection to "h2-eps-608.edns.t-ipnet.de".
  4. Vodia PBX

    Deutsche Telekom

    No just watching the soccer world sup LoL... The question is if this is always not working now or on/off. If it is permanent it would be interesting to see what is in the DNS cache of the PBX (web interface) and if this makes any sense. If this is on/off there must be something else, maybe even a unstable Ethernet connector or something like that.
  5. Vodia PBX

    Deutsche Telekom

    Try using host instead of dig, there you can also specify the type (e.g. host -t SRV). There were several outages last week on our VoIP phone in Germany (PBX not involved) where the phone would not register. Maybe this is just because too many people are on vacation in Deutsche Telekom right now... Hopefully nothing has changed in the setup on their side!
  6. Vodia PBX

    snom RDS Service - Moving to SRAPS

    I would turn on logging for the web client to see the traffic between the PBX and SRAPS.
  7. MWI was added back and will be in the next builds (60.3+). This build will then also fix the Mailbox retry setting (thanks for reporting).
  8. Vodia PBX

    WebRTC No Audio

    If you need a certificate try to move to 60.2, there you can just use letsencrypt to generate one for you free of charge.
  9. Vodia PBX

    Yealink Phones Provisioning

    We introduced a setting in 60.2 where you can easily set the MAC address prefix, but that was not available in 60.0 yet.
  10. Vodia PBX

    Software Update Not Working

    Depending on how old the installation is, the executable might still be called snomONE. If that is the case you will have to rename it to pbxctrl to make this work.
  11. Vodia PBX

    Yealink Phones Provisioning

    The 60.0 version has already the new Yealink MAC addresses listed. If it does not please update to 60.2 which will be available today.
  12. Vodia PBX

    Provision Aastra 6739i over WAN

    This might take two or three weeks.
  13. Vodia PBX

    Provision Aastra 6739i over WAN

    The domain name (if you have set the DNS record) should be enough. Though we don't have the Aastra phones in 60.1 yet.
  14. Vodia PBX

    snom RDS Service - Moving to SRAPS

    Well, we are not operating the snom redirection service. IMHO it would have been easier to keep everything backward compatible plus we don't see a reason why it cannot be backward compatible. Anyway we have to deal with the situation.
  15. Vodia PBX

    snom RDS Service - Moving to SRAPS

    Hard to say, looks like a problem in the SRAPS end. When registering a phone, the API returns "Ok" and shows the (unknown) provisioning profile. As far as we know there is no way to assign profiles through the API in snom SRAPS like Yealink does (http://wiki.snom.com/Category:HowTo:XMLRPC_Redirection#redirect.getPhoneRedirection).