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  1. Vodia PBX

    Provision Aastra 6739i over WAN

    The domain name (if you have set the DNS record) should be enough. Though we don't have the Aastra phones in 60.1 yet.
  2. Vodia PBX

    snom RDS Service - Moving to SRAPS

    Well, we are not operating the snom redirection service. IMHO it would have been easier to keep everything backward compatible plus we don't see a reason why it cannot be backward compatible. Anyway we have to deal with the situation.
  3. Vodia PBX

    snom RDS Service - Moving to SRAPS

    Hard to say, looks like a problem in the SRAPS end. When registering a phone, the API returns "Ok" and shows the (unknown) provisioning profile. As far as we know there is no way to assign profiles through the API in snom SRAPS like Yealink does (http://wiki.snom.com/Category:HowTo:XMLRPC_Redirection#redirect.getPhoneRedirection).
  4. Vodia PBX

    Automatic call recording pause

    Actually at least snom, Grandstream and Yealink have a recording function on their buttons. Right now we have it for ad-hoc. They way this works is a INFO message with a special header; we need to try if the PBX can actually send it to tell the phone that recording is on.
  5. Vodia PBX

    Cell phone on the extension form

    The system detects that it is one of the extensions calling into the system and plays that message. So you want that the call goes into the mailbox or should the call be treated just like from any other number?
  6. You can see that directory in the status web page of the pbx (reg_status.htm), it is called "Working Directory". If you are looking for pbxwebai, that folder is not there by default; but you can just create it in the working directory.
  7. Vodia PBX

    Automatic call recording pause

    IMHO the best way would be to control the BLF for the recording mode. It might not work with every phone, but that would IMHO the most intuitive way to signal the user.
  8. Vodia PBX

    Does Vodia uses Asterisk

    Check out https://vodia.com/doc/click2dial this should be pretty straightforward.
  9. Vodia PBX

    Does Vodia uses Asterisk

    No Vodia PBX is not based on Asterisk. IMHO the Asterisk integration must be linked to a Asterisk distribution, e.g. FreePBX or SwitchVox as the pure Asterisk does not come with much around it. But Vodia has a complete REST API, which means that anything you can do from the web interface can be scripted e.g. with curl.
  10. Vodia PBX

    SPAM detection with TrueCNAM

    There is some info here. The way this works is essentially that the call is classified "anonymous" so that the standard handling of anonymous calls can take place which we had for years.
  11. Vodia PBX

    ACD overview

    Did you try user mode?
  12. Vodia PBX

    Large DECT Installations

    How about snom M-Series? They had fairly large installations with DECT.
  13. Vodia PBX

    BLF - NW BUTTONS V60.00

    Exactly. You can control it on per-group basis.
  14. Vodia PBX

    Doorphone internal dialplan only

    The pattern does not make any sense to me... If you want to get the last 3 digits after the prefix try !555198([0-9]{3}$)!\1!t!0 Dial plans answer the question on which trunk an outbound call should end up and what number to dial. There is no way to do additional things like enabling trunks.
  15. Vodia PBX


    Everything goes through the API, you can always take a look what the browser sends to the PBX after you press the import button and then do the same from your script. It is all REST.