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  1. Vodia PBX

    Large DECT Installations

    How about snom M-Series? They had fairly large installations with DECT.
  2. Vodia PBX

    BLF - NW BUTTONS V60.00

    Exactly. You can control it on per-group basis.
  3. Vodia PBX

    Doorphone internal dialplan only

    The pattern does not make any sense to me... If you want to get the last 3 digits after the prefix try !555198([0-9]{3}$)!\1!t!0 Dial plans answer the question on which trunk an outbound call should end up and what number to dial. There is no way to do additional things like enabling trunks.
  4. Vodia PBX


    Everything goes through the API, you can always take a look what the browser sends to the PBX after you press the import button and then do the same from your script. It is all REST.
  5. Vodia PBX

    Addressbook-speed dial

    Well 60.1 is a pretty good version, however not a "released" version (daily builds). dom_adrbook.htm should be still there... You can use the CSV import button to import in bulk.
  6. Vodia PBX

    can't set conference password v.58

    No we do release notes only for the "full" releases. We try to make them more stable than the in-between builds.
  7. Vodia PBX

    CDR URL stops posting

    This is obviously not good... There were some situations where the PBX would not recover from HTTP client problems but in 60.0 they should be solved?
  8. Why not just keep the software up to date? There are a lot of new models, features, ...
  9. Vodia PBX

    snom RDS Service - Moving to SRAPS

    We have now made 60.0.3 for CentOS, Debian and Windows the rest will follow today.
  10. Well if you want to try-and-error those hundred settings you can also do it manually. However is it much easier to just PnP the phone...
  11. Vodia PBX

    BLF - NW BUTTONS V60.00

    We have added a setting for that problem with the hunt group and ACD group pickup in 60.1. This is IMHO cleaner as you can now select which group should exhibit that behavior and which do not.
  12. It is supposed to work... This setting is only a part of it telling the phone to accept phones even if it is on DND (because the PBX is filtering calls, and the phone should respect that e.g. in the case of administrative override "boss/secretary"). You should see a subscription for as-feature-event in the list of registrations for the extension, then that subscription relationship should be there. I do assume you PnP the phone?
  13. Vodia PBX

    snom RDS Service - Moving to SRAPS

    The 60.0.3 build will include the required changes. It is actually only a tiny change, the URL has slightly changed. And you will have to make sure that the letsencrypt root certificate is trusted, which is the case if you use the default certificates.
  14. Vodia PBX

    BLF - NW BUTTONS V60.00

    Did you try the extension BLF mode? That does monitor, pickup and speed dial...
  15. Vodia PBX

    Snom M9 cannot make outgoing calls

    Can you call the mailbox (*97) or another extension, if yes that that points at a problem with dialplan and/or the trunk. Can other extensions make outbound calls? Then that would hint at problems specifically with the device.