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  1. CPU Limit

    This procedure should work. Something must have gone wrong along the way. Next build will expose the parameter in the web interface to make every body life easier (hopefully).
  2. That is a known problem. We actually tried to edit the Grandstream template to enter the 2nd, 3rd and so on account, but drifted into chaos with all those more or less random numbers for the account settings and pulled out for now.
  3. Maybe this is a unusual request that cannot be done in a simple way. IMHO the question is if that phone needs so many extensions? For example, a ACD can handle many different "virtual" ACD with just the same agent logged in (for virtual offices).
  4. Missing search box and CSV upload for accounts

    We'll use 59.1 for daily builds, it'll be 59.2 for a stable build then.
  5. Ok I think we found the problem. There was a problem with the minifying of the JavaScript code, [ [ bla bla ] ] made [[bla bla]] out of it which is a translation item, which does not exist though does not get displayed. Please try to drop the attached file into the pbxwebui/js directory (create it) and see if that solves the problem. usr_portal.js
  6. In the latest version it seems to work for me. Does it really only depend on the PBX version? There were also a couple of changes in the browser regarding what code can be executed, and the pie charts are not coming from the PBX itself (www.google.com).
  7. FreshBooks

    We don't have a firm release date yet. The problem is that the whole flow works different in V2, and billing has to actually triggered from the web interface and cannot automatically run in the background (as far as we can see now).
  8. Missing search box and CSV upload for accounts

    ACK. The API call for creating the account had only a limited set of settings that can be written initially. We will add another API call of there are other parameters that need to be set. Should be in the next builds from 59.1 on.
  9. Yealink RPS

    When you log in to the Yealink RPS web page you should see what the PBX has done (if it has done anything).
  10. Missing search box and CSV upload for accounts

    Can you attach an example here what you put into the textarea?
  11. Failed activating license for Vodia PBX V5

    Oh please don't use such an old version, it does not support SHA-2 hashes for modern certificates yet (see e.g. https://security.googleblog.com/2016/11/sha-1-certificates-in-chrome.html). This is why that version cannot communicate with the license server. Please just use version 59.0 or if you want to use the old web interface, version 57.0. The Win64 build for 59 is currently not available, please install version 58.0 and then upgrade to http://vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-58.4.xml through the web interface software upgrade. Win64 for 59.0 will be available Thursday.
  12. No centos32 binary for 59.1

    59.1 is not there yet. 59.0 is the latest.
  13. 59.0 Admin Settings

    No you don't. This is just some left over work of having the new web interface.
  14. 2N Helios IP door communicator

    Well those settings caused the phones to lead every single frame from the PBX web server actually through multiple HTTP requests, which is a kind of DoS to the PBX web server. Today, there is H.264 or at least MJPEG to handle this job much better.
  15. 59.0 Admin Settings

    There are two problems here... The first problem is that the REST API needs to do a better permission check for those settings. The second problem is that the front end needs to hide those settings, so that the domain admin does not even get tempted to change them. We also need to better address multi tenant deployments where the domain admins should not even see e.g. trunks or dial plans. This will require some changes underneath.