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  1. Skype SIP trunk with TLS setup?

    Yes, my suspicion is that Skype has quietly dropped support for the needed ports and protocols.... For our Swiss provider things seem to "just work"...(Though I haven't been able to verify that SRTP is actually happening.)
  2. Skype SIP trunk with TLS setup?

    OK. Tried that. But no luck. sip:sip.skype.com;transport=tls results in timeout errors. What confuses me is that in the SRV records (which I must admit that I don't fully understand) I see references to both TLS and SIPS... There is also a document from Skype here which details what to do to get TLS and sRTP .
  3. Skype SIP trunk with TLS setup?

    Hm... The VOIP provider template for Skype sets the proxy to sip:sip.skype.com:5060 suggesting that it doesn't attempt TLS (right)? Setting the proxy simply to sip.skype.com doesn't work . SRV records look like this, suggesting that sips and TLS should be possible, but still doesn't work.. A 1.sip.skype.com 00:19 A 2.sip.skype.com 00:19 A sip.skype.com 00:19 AAAA 1.sip.skype.com 11:28:15 AAAA 2.sip.skype.com 11:28:15 AAAA sip.skype.com 11:28:15 NAPTR sip.skype.com 11:28:15 SRV _sip._tcp.sip.skype.com 11:28:15 SRV _sip._tls.sip.skype.com 11:28:15 SRV _sip._udp.sip.skype.com 0 0 1.sip.skype.com 5060 1 0 2.sip.skype.com 5060 00:19 SRV _sips._tcp.sip.skype.com 1 0 2.sip.skype.com 5061 0 0 1.sip.skype.com 5061
  4. How to check if TLS is actually used on SIP trunks?

    So it can't be enforced on the PBX itself? Incoming calls may not ultimately terminate on a phone but in a voice mail box or conference room... With a cloud based PBX communicating across the globe to SIP providers, it seems crazy to not even know if one has RTP encryption or not..
  5. How to check if TLS is actually used on SIP trunks?

    Hi, I haven't yet thought about how to secure phones and other user agents. Right now I'm primarily trying to secure traffic to and from SIP trunk providers.
  6. Skype SIP trunk with TLS setup?

    Does anyone know if TLS with Skype should "just work" if using the standard template, or if any particular settings are needed? I get all sorts of errors if I try to force port 5061 or put sips: in the outbound proxy address. Best, Christian
  7. Hi, I have some SIP trunks to SIP/Voip providers: Skype and a Swiss provider (Winet.ch) . I'm trying figure out how to achieve only TLS encrypted traffic on these connections. I find it tricky as I can't force TLS (neither service responds to port 5061 ), but DNS SRV records seem to be used. Is there a "best practice" way to make sure that only TLS is used? Cheers, Christian
  8. WebRTC from iPhone (latest iOS)?

    OK. Sounds good.
  9. WebRTC from iPhone (latest iOS)?

    Is this supposed to work, or is it better to wait to test this until later? (The UI doesn't seem to respond in Chrome when attempting to dial.) Cheers, Christian
  10. WebRTC no sound

    Actually, I now got sound after upgrading Chrome to 59.0.3071.86 . Yes, I was using https, but with the server's self signed certificate Will continue to test later. Thanks!
  11. WebRTC no sound

    Hi, I'm making some initial tests, trying to make and receive calls via the web interface. I'm immediately running into the problem that I hear no sound whatsoever. (Answered yes to security prompts etc.) Any advice? Cheers, Christian Client setup: - Mac OS X 10.11.6 - Google Chrome 58.0.3029.110
  12. I wouldn't mind trying out something that might fix this.
  13. Phones can no longer register to the pbx itself, so it's not a provider issue. Restarting the pbx helps immediately.
  14. I just had this problem on a second Mac system, but did not have a chance to capture any info before someone restarted the pbx. It seems to happen extremely rarely (months in between), but it never happened on my Windows based systems.
  15. User's call log doesn't correspond to system's

    FYI: This problem remains in . /CW