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  1. Hi Apparently doesn't work (voda firmware 5.4.0) The conference room calls extension 101, not registered GSM number of the extension is set, Include cell phone for web callback" set to on but the pbx doesn't call the GSM of extension 101 5] 2016/07/05 19:59:26: Port 78: Incoming call in domain pbx.domain.com on port 78 extension 203 [5] 2016/07/05 19:59:26: Port 63: New call created with Call-ID 78 [8] 2016/07/05 19:59:26: Call state for call object 63: idle [8] 2016/07/05 19:59:26: Port 63: Disconnect all others except leg 71 [8] 2016/07/05 19:59:26: Last message repeated 2 times [8] 2016/07/05 19:59:26: Call state for call object 63: connected Can you check ? [5] 2016/07/05 19:59:37: Conference: (600@pbx.vertuconsultants.com) calling 101 [8] 2016/07/05 19:59:37: Call state for call object 64: idle [8] 2016/07/05 19:59:37: Port 64: Hangup [8] 2016/07/05 20:00:00: Remove leg 71: Call port 78, SIP call id 79961ODk0MWRmZjI4YjY3NjViMGM0ZWU5NTc0NTIyMDVjM2Q
  2. A conference room has the field "Numbers to call when entering the conference:" set to local extensions: 110,111,... (softphones on laptop) When a first participant joins the conférence, the pbx calls the local extension except when the local extension is not registered Each extension have a "number to transfer if extension not registered" set to an external number Why pbx does'nt call this external number for the conference if the extension not registered ? it would make sense that users can follow a conférence even if they are not at the office with GSM number or fallback number
  3. soap url for ivr node

    I will need some help for setting actions for an external application there are two ivr nodes a first ivr node for asking a code with 4 digit a second ivr node asking a code with 8 digits this codes are sent to an external application whci retrieves a phone number After checking this code, the application park the current call call an external correspondant with a message telling him to retreive the parked call with *86 When the communication is established, how the application can ask the PABX to start the clock service and calling back an another ivr node when the amoutn of time is expired ? thanks for your answer