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  1. CPU Limit

    When we increase to 75 by editing pbx.xml & restart the system, the limit is reset back down to 50. How can we make the setting remain after a reboot?
  2. v59 Timezone problems

    We've recently upgraded to v58, now v59 and have come across a few issues- some of which are now fixed in v59- thank you. Currently the times on our Snom phones are wrong for the Queensland timezone (australia) Previous pbx versions would show the time after the time zone- this was helpful to check if it was correct. Now there is no way to tell without provisioning a phone. Is there a way to manually override the time? Can the time be added back to the time zone dropdown? Many thanks
  3. 2N Helios IP door communicator

    Does Vodia support video from doorphones anymore? I can't find the 'Video' setting as per - http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Extension_Registration_Settings
  4. Hi team, Would it be possible if you could look into the auto provisioning of Yealink W56 cordless handsets please? The Yealink W52 provisions fine, though the newer W56 does not. Appreciate your help in advance. Many thanks
  5. Redirection Announcements swich off

    Hi there, I understand you can do twinning without an announcement... but- Is it possible to remove the redirection announcement? (so the extension stops calling) Many thanks
  6. Hi guys, We're looking to quote on some hotels and would like to know if anyone has had any experience with Property Management System integration? - What PMS software have you integrated with? - Is it reliable & easy to use? - Was the PBX onsite or hosted? - What difficulties did you have with the integration? Really appreciate your help in advance.
  7. Voicemail emails not attaching

    Upgraded to version 56.0 and all looks to be working ok now,
  8. Voicemail emails not attaching

    Hi guys, We run a few hosted platforms. The one in questions is using version 5.5.5- we have just noticed that there is no WAV file attachment on the emails that are being sent. The setting s definitely set to "Send message as attachment to email". The body of the email (below) even confirms the setting is correct on the PBX though there is still no attachment. Voicemail from Anonymous (anonymous) to PBX 2 You have a new voice mail message from anonymous (10 seconds). You will find the message in the attachment of this email. Have you experienced this before?
  9. Prefix field on button programming

    Thank you very much. Is the prefix field just used for call pick up with yealink handsets or are there other button functions that require a prefix in this field?
  10. Prefix field on button programming

    What are the star codes required for the prefix field for Yealink phones please? And what button features work with Vodia? Many thanks.
  11. Hi ndemou, Where did you get those screenshots from? Our Vodia layout looks very dfifferent. Many thanks
  12. Bug in Auto Attendant

    I had noticed this also. What features/fixes does 5.5.5 bring? Is it stable enough to upgrade servers full of customers across to?
  13. Discard SRTP Packet with wrong MAC

    Thank you for this information. We fixed the issue by restarting network equipment onsite. We were originally hesitant to do this in case none of the phones came back up after the restart. The handsets are Snom 725s on a hosted vodia instance.
  14. Hi guys, We have some extensions on a domain that have been working fine and connected for 90 days plus. Recently 3 of the extensions were restarted and now they will not re-register. The logfile in the domain of the PBX is showing these for the extensions trying to register: (replaced a few digits with x) [7] 2016/08/09 11:44:45: Port 59: Discard SRTCP packet from 210.10.xxx.xx:53709 with wrong MAC [7] 2016/08/09 11:44:45: Port 367: Discard SRTCP packet from 210.10.xxx.xx:62129 with wrong MAC [7] 2016/08/09 11:44:46: Port 154: Discard SRTCP packet from 210.10.xxx.xx:52753 with wrong MAC We've connected one of the problem extensions using a different handset at a different location/network without any problem. Haven't tested handsets from the site with the problems on a different location/network as yet. Any ideas on what could be causing this problem? Many thanks
  15. Twilio SIP Trunk

    That would be excellent, thank you very much Scott. We never ended up getting it working despite a lot of trying.