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  1. 58.4 Portal Glitches

    I have found that 58.4 has issues when importing a domain with any browser other than Chrome. Also there seems to be an issue when trying to add address book entries at the extension level (the domain level works fine)
  2. Provisioning Username and Password

    One small glitch I found with using an account just for provisioning is that the system fills the LDAP credentials in based on the creds used to log in, and not based on the extension that the MAC is bound to, so that would need to be corrected.
  3. Associating certificates with domains

    This worked well, and I also realized some details that I were not in the documentation. One of the confusing issues I was having is my wildcard, and my regular cert both have the same base domain name. My regular cert is xxx.yyy.mydomain.com. Wildcard certificate was *.mydomain.com. The problem was with regards to the web portal (the main reason I have the SSL cert is for the web portal, most all recent browsers support server name identification). If I put the wildcard at the domain level, then the server would utilize it when accessing xxx.yyy.mydomain.com. Technically it should not, and only match yyy.mydomain.com, and therefore it would not get to the server level traditional cert of xxx.yyy.mydomain.com that I needed to put there in the default position for phones that do not support server name identification. So the solution I found was to put the traditional cert at both the domain, and server level, and the wildcard only at the domain level, and everything worked fine. This should not pose much of an issue since very few customers require SIPS/SRTP, so by the time I get another customer that requires it, chances are their phones will support server name identification, or I will have filled the server up, and be on to the next one. This does lead to a potential feature request. If a domain could be bound to both a specific IP and port, then you could bind a certificate to the domain. This would make for a much more granular approach. It would also make sense to be able to select certs separately for HTTP versus SIP access
  4. Provisioning Username and Password

    Really all you would need to do is to make the pbx do is accept the username/password of users in the domain admin field for phone provisioning requests. right now I can work around it by creating an extension just to provision with, however that is a waste of a license.
  5. Associating certificates with domains

    Since I am trying to support a phone that does not support server name identification, and it also does not accept wildcard certificates, I would like to set a default certificate that is issued whenever the client does not support server name identification.
  6. Associating certificates with domains

    While I have a feature request open with the phone manufacturer, is it possible to specify a default certificate that is presented if the client does not support RFC 3546 (Server Name Indication)
  7. Provisioning Username and Password

    I am referring to a username/password that can be used on all phones in the domain to download their config, that would be a great feature for a future version, and make me more likely to utilize the built in provisioning of the PBX instead of hand writing config files, and hosting them on a separate server.
  8. Is there a way to create a username/password per domain that will allow downloading of config files? Right now only the extension web usernames/passwords seem to work, and while it is more secure, it would be much easier to have the option of a domain level username/password that would permit provisioning.
  9. Missing search box and CSV upload for accounts

    Perfect, THANKS!
  10. Missing search box and CSV upload for accounts

    Typically I like to be able to create extensions with the following fields prefilled: alias,ani,password,web_pass,first_name,display_name,mb_pin,mb_enable,picom,orbits
  11. Missing search box and CSV upload for accounts

    I really do not care about bulk import of anything other than extensions, however not being able to preset all of the values of the extension is a big step backwards. The number of steps required to click through all of the extensions, set intercom permissions, set park orbits, and enable/disable mailboxes after creation is a huge waste of time. At first I was slightly upset by loosing the ability to create 10 extensions at once in the GUI, however it was more than made up for by the ability to set any extension parameter that I desired via CSV. Now that option has been taken away, I feel like it is just a large step backwards.
  12. Associating certificates with domains

    Regular web browsers do not have the issue. Is there a specific name for the extension that presents the domain name in the client hello? Just trying to be as specific as possible when opening a ticket with Polycom.
  13. I am trying to utilize multiple certificates. I have a wildcard certificate as the server certificate. I have a regular certificate as well that I have uploaded as a domain certificate. When using the web portal, the system seems to always utilize the proper certificate for what I am accessing. The problem is when I have a phone trying to register to a specific domain, the system does not utilize the certificate that matches the domain I am trying to register to, it is utilizing the wildcard certificate instead. Since the phone does not like the wildcard certificate, the registration fails. My current setup is version 58.3 Polycom VVX 410 firmware version 5.60
  14. Missing search box and CSV upload for accounts

    In version 58.2 I am happy to see that CSV import is back, however it seems to force certain fields. In the old version I could pre-populate items like park orbits, and disable mailboxes. It seems like all of that functionality is now lost, and only certain fields are accepted. I used to use the following format that now does not seem possible: type,alias,ani,password,web_pass,first_name,display_name,mb_pin,mb_enable,picom,orbits
  15. Demo of 5.2.6 (Win64)

    Upon further testing the no audio from the WebRTC issue seems to be related to Firefox. Using Google Chrome has no issues.