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  1. Hello, I've Vodia 56.00 and two Yealink registered on the same extension (41 and 41bis). When I receive an external call, both phones rings and this is ok and normal. If I answer the call from one of the two phone and I transfer the call to another extension with the "TRAN" option on the button or on the display, everything works. If I want to transfer the call, without answering the call, I select TRANS option or button or display (41), I digit the extension I want to transfer to (43)but the extension doesn't ring, the second phone (41bis) stil rings and if I do again the transfer on the 41bis, then the transfer works. The problems seems related to the two registration on the same account + transfering the call without answering. Thank you for the help
  2. almoondsllc

    Snom D315 IO provisioning not working

    Yes I would like if you can test the snomD315 model, can you "simulate" that model in some way? Or how I cab debug the problem? Anyway I'll make other tests, maybe the problem is because I'm using vodiapbx in a kvm machine (but I'm using bridge functionality so everything should be fine).
  3. almoondsllc

    Snom D315 IO provisioning not working

    Well, my problem is with the new Snom D315 (snom300 is not in production anymore), with the old snom300 I'm sure everything is working perfect :\
  4. almoondsllc

    Snom D315 IO provisioning not working

    ...and is a Snom D315? If yes, which firmware?
  5. almoondsllc

    Snom D315 IO provisioning not working

    Yes the server is on the LAN as well and this is what I see: But when I reboot the phone, in the phone I found only this ( is the pbx address): and in the log I've this:
  6. Hello, I just installed the last version of Vodia and I'm trying to do provisioning with a Snom D315 in the LAN but is not working, vodia logs reports: Web Server: File snomD315/snomD315-firmware.htm not found And then nothing else. Phone is this: https://www.snom.com/ip-phones/desk-phones/d3xx-series/snom-315-desk-telephone/ with firmware version: snomD315-SIP Vodia PBX version: 60.0.1 (Debian64) I checked almost everything but it doesn't work, what can I check? Thank you for any tips. Regards, Alessandro Marzini
  7. Hello, a customer asked me if with Vodia is possible to have a way to bill internal calls (callls between extensions). The customer wants provider his customers with a phone connected to the pbx and bill them when they call a specific extension for support, also a prepaid for is ok where xxx minutes are available. The system could be also no-realtime but I dont' know how to pick the cdr, check minutes used between specif extensions and then block some extensions to call another extensions (complicated I know...). Any idea? Thanks, Alessandro
  8. Ok and this solve the problem of hearing "this call is being to be recorderd" also when internal extension call eachother but...those call (internal calls) are still recorded, right?
  9. Hi and thank you for your reply. I'm not using any ACD actually, just normal extensions and a DID for inbound/outbound call. I would like to have this configuration: People calling to DID ---> Auto Attendant ---> extensions : AUTOMATIC RECORDING + ANNOUNCE "this call is being recorded" For all the other case (so for example internal calls between extensions): NO AUTOMATIC RECORDING / NO ANNOUNCE Thank you
  10. Hello, I'm testing the automatic recording but I can't get the configuration where the automatic recording and the audio play announcing "this call is being recorded" works only from external and to external number, not between extensions. Can someone help me here? Thank you very much. Regards, Alessandro Marzini
  11. Hi, thank you for your reply. Yes I can see the audio_it, anyway I made a new reinstallation, and now it works, not sure what was the problem I mean I'm pretty "expert" with vodia configuration, anyway, is it possible to have a list of audio files -> speech association? Also because, for example, for recording announcement, in some country we've to specify the law., etc... Best, Alessandro
  12. Hello, I'm testing the automatic recording addon and I noticed that, despite I set up the whole configuration with "it" (italian) language almost everywhere, when I set the option "play message before recording", I hear the message "this call is going to be recorded" in english and not in italian. Is it a bug or I forgot some flag/option somewhere? To temporary fix the problem, if it's a bug, what's the filename linked to that audio? Thank you. Alessandro Marzini