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  1. Software-Version: 5.2.5 (Win32) Hi, The equal Number of digit in a specific conference room for Moderator and participant is working, there is a way like we can use 6 digit Moderator and 4 digit participant code. Please advise.
  2. System is generating 100's Of XML Of Ext

    We are waiting for your reply. Please share your experience with us.
  3. System is generating 100's Of XML Of Ext

    As per instruction we made that folder read only but no luck, still getting alot of files like attachment.
  4. System is generating 100's Of XML Of Ext

    How we can stop these files.
  5. Hi Admin, Please guide us how to stop .XML files of extension behavior, each file size is 1KB and 100's of file on daily basis. We found these files on "extlog" folder. The complete path is given below, C:\Program Fiels\Vodia Networks\Vodia PBX\extlog
  6. Click to Dial in Microsoft Outlook

    And if we are using Yealink then, there is any software?
  7. we are currently experimenting with the webRTC feature.In Chrome, Firefox requests permission to use the microphone and then nothing happens. If i dial my direct line it show me call is coming in but when i attend that call just silent nothing happens and after 30 seconds call automatically drop.
  8. Call From Browser

    Yes usr_callbutton.htm is that file but you can't access it directly. What you can try though is, create a file by that exact name in the html folder of the pbx working directory. And copy all the contents of that file from the browser into it. Once you are sure it works, from there on you can change it according to your needs. I hope that helps.