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  1. Hi, We can test 2 things here:- 1) Try putting 40@domain_name and then the password. 2) Please make sure your password is a completely new one and you have never ever, used that before. 3) Try upgrading to the latest 58.4 and give it another go.
  2. domain level email_header.htm ignored ?

    Hi, The hierarchy goes like this:- Extension level customization takes precedence over Domain level and Domain level takes precedence over Admin level. All the config templates can be changed at all the levels.
  3. Hi, We are not completely clear what are you trying to achieve here? Are you unable to locate the "Permissions to monitor this account:" setting, then it is under Extension level. Also, can you provide us with your License code in a private message? If you would go to the permissions tab on the extension level, then you can set all the permissions there as an Admin and let us know if it works after those changes.
  4. Adressbook

    Hi, We just tested this on 58.4 and we can save new contacts. Please make sure you are logged in as an user and not using the "click here" functionality from Admin level. For adding the CSV file, please give us some time before we update you back on it.
  5. SMS2Cellphone

    Hi, Can you try to "escape" the curly brackets and see if it works? How about "/{to/}" ?
  6. Text field instead of dropdown lists

    Hi, This feature request will be forwarded to the developers. Thank you.
  7. CDR time differences

    Hi, What are your NTP server configurations? Did you try ntp.vodia.com server?
  8. Button user portal

    Hi, More often than not, it depends on the handset models and the firmware it's running. Please keep a keen eye on them too, as there are various bugs which arise from the firmwares more than the PBX. For e.g Snom and Yealink come up with various firmwares which aren't acceptable to the end users and they keep re-iterating it.
  9. Button user portal

    Hi, If the phones are correctly registered using auto-provisioning then on version 58.3, after changing the buttons on the extension level GUI (and not the user portal) the "re-sync" option should sync back the buttons. Polycom reboots by default for these changes as they are default settings on the phone and it's firmware. But yealink has an Auto-provision button on its GUI and it can re-sync the buttons without rebooting. Snom also gets the button changes without a reboot, but which Snom model are you referring to?
  10. How to check if TLS is actually used on SIP trunks?

    Hi, Have you tried to set Provisioning Parameters settings (on domain > general settings) of "Outbound proxy pattern' to TLS and then provisioned your phone? In this manner, all your calls are encrypted using TLS.
  11. Customize the Vodia 58.3

    Hi, We have a pretty descriptive webpage regarding the customization. Please have a look: https://vodia.com/doc/appearance
  12. Turn off DND from Snom menu button

    Hi, Yes you can edit the template files on all Admin, Domain and Extension level as well. The priority of taking effect is the order of Extension First, then Domain and Least is Admin. Yes.
  13. Temporarly disable call recording

    We have been getting a lot of requests for the recordings lately, so i took this opportunity to divulge all the information and steps we have for everyone trying one or the other thing with it. To answer your question, Yes, like i mentioned in the first point, automatic recording can be turned off using *94 and that setting will stay only for one call on that extension.
  14. Temporarly disable call recording

    There are two ways to record a call.1) One is automatic recording which you can turn on, on the Domain General settings. These recording are saved under Domain > Features > Recorded Calls.2) Second is the Star code recording, which you can record on the fly using the *93 code and end it with *94 and it will record only the part of the call you intend to record. Please turn on "Play a message before start recording" setting on the Domain > General settings page if you wish to hear the prompt before the call being recorded. These recordings you can find under User's (The one who started the recording) Mailbox settings. Steps to follow:-1) Upgrade to the latest 58.3 version. With the latest 58.3 you can use the "emergency" login http://<pbx_ip:port>/rawlogin.htm if you are unable to login.2) IF you turn on the " Recording default for this domain " option on the domain settings then the call is being recorded automatically. And if you press *94 when you want to the stop the recording on this call, it will stop. You can see those recordings in the /usr/local/pbx/recordings/<Current_date>/ folder (if you are unable to play it on the GUI, which we are trying to fix right now).3) IF " Recording default for this domain " option on the domain settings is off, then you can simply press *93 and *94 FROM the recording extension and you can find those recordings on the GUI in mailbox (but it might not play), but you can find them in /usr/local/pbx/recordings folder. 4) If you want to shut off and turn on the recording in the same call, you can also do that with the star codes (and not with the automatic recording option) and it will generate two files in the /usr/local/pbx/recordings folder. 5) Sort your folders contents with recent most at the end so have a faster access. P.S:- Please be on the latest 58.3 for trying this out.
  15. Softphone Bria 5 and Webrtc

    Salut, Les paramètres que Bria a sur ses extrémités ne peuvent pas être associés au PBX en tant que tel. PBX est un outil qui permet aux utilisateurs de visualiser, modifier et supprimer des fichiers. Les réglages sur le softphone sont indépendants de quoi ils sont associés. Et le service de messagerie instantanée que vous pouvez trouver sur le portail de l'utilisateur ainsi que sur le portail utilisateur