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  1. Support

    Transfer Button on User Portal not Working

    Hi, The version on 60.1 works fine. But it is still in the testing phase. So please hold on until the stable version is rolled out. If you want to test it out, then you can upgrade to 60.1 and test this for yourself.
  2. Support

    Delayed ringing

    Hi, Use the attached ringtones.xml instead of the one on 60.0.3 and see if that makes a difference. ringtones.xml
  3. Support

    Restore Backup

    Hi, Can you send that backup zip file to us in a private message and we will try to reproduce that issue here.
  4. Support

    Large DECT Installations

    Hi, We do support a Yealink W52P DECT phone. And also we can also manually register Snom M700, but the Yealink should be recommended.
  5. Support

    can't set conference password v.58

    Hi, We tested this on our latest 60.0 version and everything seemed to work fine. Please picture attached. Make sure you are not using the password codes that you have used previously anywhere (no matter if it's a new ad-hoc conference, it's just a security measure). If that still doesn't go through, then try upgrading to 60.0 and the issue might disappear. P.S: Do make sure you give us a call before upgrading to 60.0.
  6. Support

    Snom M9 cannot make outgoing calls

    Hi, Did you check your dial plans and trunks if they are working as they were previously?
  7. Support

    API to transfer an active call

    Hi, Unfortunately this would be a little out of our reach to develop an API at this point. After discussion with our team, we have concluded that going with only CSTA will be the best option for you.
  8. Support

    Delayed ringing

    Hi, It will be released on 60.0.3. If you want to upgrade to this version before the official version is released then you can follow these steps: 1) Download the 'pbxctrl' from this link http://vodia.com/downloads/pbx/centos64/pbxctrl-centos64-60.0.3 2) replace the 'pbxctrl' in the /usr/local/pbx folder with the 'pbxctrl' from the downloaded file. 3) Reboot.
  9. Support

    BLF - NW BUTTONS V60.00

    Hi Norris, Yes for now those are the only buttons that we have on the latest build for now. As we spoke earlier, they may have to get new extensions for the phones. For buttons, we will create an updated page shortly.
  10. Support

    Paging Problem on Cisco 8851 Phones

    Hi, But please give us a call before you upgrade to 60.0.
  11. Support

    API to transfer an active call

    Hi, Did you check out this link https://vodia.com/documentation/csta_api_example ?
  12. Support

    API to transfer an active call

    Hi, So you are looking for a Blind call to be transferred? Did you try our REST API yet https://vodia.com/pbxapi/index.php? If you dont find what you are looking for, then give us a call or maybe describe here what you are looking for and we can try to add it if it's possible (scenario wise).
  13. Hi, Which phone is 41bis? Also, BLIND transfer should work fine. If it had been just one phone in picture here then you can try that the Blind transfer works fine. If you try to blind transfer from 41bis first (and if it doesn't work) and if you try again from 41 does it give you the same issue again? If yes, then the cancel is not being sent from both the phones at the same time (because they aren't in sync with each other) and hence yes double registration might be the issue.
  14. Support

    Cell No Longer Showing Extension, but CID

    Yes. But before that, try turning the DISA feature off on that domain's settings page and give it a try. We don't know your use case but if it works then well and good.
  15. Support

    Cell No Longer Showing Extension, but CID

    Hi, Use either of these (choice depends on how your trunk takes it) settings to NOT show the original caller ID and just show from where the call have generated.