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  1. Yealink RPS

    Hi, We take that you have already tried these settings on the PBX correctly and the Admin logs on the PBX shows that provisioning has been done? Please factory reset your phone and then reboot your phone with the MAC based provisioning open. Nothing has to be done on the RPS server. Also please make sure the firmware on the Yealink is updated to the latest.
  2. v59 Timezone problems

    Hi, By times on Snom phones being wrong do you mean the daylight saving is an issue for Queensland timezone?
  3. 59.0 Admin Settings

    Hi, After setting those permissions, did you restart your PBX?
  4. Provision logo on Yealink phones

    Hi, Do you mean the web interface of the phone doesn't work over https for you?
  5. Provision logo on Yealink phones

    Hi, After you upload the 480 X 272 pixel image and "confirm" it, go to your phones actual, physical interface and then navigate to Menu > Basic Settings > Wallpaper and then select the image that you want to upload and save it. That should do it.
  6. 58.4 Portal Glitches

    Hi, Let us keep you updated regarding this. We suppose there is a different thread running about this. Let's please continue over there.
  7. Hi, We can test 3 things here:- 1) Try putting 40@domain_name and then the password. 2) Please make sure your password is a completely new one and you have never ever, used that before. 3) Try upgrading to the latest 58.4 and give it another go.
  8. domain level email_header.htm ignored ?

    Hi, The hierarchy goes like this:- Extension level customization takes precedence over Domain level and Domain level takes precedence over Admin level. All the config templates can be changed at all the levels.
  9. Hi, We are not completely clear what are you trying to achieve here? Are you unable to locate the "Permissions to monitor this account:" setting, then it is under Extension level. Also, can you provide us with your License code in a private message? If you would go to the permissions tab on the extension level, then you can set all the permissions there as an Admin and let us know if it works after those changes.
  10. Adressbook

    Hi, We just tested this on 58.4 and we can save new contacts. Please make sure you are logged in as an user and not using the "click here" functionality from Admin level. For adding the CSV file, please give us some time before we update you back on it.
  11. SMS2Cellphone

    Hi, Can you try to "escape" the curly brackets and see if it works? How about "/{to/}" ?
  12. Text field instead of dropdown lists

    Hi, This feature request will be forwarded to the developers. Thank you.
  13. CDR time differences

    Hi, What are your NTP server configurations? Did you try ntp.vodia.com server?
  14. Button user portal

    Hi, More often than not, it depends on the handset models and the firmware it's running. Please keep a keen eye on them too, as there are various bugs which arise from the firmwares more than the PBX. For e.g Snom and Yealink come up with various firmwares which aren't acceptable to the end users and they keep re-iterating it.
  15. Button user portal

    Hi, If the phones are correctly registered using auto-provisioning then on version 58.3, after changing the buttons on the extension level GUI (and not the user portal) the "re-sync" option should sync back the buttons. Polycom reboots by default for these changes as they are default settings on the phone and it's firmware. But yealink has an Auto-provision button on its GUI and it can re-sync the buttons without rebooting. Snom also gets the button changes without a reboot, but which Snom model are you referring to?