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  1. by default i use 200 ports in RTP ports config (10000 to 10200). maybe if i increases more ports , it will be better. Since i updated the soft (Snomone 5.1.3) to the new version of VodiaPBX (Version 57) , I have no more problems... i see with my customer to sell a new licence. thank you for your answers
  2. only when my client call or receive a call , no sound(audio) , no tonality , nothing. before, "snomone" was installed on Windows xp , i upgraded this to Windows 10 , but the problem was the same. this problem it's very important for my customer, yesterday i updated "Snom One" to "Vodia PBX" , and since , i don't have any more problems , i'm verry happy for this , but i activated a trial version (for 30 days to test it) of Vodia PBX ten (because my licence - snom one premium ten is not compatible with "vodia pbx" software)
  3. Hi everybody, recently i have 1 important problem. after a few hours , when i call my customer , i don't hear sound (normally my customer has an auto attendant. When i analyse in my config , i have in event log : Port xxx : Could not allocate sockets ! Port xxx : Incomming call in domain on port xxx extension xx Port xxx : New call created with number xx Port xxx : Could not allocate sockets ! i restart the service , and after it's working for a few hours without problem ... do you have any idea to resolve this ? Jonathan Gressens