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You mean the WAC on the mobile phone? Actually we will be changing the user portal completely which will allow users not only to use WAC but also access all other main settings as well. It is in the testing phase and once done will be released.

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Actually we integrated WAC in the page itself so when you say you can see the status of each phone (by the way that includes controlling the supported phones for pickup, hold, transfer etc.) that entity is WAC. Now when you login from a desktop, you see that and also are able to change settings of the extension. But when you login from a mobile you can only see the WAC functionality (or presence etc.), and also the WebRTP phone but you can't make extension changes right now. But we will change that soon (it's under testing), where we have changed the user portal completely and you will able to do the same on the mobile phone as you can on desktop right now.


I hope it cleared it up for you a bit.

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