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internal billing between extensions

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almoondsllc    0


a customer asked me if with Vodia is possible to have a way to bill internal calls (callls between extensions).

The customer wants provider his customers with a phone connected to the pbx and bill them when they call a specific extension for support, also a prepaid for is ok where xxx minutes are available.

The system could be also no-realtime but I dont' know how to pick the cdr, check minutes used between specif extensions and then block some extensions to call another extensions (complicated I know...).

Any idea?



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Vodia PBX    0

You could use the regular CDR mechanism to report what calls have been made and then filter for those calls that would be billable, see https://vodia.com/doc/cdr for the possible ways to report the CDR. The most simple way of getting it done could be writing the CDR to a file.

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voltier    0

Hi Admin,


Based on the CDR, what would the best logic be to determine what is internal and what isn't? Would you go by trunk legs/extension legs? etc




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