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No ringtone at all

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I`ve installed the actual release snomONE 5.0.10a (Win64) due to the fact that our snomONE Plus was "hit" by a known hardware issue and needs repair.

Integration of my existing DB worked fine but since we`re using the version 5.0 there is no MOH and no ringtone when customer call us / we dial outside.


Can`t find the error in the system and hope someone can help me.


Thank you in advance!

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My audio_en folder contains 396 elements, the audio_moh contains 23 elements. Problem for extension was the parameter use local ringtone (Lokalen Rington verwenden in German translation).

The extensions have a ringtone again, only the agent groups are still not working as expected.


Think will need to verify this later where the exact issue is located.

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