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  2. Please re-enter your password on the admin level email settings and refresh the page. Let us know if that made an impact.
  3. I tried my own SMTP server over port 25 and the same result. The emails would be sent around midnight.
  4. I tried TLS too. And also automatic. The settings worked fine on 64.0.2. Also, it does eventually send it. So I don't think it's a problem with the settings.
  5. It really depends on the device. On mobile phones and soft phones fortunately nobody yet had the idea that the app has to start dialing without pressing the enter button. What you enter is what you dial. The PBX will look at the country code and then convert the number into the +-format. On desktop phones there is still that desire that the phone will start dialing by itself. This is similar to the desire to press a 9 to start making a phone call. IMHO this is very confusing and there is no more need for that on practically all VoIP phones. Asking users to dial 9911 instead of 911 is now illegal in many environments. The easiest on VoIP phones it to tell users that they can dial the number just like they dial the number on their cell phones. Usually 99.99 % of the users get it immediately and will never look back. For analog devices like old FAX machines and legacy phones there is still the problem to determine when the number is complete. The easiest is to use a timeout which is okay in many cases because there is no human operating those devices any more or ask them to terminate their number with # instead of the enter button. Rotary dialers are not used any more. Yay!
  6. Well, let's hope it works out
  7. For outbound calling within North America 1) For long distance we dial 1-555-555-555 , if it is a local call you dial 444-444-4444 (without the 1) ISSUE: the way i have it setup you have to put 1 in-front of local and long distance calls. Users don't know that they have to add 1 in-front of all calls, because for local calls you don't need to put 1 How do i setup the dial plan so that outbound calls would connect if you dial as follows: dial 1-555-555-555 for long distance or 444-444-4444 (without the 1) for local both should connect 2) From mobile app if you put +1-555-555-5555 does not connect most people save phone numbers on their phone in international format +1 How do i setup to dial out if you dial +1 or 1-555-555-555 , if it is a local call you dial 444-444-4444 (without the 1) the call should connect in all 3 scenarios 3) I have another dial plan for international call with A - Z outbound How do i setup dial plan to call out if you add + in-front of any country code e.g +44 / +232 / +65 (any country code with + before country code) - the call should connect
  8. When you receive the email on your phone 1) Make sure you have the app / dialer already installed 2) Open the email and click on the URL (one time use, has token that expires within 24 hrs) 3) The app opens and it auto inserts the necessary credentials If you don't have the app installed it prompts you to download the app Please contact me privately we can do a demo, i can send you the welcome email to test and see how it works
  9. Looks like this is a TLS problem. We did have a problem some versions ago when the email server (especially Microsoft servers) were requesting a client certificate - the PBX would actually send it however the server would not like it. We fixed it also on the 64.0 branch. I would turn on TLS logging to see what is happening.
  10. Maybe this topic is drifting a little. Maybe the Pi build is not up to date for the showing of the QR codes in a single page. Sending a QR code out will be in the next version (65). Regarding the email example - many users have only email in their smart phone. How are they supposed to use the email?
  11. We don't have plans right now but it does sound interesting.
  12. Last week
  13. Testing on a 64.1 version, and it seems something broke the emails from gouing out. The emails for voicemails are only sent at midnight. I checked my test server and a gmail account. All the emails are under pending in the email setup. When I look into the logs it says that they are Scheduled for sending. [7] 15:06:22.694 smtp.gmail.com:587: Scheduling email to <email@eeee.com> [7] 15:06:22.694 smtp.gmail.com:587: Start sending to <email@eeee.com> [7] 15:06:22.695 smtp.gmail.com:587: DNS A returned [7] 15:06:22.695 smtp.gmail.com:587: Connect to [7] 15:06:22.722 smtp.gmail.com:587: Connected [9] 15:06:22.751 Received 54 SMTP bytes [8] 15:06:22.752 Received SMTP traffic 220 smtp.gmail.com ESMTP [8] 15:06:22.752 Send SMTP traffic EHLO localhost [9] 15:06:22.783 Received 167 SMTP bytes [8] 15:06:22.783 Received SMTP traffic 250-smtp.gmail.com at your service 250-SIZE 250-8BITMIME 250-STARTTLS 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES 250-PIPELINING 250-CHUNKING 250 SMTPUTF8 [8] 15:06:22.783 Send SMTP traffic STARTTLS
  14. We have it in our docs: https://doc.vodia.com/fax If you type anything that you're looking for in the search box on the left hand side on https://doc.vodia.com , documents containing it will pop up.
  15. Sorry to show me what? I use Vodia on Raspberry is the mass emailing of QR doesn't work maybe I explained it wrong, it's not a function that I want, it's a function that on Vodia for Raspberry doesn't work, I just want to report that it's a function advertised as working but it doesn't work. That's it.
  16. maybe I explained myself wrong, it's not a function that I want, it's a function that on Vodia for Raspberry doesn't work, I just want to point out that you have advertised it as working but it doesn't work.
  17. Do you also plan to integrate with Zoho invoice? Zoho invoice is cheaper to use and has the same features as Freshbooks
  18. Thanks, for the prompt response. 2) "That would be just a simple change of the template for the billing page (dom_billing)." Can you show me an example of what we need to change?
  19. Please contact me privately, i can show you how the Yeaster link works. I can create an account for you to test with and send you a link. The "Welcome Email" has the following: Hi xxxxxx, Your extension has been created. Check your information below. LOG IN PBX  PBX domain: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Username: username@youremail.com  Reset your password in 24 hours: https://xxxx.com/login/findpass.html?findpass.html?randomcode=ggggggaaa&email=username@youremail.com&timestamp=111515151   LOG IN LINKUS  Log in Linkus by QR code (For Mobile Client Only)  Open Linkus Mobile Client and scan the QR code to log in.  The QR code is valid in 24 hours and can only be used once.    QR CODE SHOWS HERE  Log in Linkus by link  The link is valid in 24 hours and can only be used once.  Login Link: https://xxxxx.com  ● For Linkus Mobile Client  1. Copy the login link on your mobile phone, or if you have the email on your phone click on the link.  2. The Linkus Mobile Client opens if you already have the mobile client installed, and Linkus will detect the link and get the login information.  3. Click "OK".  ● For Linkus Desktop Client  1. Copy the login link, or link on the link on your desktop  2. Open Linkus Desktop Client (Download)). Click "Login via Link".  3. Paste the link and click "Login".  Linkus will detect the link and get the login information.
  20. Ok, i understand... Hopefully this can be added as a feature request then It would be nice to allow or block blocks belonging to an ISP I have set the /8 as you also suggested too. Thank You Very much for your help ! -M
  21. /9 is unfortunate - we have only /8 and /16 which would mean that you would have to add 128 /16 blocks. Alternatively you could white list the /8 block, which would white list more addresses that you would actually need. If you want to do this in JavaScript, here is the code: for (var i = 128; i < 256; i++) fetch("/rest/system/access", {"body":"{\"ip\":\"166." + i + ".0.0\",\"netmask\":\"16\",\"type\":\"true\",\"comment\":\"Whatever\"}","method":"POST"});
  22. We have the QR code ready - however still struggling to understand how you would that email in a smart phone unless you have a mirror for taking the photo. A link to the play store with the credentials in it might make more sense - we are investigating this as well.
  23. 1) We had that in an older version and will bring that back 2) Usually you dial 00 or 011, but this is a good point 3) You can redirect users into conference rooms (even through attended transfer); we will sugarcoat this eventually. Hosting an audio conference on the phone itself is usually not a good idea. 4) Yes that is another topic that will eventually be available.
  24. 1) That is why they can enter it directly into the web interface - stripe takes actually care about the CC number and the sensitive information and this information never hits the PBX or any of our or your servers. They can also enter it into stripe.com however this is not easy. 2) That is true. One solution could be to lock everything down, so that the may be able to see e.g. the call logs, but make no changes. 1) You can do that, however this would require that you set up another web server. With the REST API you can set the stripe subscription ID into the PBX, so that the PBX can check if the subscription is still active and e.g. shut the domain if that is not the case. Might be interesting for the automatic charge function when their prepaid credit falls below the reload number. 2) That would be just a simple change of the template for the billing page (dom_billing).
  25. Do you have a detailed documentation on Stripe? How does it work? I think it would be better if there is a front-end interface. Currently you have to collect the credit card number, expiration date, card 3 or 4 digit code from the customer and enter into the pbx, or you give the customer login credentials to the pbx domain admin and they can enter the info themselves ISSUES 1) most people don't want to give out their CC info 2) When you give domain admin login credentials to customers, they create more issues because 90% of them click on other things and messup settings It would be nice to add one of the following 1) Front-end that does not require clients to login to the pbx to capture CC info 2) Button / option on the pbx to click to send billing email to the customer, and it takes them to the front-end where they can enter the required information (CC, click to add auto recharge etc) Please checkout this demo http://www.voipswitchdemo.com/#/ They have a complete front-end solution. When you login you can see that the client / customer can add their payment info by themselves, they can setup the pbx / make changes without logging into the back end / pbx
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