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  4. thats still the old version do you not have the newer version of the msi that fixes the notifications?
  5. Hello, Yes I found that portion, but what it does not answer is if the auto-attendant has to be mapped *only* on the PBX or can the users utilize their own MS Teams Auto-Attendant. That's the part I wanted to confirm because looking at the MS Teams interface they do have an "Auto Attendant" page but i assume that since MS Teams does not have internal accounts like the PBX there wouldn't be a way to direct the calls to it.
  6. Could you please ctrl + F for "Auto attendant" on https://doc.vodia.com/microsoft_teams and see if that answers your question?
  7. Hello, I recently watched your video on the Microsoft Teams integration and i just had a quick question about the inbound portion of the video. It's possible to assign the DID's to an extension and that'll ring on the MS Teams/ Desktop application, but my question is how does the PBX handle calls to an auto-attendant on MS Teams? The video and documentation wasn't very specific about these functionalities and i was just curious how far the integration goes. Thank you!
  8. Can you please make sure none of the volume is set to zero, especially media volume both when in a call or not. When you increase or decrease the volume you can click on the drop down of the volume and see if any of the 5 or 6 types of volumes is set to zero. This happens when some devices it selects the wrong volume type sometimes in a call. It does not happen in pixel (I am assuming its not a pixel phone)? But some others have deviated from native Android and created many volume types but sometimes fail to select correctly. Let us know if that solves the issue.
  9. Guest

    No audio on one side

    Hi, I have a problem with the Android app where on certain call one of the user unable to hear the audio from the phone. On the other side the user are able to talk and hear the other caller voice. Sometime putting the call on a loud speaker will resulting in no audio come out from speaker but when return to the ear speaker it works as per normal. Need help on this. Thank you Helmi pcap-130-103.pcap
  10. Earlier
  11. There were a few problems in that area, they are (hopefully) now resolved in the latest and greatest. We'll make a full release soon.
  12. Was testing the transcription on the latest build and it seems to break the transcription. From the logs I get the following error: [8] 13:04:00.086 Voicemail message is too long for transcription: 6s This error message appears even if the Maximum duration for transcription (s) under Notifications is set to a huge number, including leaving it blank. Downgrading to 66.0.4 doesn't produce this error message.
  13. We will let you know as soon as this is back on their market place. We hope this gets resolved soon as well.
  14. Is there any update to this... I have a customer wanting this integration?
  15. Just set the county code for the domain to the country where you are. What is your country code?
  16. Ish

    Phone format

    Hi we just updated our phone system and has put our number format as american automatically. Numbers are currently shown as 1234-456-7890 we would like to remove the dashes and have the numbers back to 12345 67890 if you could let me know how this can be done?
  17. Everything is possible... We could add a flag for this in the paging group and leave the decision to the admin.
  18. The scenario I was looking at involves a user that works under appointments. For example in a bank (pre-COVID), you get your client to come in with you and you put yourself on DND so as to not be disturbed by calls or announcements. So in this particular case the user expects privacy but say management who has access to a paging group, decides to broadcast a message "Everyone, there's taco's and donuts in the staff room, feel free to take as many as you like". While it's not terribly inconvenient it could be seen as unprofessional in this type of environment. Looking at the Yeal
  19. Actually that is supposed to be a feature... For multicast paging, it would also page the phone BTW.
  20. Could you try to check this out: Win store: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/vodia-phone/9ntksqfkc1zt Win MSI: http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/app/win/VodiaPhone-3.2.0.msi
  21. Hello, I came across this little quirk, the PBX seems to bypass Yealink's DND functionality in order to page it. I've tried using the several custom settings the Yealinks have such as the Emergency DND Bypass but the PBX pushes through no matter what. Since the phones get provisioned and the DND status should sync up with the PBX, it should make sense that the PBX is able to ignore those phones/devices. It would be worthwhile to add the setting under the Extension permissions or as a setting on the paging group that will ignore devices/phones in DND.
  22. Is there an ETA for the MSI? We don't allow access to the windows store on our domain, I'm sure this is the case for many other Admins. At the moment this is the only thing stopping us rolling this out to all users.
  23. Any update on the new version?
  24. BTW, checked today and it works. Thanks again
  25. Wir sind inzwischen bei 66.0.5 wo wir auch für die Telekom ein paar Sachen eingebaut haben, inkl. besseren FAX-Empfang.
  26. Es ist jetzt knapp ein halbes Jahr vergangen, wie sieht es mit der Problembeseitigung aus?
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