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  4. Hello all, I was hoping someone has resolved the issue we are facing? We are running hosted PBX version 63.0.4. Trying to figure out which firmware version to use for correct functions on the phone. For example on phone firmware user cannot forward the VM to another extension. Reading through all rel;ease notes on SNOM site is a tedious process and doesn't give us much help. Has anyone discovered the correct phone firmware which will support this function? Any help is much appreciated. Dusan
  5. Have you turned on the Video setting on your Yealink phone? If yes, give us a call on Tel: +1 (617)-446-1399 and we can discuss this further.
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  7. Can you tell me what setting you turned on I have tried everything.
  8. We can assure you, that we've actually tried the video call between 2 Yealinks and it has worked for us ONLY after we manually enabled the Video setting on the phone (you can quickly find that too). Before manually turning it on, we weren't getting a Video call option on the phone. Please turn it on and test this again and you can see the difference in the logs (if nothing else). If all the codecs are turned on, on the PBX's end, there is no other setting that needs to be turned on for this to work.
  9. This is Yealink's response The Vodia PBX is not sending Video to the T58A in the original INVITE. This is not a setting that can be changed on the phone. You will want to look to enable sending Video on the PBX side, or look into sending a direct SIP call to the Video phone, from the door phone (if possible). The reason the phone being placed on hold, then starts the video, is because the phone sends a new INVITE when it comes off of hold. The phone is telling the PBX it has the option to send and accept video, so then the connection is made for video between the two devices. You need the PBX side to send the initial INVITE SIP/SDP packet with the Video option included. There is no programmable button solution for this. Will something be built in the PBX to allow this in the future?
  10. On the yealink phones you have to manually turn it on. And then you should be able to see two options on every call.
  11. How do I switch to a Video call? I'm not getting a button or anything
  12. Hi, You would need to start the call as an audio call and then switch to video. Please let us know if that works. That's how the SIP negotiations would work.
  13. I'm programing a Yealink T48A phone to work with a Cyberdata 011410 video door phone. The only way I get in VIdeo is if I put the phone on hold and pick it back up. The PBX is 65.0.7 The Yealink is58.84.0.24 the Cyberdata is on v.1.4.1 any help would be appreciated
  14. Great thank you for the response
  15. This is usually a problem for the ATA—I assume that you are using one? On the PBX, you would have to assign a "dial plan" for the extension where the ATA is registered. Then you should be able to dial out.
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  18. After a gloriouscrash with our last fax machine, we purchased a new Brother MFC. Unfortunately, we can't send faxes out because we need to select a Line on our phone system to dial out (make outgoing calls). Is there a workaround for this? We receive them fine. Can a few be programmed to select a Line out ... ?
  19. The first one (whatever that is). If you put the DID on a ACD, it will try to route it to an agent that is available on the app and if there are several available, it will send it to the one that was in the conversation.
  20. That part worked it seems. I have a quick question. If you put the same phone SMS DID into two different extensions, which one will get the message?
  21. I would make a PCAP trace for the call and see what happens in terms of SIP and RTP. You can open a ticket and attach the PCAP there so that we can take a look in private.
  22. I am pulling my hair out trying to get the Video to work with a 2n IP Force doorstation. Windows 2019 Server, 65.0.4 (Win64) Yealink T58a handset I am using this guide: https://wiki.2n.cz/hip/inte/latest/en/2-phones/yealink-t58a-t58v to setup the 2N with the T58 The Calling the 2N by pressing the DSS key on the T58 works great, I can see the video feed and audio. When Pressing the 2N button, the T58 will rin, but I get no video feed, but I get audio. I can access a HTTP stream from the 2N camera, so I know the Codec and Networking is fine. What confuses me is where to start to diagnose where the problem is. Does Vodia take the call from the 2N and pass the video through to the T58, or does the 2N send directly to the T58. I feel I have missed something and it is doing my head in. Help Please
  23. Please review the following https://blog.vodia.com/telnyx_vodia_sms Lets us know how it goes. Best Regards
  24. I am testing with the SMS compability of Vodia. There isn't much documented. Basically, none of these fields are avaialble in Telenyx's website https://developers.telnyx.com/docs/v2/messaging/quickstarts/sending-sms-and-mms What should I enter in each field? Application Secret - YOUR_API_KEY There should be a webhook_url but where to enter it?
  25. Thanks. We actually fixed a similar problem recently with initial DTMF coming in after a transfer from another system.
  26. Seemed to figured it out. The auto attendant number to select extension was being sent out directly on trunk to FreePBX, but putting pound sign after the number on the auto attendant, this behavior stopped, i.e. isn't set out as DMTF input over trunk. Trunk was expecting a PIN number...so if waited for the initial entry period to expire (i.e. incomplete input), then second as for input - hence initial delay for external calls. NE
  27. After further testing, it seems that the the Default dial plan under General settings has a higher priority over the extension's dial plan. This was never the case before.
  28. Not global. It's the default under the localhost domain.
  29. Hi, The doc we were referring to on the call: https://doc.vodia.com/trunk_branches
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