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  4. Please understand, if this is any trouble don't worry about it. I am sure this isn't a oft used feature, as no one else has mentioned it on the forums. That is why i used the topic header, and there was nothing in the forums on the third party login, but a fair bit of activity with the php api. I realize that browser security it becoming more and more challenging, so this probably did work at the latest browser updates may have killed it. In any event, if you can resolve it or not, the Vodia pbx is a fantastic product. Keep it up!
  5. Yes, that ticketing system closed a long time ago. Please switch over to vodia.zammad.com if you can please.
  6. Your request (5284) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. I am not sure if this was the right place to open up a ticket. and if not i would be happy to do it elsewhere. I never got a reply.
  7. humm I was getting no audio output but after a reboot of the system this is resolved.
  8. Ok is there an ETA for the MSI? We don't allow access to the windows store on our domain, I'm sure this is the case for many other Admins. At the moment this is the only thing stopping us rolling this out to all users.
  9. Thanks getmp3s, I'll make sure versioning is fixed for next releases. Also, from now on Windows App will no longer be updated automatically, users will have to trigger an update from the Windows store themselves.
  10. Hi Chrispopp ! Can you share it ? or can you shared with me ? I has spent so long weeks on this, and still not fully achieve it. Thank You
  11. I think the best to open a ticket and attach the code that you are using there right now. We have done other projects and maybe we can fix the code there easily and get this working.
  12. I appreciate your reply but we are going around in circles. We have tried the third party log in without success. We have tried the rest api with curl without success. I am not sure how the third example would help us log into the web page. PLease advise if this is possible.
  13. If you want to perform a third party login, there is a special API for that that will also set the necessary headers for the cross origin problem (CORS). This works different from the login for the browser. There is an article on https://doc.vodia.com/third_party on this topic. There is also an example at the bottom of https://doc.vodia.com/click2dial where you can see how the soft phone gets the credentials for a user.
  14. Our intention is to use this code to log in to the pbx web page, not grab a log. Does your solution solve that? Please advise.
  15. The 5 bytes returned are probably "false". Which means that the request to establish a session failed... If you want to use curl there is an easier way to authenticate the request, just use the -u admin:password option for curl (e.g. curl -u username:password GET -D - Then there is no need to set up a session.
  16. This feature is only available for the app installed directly from the Windows Store at the moment.
  17. Hi! Kind of lost here. Let me describe the scenario quickly and briefly. 1. 3cxpbx with extensions with different caller-id in some of them (not at the siptrunk) 2. VODIA is registered with the only Trunk created to external provider, as Sip-Proxy inbound/outbound, and shared globaly. Then, when 1 calls to an external CEL #, it gets the 401 error. But customers that also have their PBX like grandstreamPBX, the calls goes out fine, as well the ones that are made from withing VODIA itself. But we need 1 to be able to dialout to PSTN or CELL for this or other custo
  18. Audio out is greyed out because there's no test for the microphone, and only there to show what devices is connected. The Windows OS audio test doesn't show any audio for the Vodia app since I imagine those screenshots weren't take during an active call. Unlike Windows OS, Vodia app doesn't keep microphone on all the time and only opens stream when needed (for obvious reasons). Is this issue just for the Audio page, or you are experiencing it with the mic during calls as well?
  19. This would be similar to connecting branch offices, see https://doc.vodia.com/trunk_branches. Have you checked that out? All we would need is the trunk connected to both the PBX's and on Vodia's end, the trunk can be registered as an extension.
  20. when will the new notification be available? I am using the MSI for version 3.2 and it still show the windows notification
  21. Same problem here mic works fine but no audio output from the software? this is what im seeing in windows.
  22. Hi ! Its been quite awhile... The need arise again, with one of the customers. He have 3CX but im hosting him with VODIA. He also have voip.ms as a trunk/gateway provider. He have CID for several Extensions in his 3cx config., but for those, when he dialout and using different rules, guess what? voipms makes the call without any issues. Vodia is giving the the error, but still i dont know, where are how to change in Vodia to allow 3cx to get to Vodia and make the call too. It will be very much helpful to be able to achieve this, please? Thank You -
  23. Hi, i was wondering if there are any updates. If this doesnt work, so be it.
  24. I have setup this, but still the same with 0 in all fields 1. Under ACD -> Edit/Monitoring “Premission to monitor this account” [The extension nbr] 2. under Extensions -> Permission “Manage agent Groups” [the ACD group nbr.] did i miss something?
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