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  2. 3.6 was released by accident, we have already reverted back to the 3.5.5 version. Seems on the Microsoft App Store, there was a flag that accidentally automatically released a version that was supposed to be experimental and internal...
  3. Experiencing this from today using version 67.0.5 and windows app V3.6. Though no problem when using chrome browser.
  4. Ok course hangup should hang up. So this is on the Windows App? What version of the PBX and what version of the app?
  5. Also experiencing this....very disturbing and annoying. Not sure what the issue is.
  6. Dont worry about it, i dont want to waste your time. I will figure out another way to work around this feature. You do alot of great work, and i forgot that no one else seems to be using this, so there are much more important things to spend your time on.
  7. Last week
  8. Hi Team, As previously mentioned, the keys available from newrelic do not validate in the license key field. Over-riding the pattern match on the field to add any of the available license keys from new relic also does not work. Any update/feedback on how to get this to work?
  9. We are trying to user third party login, and it doesnt work. Can i provide you a test user:pass and you could try with your code to see if it works. Please advise
  10. What are the APIs that you're using and what error is it throwing?
  11. HI, i see that you updated your documentation on this topic for Third Party Login, but we have the same results as it doesnt work. https://doc.vodia.com/docs/thirdparty Is there anything that is missing from this API as it doesnt seem functional. thanks
  12. Hello, When I'm hanging up a call, I can still listen the call... I need to tell to the person to hang up... It's very annoying Do someone have an idea? Thanks
  13. 1. Did you configure the settings on google according to our doc and got the API? 2. Do you have the API entered in the speech to text API section? 3. Are you on 67.0.5 and have you hit the "reset" button at the bottom of this page /reg_certificate.htm before trying this?
  14. Guest

    Voicemail transcription

    Hi support, Please help guide me as I'm new to Vodia. I've refer to Vodia document here for the setting : https://doc.vodia.com/docs/voicemailtranscription. However I could not receive the transcript output to the extension's email. Logs from server as per below; {"lang":"en","secure":"","type":"admin","version":"67.0.5","superadmin":true,"password_policy":"medium","pinlength":4,"allow_empty_passwords":"false","code_rec":"","edit":false,"cuser":"","cdomain":"","luser":"","ldomain":"","country":"","area":"","os":"Debian64","recording":true,"teams":true,"hosted":true,"standby":false,"cdav_scope":"https://www.googleapis.com/auth/carddav","cdav_clientid":"1051189380101-o0gsn0mkuaoh07an1ioemi8evegvch07.apps.googleusercontent.com","cdav_redirect":"urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob","crm_public":"","zoho_client_id":"1000.R2IIO7P3HS7C763876QO9B59A39QPH","google_clientid":"","duration":3600,"branding":"","maxring":"60","emergency":"","pwreset":true,"twostep":""}
  15. Hi @Support We're looking for the same thing - We want the ActionURL to be triggered as soon as a caller hits the IVR and then hangup after the message is played. The purpose is to allow users to break out of a Agent Group and then land on a IVR Node to trigger a call back event via an ActionURL to an external CRM system. At the moment we can only get the ActionURL to trigger once the message finishes and does not account for the user hanging up mid way through the message and the ActionURL isn't triggered.
  16. Thank you, doing a Reset within /reg_certificate.htm has resolved the problem, now RPS with Yealink is working. I appreciate your assistance with this. Greg
  17. Please go to /reg_certificate.htm and hit the reset button at the bottom of the page and see if that helps. Also make sure that the RPS server has not been blacklisted from under the /reg_access.htm page
  18. Please contact sales@vodia.com and they should be able to take care of the license issues.
  19. Can you give us a call to our Sales team @ +1-617-446-1399 and they can take care of the license issue for you?
  20. For some reason the communication between my Vodia PBX AWS Instance and Yealink is failing and I don't know why. I have the correct API key and secret in place, and the API path is default "https://api-dm.yealink.com:8443/xmlrpc" I have also added the public IP of my server to the Allow list in Yealink DM. But every time the Vodia PBX needs to contact Yealink to update I get failures; "Problems with adding Yealink server http://xxx.xx.xxxx.com.au/prov/yealink.cfg?rps=1 and name d635e03fd52be8585876 "Add Yealink MAC 805EC0CDD185 to server undefined" "RPS failed" It retires 4 times and stops. I've tried this with new PBX domains and old ones, new MAC addresses and old ones, they all fail now. This use to work well, but since the upgrade to 67.0.5 its stopped working. Can you suggest what I might be able to do to troubleshoot this further?
  21. Hi Support, Are there any plans to start supporting the Grandstream GDMS RPS platform in the future? I still cannot get the GAPS RPS to work for GS phones, its been over a year, so I've abandoned them. But the pricepoint for the new GRP series is quite attractive. Any way forward? --JM
  22. Earlier
  23. It says "no license" even though I bought one and put it into the pbx system. what do I do?
  24. Yup, we found the issue. Will make necessary changes.
  25. Double checked and that field is empty.
  26. Do you have your number added in the park orbit on the "Call a specific number after park reminder" field?
  27. We will test this and update this thread.
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