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  2. Its in "thought" stage. We have a few hardcoded flags like for handling trunks, but eventually we need something similar like the groups in the tenants.
  3. Have you assigned the groups permissions to these extensions for recordings?
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  5. Is it possible to have different admin levels per tenant? Set users as full admin or just able to modify accounts, but to do this per tenant not global. There may be tenants that want to self manage the PBX completely and others that want to be able to manage extension names etc..
  6. Last week
  7. I upgraded to version 68.0.1 . Certificates are still not successfully updated. I see "Could not retrieve directory from directory https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory " in the log.
  8. RichardDCG

    MacOS App

    oddly I had the same issue with the Windows app. It would not ring on 68.0.2. I then upgraded to 68.0.3 and it started ringing ... when I went back to 68.0.2 and it is still ringing. Maybe try the same or just a reinstall of 68.0.2 - might have been some more recent changes?
  9. I updated the pnp_Grandstream file with the below. This is for the Grandstream GRP2634 phones. <file name="grandstream-grp263x.xml" encoding="xml"> <pattern mac="3">cfg############.xml</pattern> <user-agent>Grandstream.*GRP263.</user-agent> <prefix>true</prefix> <vendor>Grandstream</vendor> </file> <file name="grandstream-grp261x.xml" encoding="xml"> <pattern mac="3">cfg############.xml</pattern> <user-agent>Grandstream.*GRP261.</user-agent> <prefix>true</prefix> <vendor>Grandstream</vendor> </file> I rebooted and the grp2613 is not there as an option. The PBX is set to Read from file system. PBX is V68.0.2.
  10. You can simply add this section inside the file pnp_grandstream.xml and then save and reboot the PBX service as suggested earlier. Also make sure that below setting is turned on. See image. You have to take off (copy) all the customizations, backup the PBX directory, upgrade the PBX, and then put the files back in (in accordance with the how the PBX will accept those files) to keep the customizations from going away.
  11. Was this feature ever added back in as i dont believe it was. Please advise.
  12. tobymac

    MacOS App

    Good morning, Can we have a sub topic with MacOS App? The latest app from the App Store is not ringing nor can you see the incoming/outgoing calls. You can dial out and there is two way audio. Running 68.0.2 Win64 as server and OS on the iMac BigSur 11.6 Thank you.
  13. where do I place the new file? - grandstream-grp263x.xml (will all my hard work then be overwritten with a new version?)
  14. I can press the button and it does flash and stops if I press it again. But. Nothing is recorded and there is no message saying recording is on. If I am happy with what works/does not work at the moment on V68.0.2 can I use that? Or is it likely to change etc.? There are some additions that outweigh the issues at the moment.
  15. [9] 08:39:55.678 Initialize TLS connection [9] 08:39:55.678 HTTP Send Client Hello(03036171..00020017) [5] 08:39:55.692 HTTP Alert Fatal (2): Handshake failure (40) [7] 08:39:55.692 https:sms.telnyx.com:443: TCP disconnect [7] 08:39:55.692 https://sms.telnyx.com/messages: Return code 500 (0 bytes) [8] 08:39:55.692 https://sms.telnyx.com/messages: Return headers [7] 08:39:55.692 Closing connection https:sms.telnyx.com:443 Does not work.
  16. OK. This is what I see in the log (the real domain name and IP address I've censored out) after renaming the System Management DNS address and then renaming it back. The line with "Could not retrieve directory" looks suspicious. Any idea? LYNC: Creating pbx-admin.xyz.com [6] 13:28:32.009 LYNC: Using IP address for creating DNS A record for pbx-admin.xyz.com [8] 13:28:34.526 LYNC: Create new account [3] 13:28:34.921 LYNC: Could not retrieve directory from directory https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory [8] 13:28:34.921 LYNC: New order pbx-admin.xyz.com [8] 13:28:34.921 LYNC: Done creating pbx-admin.xyz.com
  17. Thank you for your reply. Please re-read above.
  18. Yes that looks okay. We still have the topic of the buttons which is another tricky area with the Grandstream phones (every model seems to have their own PXX values ) and for that we would have to change the models.js but lets do one step at a time...
  19. As for recording there is no need for *93 or *94, you can use the button for that (it even starts blinking when recording is on).
  20. Hmm, it's not clear when the wss://user:pass@domain URI will work, but it's probably not a good idea to rely on it. But for sure setting a cookie should work. That means you'll need a step before opening the web socket and fetch the session cookie first using /rest/system/session like you would login from the welcome.js code.
  21. That has been deprecated. You can't send user:pass in a ws header. The server only accepts wss I believe too. I also can not use the third party login documentation. The /rest endpoints all have CORS enabled. Which only leaves me the option to use me backend (node). But that's only the backend. I have 0 problems consuming the vodia API in the backend. I can't set a cookie "session=sessionId" across domains. So using the session cookie is not an option. I tried to use an iframe and set it to hidden. Then I make a call to the backend. I get a session id and then send the session id to /rest/system/session - name:'session', value:sessionId all from the backend. When it returns true, then I set the iframe src to https://pbx.com/welcome?session=sessionId and nothing happens. It doesn't auto login. I have the cookie from the pbx domain, but its a cross domain cookie. So the WebSocket library will not send cross domain cookies. There needs to be a clientSecret, or websocketSecret or something like that setup on vodias end. Something we generate in the admin panel. Then we can use socket.io-client to consume the vodia websockets by passing the auth in the handshake.query options. There is currently no available option to use websockets and would LOVE to see a real example of this working. Because as it is now, it is impossible to use cross domain cookies.
  22. While you are it, could also add possibility for App to automatically reconnect especially after internet loss.
  23. yes, this now rings in 68.0.2 ... it didn't before.. I updated to 68.0.3 and it started ringing, then I reverted back to 68.0.2 and it is still ringing. This version (68.0.2) seems to be ok to use - still some minor issues* but usable. It has a lot of features my clients are looking for, but I don't want to add it to production until I am sure there will be no more changes to it. * things like using *93 and *94 call recording does not work in the Windows app. I can live with that.
  24. Thanks. In looking at this file I can see: <file name="grandstream-grp261x.xml" encoding="xml"> <pattern mac="3">cfg############.xml</pattern> <user-agent>Grandstream.*GRP26..</user-agent> <prefix>true</prefix> <vendor>Grandstream</vendor> </file> I assume then that the GRP2634 would be included under the user agent Grandstream.*GRP26.. ? And I should only modify the GRP261x.XML file? If, for arguments sake, I wanted a specific one for GRP2634 I could add: <file name="grandstream-grp263x.xml" encoding="xml"> <pattern mac="3">cfg############.xml</pattern> <user-agent>Grandstream.*GRP263.</user-agent> <prefix>true</prefix> <vendor>Grandstream</vendor> </file> and then need to modify (so the user agent would not get confused?): <file name="grandstream-grp261x.xml" encoding="xml"> <pattern mac="3">cfg############.xml</pattern> <user-agent>Grandstream.*GRP261.</user-agent> <prefix>true</prefix> <vendor>Grandstream</vendor> </file>
  25. According to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4361173/http-headers-in-websockets-client-api you should be able to use the username and password in the URL and this should just work?
  26. Nope. I set the cookie, session = token, and no dice. Should I open a support ticket?
  27. Ah you know what. I think the websocket server is checking the requests cookies for session. Trying that now.
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