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  2. One thing is to make sure that you have no spaces in the wrong place (beginning end) or tabs or other "invisible" characters. This is a common source for a lot of confusion. Maybe just open a ticket and attach the IVR node XML file there (the file is in the ivrnodes folder).
  3. Yes i use v. 62.1. I have try a new installation with one Softphone and it’s the same. are there a logfiler there can help in this case.
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  5. Is this a SPIP601 (support ended 03/31/2013)? There might be a reason why those phones were so cheap. You might want to purchase a robot punching those things into the keyboard!
  6. We were finally able to test this - it seems to work here both if we enter the 10-digit CMC code and also after the timeout... Are you on the latest 62.1?
  7. We have re-integrated the Freshbooks V2 API into the latest 62.1 version. Or are you using the V1 API?
  8. Last week
  9. I am trying to use a Configuration Server (Filezilla FTP) to default Polycom 601 telephones. Lately, I am getting 10 to 20 Soundpoint 601 return/trade-in phones a day. So, rather that using the keypad or web browser method, I would like to automate the process without using the MAC Address of the phone. I can work with Node.js. Idealy, I would like to have found something equal to a "Format File System" that could be done programmatically. After much searching the Web, nothing was found. Here is one method that I thought would work, but it looks like it isn't. Among the other basic settings in the 000000000000.cfg file I have the following line: <APPLICATION_SPIP601 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP601="sip_318.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP601="phone1_318.cfg, device1.cfg, 000000000000-phone.cfg, sip_318.cfg"/> I used Wireshark and verified that the 000000000000-phone.cfg file was requested by the phone and delivered the contents by Filezilla. The only contents of the 000000000000-phone.cfg, is <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?> <PHONE_CONFIG> <OVERRIDES/> </PHONE_CONFIG> I found that contents as a way to clear the overrides but it did not work. Is anyone aware of a basic method to defualt the phones via the 000000000000.cfg route? Thanks...
  10. Okay. We are trying to simulate a multi tenant system at the moment so we were looking to see how this setting worked. The problem is that the data we entered in the fields would not save on the system. Unless it is meant to look like there is no data saved even though there is. Apart from this, when you said does this mean the system being unable to generate an invoice is a bug that is to be fixed soon? We are still unable to generate a test invoice from the "Test" button that is in the "Edit Domain" page.
  11. These are the multi tenant client settings, they are essentially a front end to the stripe settings for this client. The auto refill setting is used for prepaid termination cost (like a calling card), so that the client keeps a certain amount for calls in the account.
  12. Hello, The "Billing Settings" option is under "Advanced" tab once we are in a domain. On "Billing settings", there are 3 tabs "Address", "Card" and "Auto Refill". The url is: https://pbx_url/dom_billing.htm About the first part, did you mean that is a known bug which is to be fixed soon? Thank you
  13. Hi Suri, We agree about the first part of the message and agree with it. Where exactly do you find the "Billing Settings" of the domain setting so that we can reproduce that as well? Just tell us the URL of the PBX GUI.
  14. The line hpr: {if clip true}id{fi clip true} tell the trunk to use the header Privacy: id when CLIP is on - do you see that header when making a call in the INVITE?
  15. Support

    Call Stats

    Hi, Which version did you face this issue on? Build version and date?
  16. Does it really matter what trunk provider am I using? Below are my trunk settings and with the same provider and settings it works perfect prior all versions. #Trunk 4 aadr: analog: false bcp: behind_nat: false cid_update: cobusy: 500 Line Unavailable codec_lock: true codecs: codest: cur: dial_extension: dialplan: dir: dis: false domain: 9 dtmf: false dtmf_mode: earlymedia: true expires: 3600 failover: except_busy fraction: 128 from_source: ppi from_user: glob: global: true hcv: hd: hf: {from} hpai: {trunk} hppi: hpr: {if clip true}id{fi clip true} hrpi: hru: {request-uri} ht: {to} icid: ignore_18x_sdp: false interoffice: false minimum: 10 minor: name: Test outbound_proxy: sip:xxx.xxx.xxx pcap: false prack: true prefix: redirect: false reg_account: reg_display: reg_keep: reg_registrar: xxx.xxx.xxx reg_user: remote_party: request_timeout: 15 require: rfcrtp: false ring180: false rtcpxr: false rtp_begin: rtp_end: send_email: sip_port: status: tel: true trusted: false type: gateway use_epid: false use_history: false use_uuid: false user_defined_hdr: uuid: wrtc_dest_name: wrtc_dest_number:
  17. Vodia PBX

    Spam Scoring

    Okay the address book checks will be in the next version. A quick search for the TrueCNAM API did not come up with anything. Also the question is what the best feedback mechanism is - we have a code for blacklisting the last number that we could use; we would also have to add a code for whitelisting a number.
  18. Great thanks The pattern is: !([0-9]{10})!\1! !T!71 List of actions: action:cmc?value={input} action:goto?dest=71
  19. Suri

    Call Stats

    Thank you. I noticed that the stats were not sent as an attachment to be downloaded. I tried different settings for the midnight report (text, html and embedded html) but they all were delivered embedded in the email and not an attachment. Was this an issue that was going to be fixed in the newer version?
  20. We have the billing plans defined and the domains have a plan assigned to them. When we are in the "edit domain" page where you can select what plan to assign, there is a field called "Billing email address". I have tried inputting a valid email address in that section multiple times but every time I click Save and reload the page again, the email address is not saved on the form. Also in the "Billing Settings" of the domain, when we input the billing address and click save, the info is not saved. We are based in Australia but we even tried using a US address to see if that would work but the form goes blank after a reload. So when we click "Test" on "edit domain" page, we do not get an invoice, nothing happens when we click it.
  21. Well... customer is always right! You can try to open a ticket with Cisco to do it the same way, but it might be easier to sell him some more snom phones instead.
  22. The pattern in the DTMF matching field in the IVR node account that you're referring to.
  23. Pattern ? Did you mean OS ? - I use Windows 64 Bit
  24. I know park orbit works perfect. But our client is insisting to not use it. They want when they putt a call on hold on other phones a line/button should indicate that there is a call and pressing that button they can retrieve that held call. I'm using the same feature via Co-lines on Snom and it's working perfect.
  25. I would not change the template for something like this. We have set this up in a way that works, and there is usually no reason to change it unless you want to experiment. Maybe you can try to explain what you actually want to achieve. BTW the new Yealink template includes a "general" parameter where you can add content to the template without having to change the template itself. This has the advantage that if there is a new PBX version available you will not miss those updates.
  26. Shared lines is a concept that is difficult to achieve with SIP. There was recently a RFC published about it (RFC 7463, it was actually in 2015); however we are not aware that Cisco or any other vendor actually implemented that. The reason why this is difficult in SIP is simply because there are no shared lines, actually no lines at all in SIP and SIP works entirely different than proprietary PBX systems. Most users are fine using park orbits (non-exclusive hold), it solves their problem.
  27. Hmm what pattern are you using? This is really strange.
  28. I just need to know about that hold concern. Simply please let me know if it's going to work or no as it works on snom phones?
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