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  2. Also I noticed it shows null next to icon on top left. See attached
  3. Just installed Windows app I get the windows notification and see the call in mycalls window then goes directly to VM not forwarded incresaed time before VM does not make a difference on the calling end I hear (1) ring maybe 1 and 1 1/2. Any ideas
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  5. I would not use E164, just NANPA (probably 11 digits). Most US- and Canada-based SIP trunk providers expect that form anyway.
  6. Hello, Thanks for your reply. I ended up playing around with it some more after my post and then read up on the new dial plan documentation. I did use the suggested 011* replacement pattern and setup the trunk with E.164 without leading + and it actually did resolve my issue with outbound calling. Testing it again I realized that I did not check for inbound calling. The inbound calls do show up and they do work, but PBX seems to add 011 to every incoming call in the CDR. So instead of seeing 416-xxx-xxxx, i now see 011416-xxx-xxxx. I mean it stil
  7. macOS dmg: http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/app/mac/VodiaPhone-3.5.5.dmg
  8. There is a option the dial plan that tells the system how to present numbers into the pattern field ("Number presentation in dial plan"). If you select "For NANPA (10 digits)" the PBX will do all the work for you and present everything national with 10 digits. I would check for 011* first, then you don't have to deal with all the exceptions. BTW we have also patterns like [usa]xxxxxxx, which takes out Canada and potentially other expensive and hazardous area codes (only contintental USA). There is a another pattern called [fre] that contains all the free numbers (800 888 877 866 855
  9. Hello, I'm trying to test with a trunk that can do "everything" that means local calling and international calling. I've so far been very successful in creating the trunks for local calling but i'm having some difficulties with the international part. I'm testing this on the latest version and i don't remember it functioning this way but maybe I'm wrong in this regard. So i create a generic trunk with no global number replacements and the system uses area code 1 for local calling and DID representation. Dial Plan 1: This is to catch all call
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    snom ONE mini NTP config...

    Thanks, I'll try intercepting packets with WireShark. I'm quite sure that the unit is not working with external NTP servers (but will look further) and I am not sure that my current router has an NTP server built in. I do have other devices on the network that can act as NTP servers and I will try one of those in conjunction with a packet analyser. As to the power supply, the PBX unit appears to be an Indian designed low-cost general purpose computer (very similar to a Raspberry PI) and it quite happily runs for months at a time. The built-in plug-top PSU died the usual death that thos
  11. Support


    Hi, We've changed the doc page with update on this. Please don't use this setting for any PBX other than the ones on IO and IOP. Your browser cannot take the download sizes of more than 10 MB which will not be very good for the PBX running.
  12. Yes we had discussed that internally. It is a little bit counter intuitive to other applications running on the PC (close means end the application), but for VoIP the user expectation is that the application just goes out of sight. If the user really wants to end the application they will have to dig in some menu to make that happen.
  13. Its now also available at the old location https://doc.vodia.com. There was a glitch with the certificate that seems to be resolved now.
  14. Thanks, there is indeed a permission problem. We'll fix it in the next build.
  15. Another feature request we've had from the users we've deployed this for is the ability to minimize to tray. I'd be pretty keen to see this also.
  16. I can login to the usr portal with a login. Everything works fine aside from the button menu. I click on the ext in the top right, menu drops down then if I click on button nothing happens. If I login under the admin account and click on usr_portal under the ext it works fine. I ran developer tools and I noticed this 403 error. Is there something I'm missing that will allow users to edit the buttons on their phone?
  17. Guys the new documentation looks fantastic and super easy to use! Job well done! Love that will be able to see recently updated articles.
  18. Hi, We've moved our documentation to a new URL: https://vodia.document360.io Please access this link from here on and let us know if any comments or suggestions.
  19. Absolutely. It all comes down to "fetch". We are trying to get a test environment so that we can incorporate this.
  20. It would be great to see Vodia expand the speech to text functionality for voicemail transcriptions. In our previous system we migrated from we had the option to use Azure Speech to Text, since moving to Vodia and using the Google Speech to Text we have found that Google's service is no where near as accurate as Azure's for us. Is it possible to look at providing the option to use Azure (and potentially other services) at some point in the future? Preferably, this might even be a domain based setting, as dialects from different locations may be a better match for different speech to
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  22. Very cool. Can't wait to try it out!
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    Thank you Toby
  24. It does work on the latest version 67.0. Please take a backup of your system before you upgrade. https://doc.vodia.com/zoho_crm
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    Zoho CRM Integration

    hi there, Zoho Integration does not work, we dont have any steps from Vodia how to follow it and complete whole integration? Please give some proper documentation so, we can use it. Thanks.
  27. You can also set things up manually. Click on the account title at the top of the app, this will open the settings (there you can also trigger another scan). iOS allows only secure connections to the PBX, which requires that the PBX has a valid certificate.
  28. Please follow this URL to download the latest apps that should fix this: You also have to be on the latest 67.0 PBX version in order to test this out. Please take a backup before the upgrade.
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