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  2. Chicos, revisar si tienen alguna regla configurada distinta en el IP ROUTING LIST. En mi caso lo dejamos asi con el apoyo de soporte y problema resuelto. "private IP" (sin comillas) saludos
  3. If the app shows the extensions in the domain on the home screen, that means that it can talk to the PBX. If not I would check the certificate (if you are on public IP, using letsencrypt should be easy) and what URL was provisioned into the app (click on the account name to check the settings). If that works, only the firewall could be blocking RTP. I would check first if you can make an outbound call before receiving a call. This also makes sure that the app has the microphone permission which sometimes is invisible if you accept the call from the iOS incoming call dialog.
  4. You can put multiple identities through provisioning only within the same domain (you can still use multiple domains manually through classic SIP registration). For this you need to copy & paste the MAC address from your first account into the other accounts and re-sync the device. The order is kind of random, not sure if it is sorted by MAC or by first addition and there is frankly not much control over it. But in many cases you don't need that. The ACD has a feature for virtual offices, so that the PBX can indicate the called number on the display or even through a small announcement at the beginning of the call. Your setup sounds like it should work. I would double check that the address did not get blacklisted. In the button profile, you can select the "identity" it should use when assigning a button. This should be important for the phone, so that at least one line is available for each registration.
  5. Thank you for the reply! Hmm, ok. My PBX is in the cloud and has a direct public IP. Does that mean it should work?
  6. One thing that is (and probably will remain) a problem is if your PBX is in the LAN and the app is not. Then the wakeup from Apple will still work, but the app cannot contact the PBX and then you will have that effect. The solution for this is to make the PBX available from anywhere (AKA public IP), either by putting it into the cloud or programming your firewall to make it look like that.
  7. Hello, It may be a known issue already, but my customers are having an issue with the Vodia app on their iPhones where if their iPhone is idle and the screen is off and an incoming call comes in, the phone rings and they can answer it but they get disconnected after a few seconds. If they have the Vodia app open when the call comes in, the call does not get disconnected, and outgoing calls on the app work fine. I'm sure this has something to do with the app not being able to run in the background on iPhones properly, but as far as I know, the app has full permissions in the iPhone's settings, and both the iOS and app are the latest versions. Is this a known issue with the app, and if so there a fix for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Hello, I'm trying to setup multiple identities on a phone for a customer because they run 4 different companies out of their office and need to be able to tell which company the caller dialed so they know how to answer the phone. My setup is this, I have a user, say extension 2800, and I setup 4 extensions for the 4 companies. I associated the MAC address of a Yealink T48S with all 5 of the extensions, I opened MAC based provisioning on all 5 extensions, and it shows that the phone is registered on all 5 extensions, but on the phone the line keys I setup for the 4 companies are grayed out, and there is an warning that says "Account Unregistered". In the extension programming, I don't have a max number of concurrent registrations set, but is there a default limit? Also, I noticed that it seems to order the identities in numerical order according to the extension numbers. The problem is that the extension number I setup for one of the companies is lower than all of the users' extension numbers, so it wants to make that the primary identity on all of the phones. Is there a way to specify which identity is the default identity, or do I need to renumber my extensions so the identity numbers end up in the order I'd like them to be?
  9. Muchas gracias, revisaremos esto! Lo curioso es que antes funcionaba, pero revisaremos.
  10. If there is a "green" icon next to the address and your PBX operates on a "routable" address, it should work with all browsers. Some browsers have special flags that allow exceptions, for example to allow WebRTC on insecure connections like http. After uploading a X.509 certificate, many browsers still keep the old certificate in the cache. In such cases "F5" is often not enough to refresh the cache. If the iOS also rejects the certificate, well then there must be something wrong with the import or the name of the certificate. The internet is full of forum questions around certificates (not only on the Vodia PBX)... The easiest is to use a lets encrypt certificate where this is all done automatically for you.
  11. Hi Guys, I also had this problem. I found that certificates had not been created for all my domains. Log into admin>general tab>system and then look for ACME Directory URL. This needs to be set to LETS ENCRYPT. This fixed my problem. :)
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    Web client - no voice

    hello!! it happens to me the same or worse, since I have SSL certificate and a dedicated domain for these tests. The call does not even work between 2 web clients. when I click to call another the UI simply does nothing. Already discard the browser and operating system. the truth is that the implementation of this pbx has been frustrating, which supposedly looks very simple. any ideas if this is known bug?
  13. Last week
  14. Hello, i've the same problem. No ring backtone & screen blocked at 00:00 . My setup is 65.0.10 (Debian64) .
  15. Hello, exactly, my control panel has an SSL certificate, so access is https. I have port 80 and 443 open. The process I do is to scan the user's QR with the Vodia application on the iPhone X, but the application cannot call any destination. I dial an internal user from the Home and then the screen is pasted, at 00:00, without delivering a ring backtone or any error.(attached image) I also cannot call between web clients.
  16. Hi, Are you logging into the PBX via https?0 If yes, are you scanning the QR code from the web / user portal on the iPhone? What error are you facing?
  17. Good afternoon I don't know if it will be a known problem, but it happens to me that I can't register the application on the platform. Any idea what can happen? Thank you very much!
  18. The Cyberdata do not have an HTTP link to access the camera
  19. Okay thanks. Please let us know once this feature is available to confirm the number before hangup the call.
  20. The PBX just calls the number that was visible. That is okay in most cases. But I agree, we should confirm the number to avoid accidental call backs. The other thing that we are working on is a virtual hold, where the caller gets called back at a time when the caller would be waiting in line.
  21. Hi, I'm using Vodia 63.0.5 and I'm using agent group call back feature. I've set key 2 for the call back and attached are my settings. As soon someone press 2 for the call back system hang up the call and I see the caller number in outbound calling. But I want to make sure this is the way how it should work? Because as someone press 2 before hangup system should speak the caller number and give him option if he want to change his number and keep the same number. Please advise
  22. I totally agree. Unfortunately with this model you don't have a choice, they come loaded with on of their 10.X.X firmware versions which breaks this function. Testing each release, currently 8 or 9, is, at least for me, total waste of time since you have no idea what else might be broken. So who ever is watching be careful when upgrading these phones. Dusan
  23. It is not a simple topic. Generally speaking, "never change a running system". This applies especially for older models where is it sometimes better to leave them running with their version, even if there are know bugs instead of taking the risk of upgrading them with new problems. Apart from that, it makes sense to use the latest official releases. If you feel you need to use a different version, I would try those versions. You can do this specifically for one extension, just change the firmware link in the parameter section for the extension (in the provisioning tab).
  24. I'm playing with the idea of text messaging on Vodia. If i were to request a small change, is to put the a notification of new messages somewhere on the dashboard. The reason being, is that if you miss the Windows notification, you can easily overlook the new messages. Something even like this will make it so much user friendlier!
  25. I have just been through this with with a 2N door phone , T58a's and Vodia. On the yealinks, setup the Door Phone under Features Choose the Baudisch as the type and put in the URL for the camera feed.
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