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  2. Download link: http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-63.1.xml
  3. If i go to vodia maintenance+software update, the most recent at the top of the list, is this one: 63.0 https://doc.vodia.com/releasenotes630 7/12/2019 Hope this helps
  4. Where can i find the latest version releases? I been looking in: https://doc.vodia.com/releasenotes630
  5. Hi I have: Software version 63.0.5 (Win64) Build date Aug 23 2019 20:16:51
  6. Which version of the PBX are you on? Because on the latest version (63.1) we've made the PBX lot smarter about this.
  7. Hi every single month when my customer IP changes, i need to manually add it to the firewall to be able to manage the registration of the device. Does this make sense for you? (I know the PBX of the clients (Grandstream) is behind a NAT) Blocked (SIP/UDP) REGISTER 4300@sss.server.net 146 sec Enabled (SIP/UDP) REGISTER 4300@sss.server.net 18 sec I have set the maximun counts/numbers in settings under access in vodia, but nothing changes, vodia keeps blocking the registration, until i add the whitelist. I also suspect a bad password, but, is mostly unliked it. But i will check, soon i have access to customers PBX Meanwhile i posted it. Thank You
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  9. Does the bot speak SIP? In that case it might just be a matter of using the SIP protocol to redirect the call to the right destination.
  10. Hello colleges, We develop bot for customer calling. This bot will be call to clients, react all answering machine messages and redirect to internal number when client will pick up the phone. 1. Can we integrate working of this bot to you software? Where can we find detailed information about that?
  11. Awesome ! will it require a PBX update or is it all ZoHo side with being published.
  12. Earlier
  13. When you import certificates make sure they are base64-encoded https://doc.vodia.com/admin_certs also note that the PBX can generate certificates using letsencrypt.
  14. Hi, Apologies for the late reply. It is Vodia's web-server that we've developed.
  15. I believe this is a valid question. With a new install of Debian and a new install of Vodia PBX, it seems your script installs a webserver. Is it Apache? Is it Nginx? A reply would be nice.
  16. I'm guessing that Vodia uses Apache? I need to generate a CSR and need to know which webserver is the default install on Debian 9 with Vodia PBX?
  17. For class rooms you can link the DND to the class hours.
  18. If you've done the above, then your path should be: /usr/local/pbx/generated/<domain_name>
  19. No we normally have buttons setup with nice easy to remember names for login / log out functions or agents are just permanently logged into groups. So they have no need or want to remember a number code. Using the group name would be far more intuitive option for a user like how hunt groups and agent groups work when they dial up the phone. Maybe the settings controls for this could be embedded into the 'Outbound Calling' tab of the agent group setup. To allow for customisation of the call back name.
  20. hi, Unfortunately I do not find the exact path, can not you please try you and give me the exact path? tnx damiano
  21. AFAIK this is currently under review and should be approved shortly.
  22. There was a bug in some older versions in that area - what version are we talking about here? The caller-ID is indeed a nuisance, we also have to look into this generally with the click to dial.
  23. Should be in the latest 63.1.4 build.
  24. Its all in pbxwebai by default - try ...../pbx/pbxwebai/ or maybe ...../pbx/pbxwebai/pnp (not sure), for example /pbx/pbxwebai/yealink_common.txt. You need to make sure that the PBX actually reads from the file system in the system settings (reg_ports.htm - Read content for global and domain files).
  25. We can look into that further. Would the Agents not remember from the AG number being dialed, which agent that call back belongs to? Having the name feature does help make it clearer, but AG number should be fine too no?
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