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  2. hi, even though I set "Send the midnight email about the CPU usage of the last day" = Don't send notification. at midnight the notification takes place the same, currently using Vodia 65.0 on Rapberry, the problem also occurred on 64.0.3 Is this a bug or am I wrong? How can I fix it? thanks Damiano
  3. Hi, Cannot find this in the gui : The extension will appear in the list. Click on it to enter for settings. Under the “General” tab, change the setting “Administrative Usage Restriction” to “Teams”, and save. BR's.
  4. Yes, so it's important that Webpass is as complicated as you can set it to.
  5. Apparently the web password is now as important as the SIP password. Right? I mean that a hacker with a domain a user name and a web password can make any external calls the user is allowed to make.
  6. Thank you for the update. Yes, please enter the password again in the email section and that should be out of your way.
  7. Hi all I ran update again as suggested so now Software version 65.0.1 (CentOS64) Build date Mar 31 2020 15:46:25 However IOS on iPhone using the vodia Phone app is still the same Incoming calls can answer and voice ok both directions If make outbound call no voice in either direction Other devices Android and Win10 webrtc are OK As a side issue it took out password on email setup so emails stopped Regards Mal
  8. Please upgrade again to 65.0. It'll rewrite itself. And then try again.
  9. Software version 65.0 (CentOS64) Build date Mar 18 2020 20:07:01
  10. Ring back is for when you call someone and is provided by their trunk and / or their PBX. They want to make you hear that, so they should be the one's changing it.
  11. Hi, I'm using Vodia 60.0.3 version. How Can I change the ring back tone for a domain when calling out. For example I've extension extension 200 and when I call out it play a ring back tone to me. Can it be changed? I know there is an option to change ring back source in Hunt Group or Domain setting but that works when people call in to that domain so caller hear that ring back. But I need it when calling out? Does it make sense? Thank You
  12. Go to the extension > general tab > "Dial plan:" and select it from there.
  13. Hi, Using 65.0 (Win64) Mar 18 2020 20:33:12 Latest (stable) I presume? Thank you.
  14. What PBX version and build date are you trying the iOS app on?
  15. But if if I create a new dial plan, how can it be assigned as new default to new extensions? New extensions seem to always get the (inexistent) 'Domain Default' dial plan assigned which has to be manually changed.
  16. Hi all Many thanks for feedback I have done some further investigation with multiple users from various remote sites Android devices - NO issue so far Widow machine using Google Chrome web-rtc No issue so far IOS Ipad using Vodia Phone APP Can accept incoming calls however don't release properly - have to reset phone Outbound calls connect but no voice either direction IOS iPhone using Vodia Phone APP Can accept incoming calls however don't release properly - have to reset phone Outbound calls connect but no voice either direction Regards Mal
  17. Update 2: If TLS transport used, Bria doesn't ring on incoming calls. Regards,
  18. Hi, I dont know if an error happened. The system is running.. I just saw this msg and dont know what is related to.
  19. If you delete a dial plan it unfortunately, won't be restored at any point. This is just the default name that we have, so you will have to change the name of your new one. The domain default is always going to be assigned by default if there are no other dial plans created.
  20. Is this a cause of some error on your PBX? If so, what is the issue?
  21. By mistake, the 'Domain Default' dial plan was deleted. It remains however referenced to e.g. when creating a new extension. Creating a new dial plan bearing this same name does not resolve the issue as when creating a new extension, the (deleted/inexistent) 'Domain Default' remains the one assigned by default and the newly created one w/ identical name is listed as another selectable option ! Deleting the telephony domain and recreating a new one does not correct the situation: no 'Domain Default' dial plan, but it still remains referenced when creating an extension. Is there any way to restore this 'Domain Default' ? It would even be better if an option existed to change/set any existing dial plan to assign by default to future new extensions.
  22. Hi ! Today i found this msg in the Administrator system level logs: any ideas? [0] 0:01:02.964 Could not append PDU because no connection reference availableⓘ
  23. There is no need to import the lets encrypt certificate - the PBX does it all by itself. Just enable it, make sure the domain name is resolvable through DNS and that port 80 is visible for the lets encrypt bot - then the rest is all handled automatically.
  24. Hi, Update: changing the SIP transport in Bria from automatic to TLS solves the problem. Automatic was defaulting to UDP. Tried manual UDP and TCP but no luck. Doesn't get that proper peer IP. Ports are opened fine on the firewall. Haven't tried yet the "Outbound proxy pattern" yet. Will try once the Covid-19 craziness settles down. Regards
  25. Hi, If the certificate is going to expire, automatic renewal is also included right now. Not sure if you're referring to something else?
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