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  2. I have the feeling that Google uses a different server setup in Europe than they do in the USA. You can easily check what they send by using the browser to https://speech.googleapis.com and then inspect the certificate (ignore the 404 not found):
  3. We support easybell for some time. What they are saying is they are contacting whatever was provided in the contact header for a single line account (which makes a lot of sense) and the E164 format if there are multiple numbers. It would make sense to use the E164 format all the time, including in the Contact header. You can set the contact header explicitly for the trunk to the E164-formatted number—would that solve the problem in all cases (and set the number interpretation for the trunk to E164)? If yes we could change the template for easybell and make this the default for easybell. The al
  4. Last week
  5. Nope no success. We are on Version 66.0.7 and the "TLS max version" was already set to "highest availaible version". I also tried to set it manually to "TLS 1.2" and back again to "highest availaible version". No change, same Error "Certificate for speech.googleapis.com could not be verified".
  6. The provider is called easybell. You already have a template for that, but maybe they have changed the way they format numbers. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://www.easybell.de/hilfe/fragen/fragen-zum-telefonanschluss/antwort/rufnummernformat-bei-eingehenden-anrufen.html They even have some if else: 1. If it is only a single number or the root number of a trunk it is international format 0049xxxxx 2. If it is an extension number of the trunk it is E.164 (49xxxxx) So maybe you can script it that both options would work.
  7. Under /reg_security.htm , for the "TLS max version" setting, can you try to set it to the highest version available and try this again on 66.0.7?
  8. On the latest 66.0.7 version, we have a ringtone capability added. Please take backup of your current system before upgrading.
  9. Yes there are some providers that can't keep the same format even in a single packet. In order to handle this we need to add that provider to the drop down list with a script code that digs out the relevant information. What provider is this?
  10. It's a good idea but will take time to implement it, if you have a quick fix that can be shared with everyone.
  11. To reproduce I do the following: Open PBX URL in chrome Log in with end user extension go to recordings tab try to search or scroll through recordings. Which email should i send the login to?
  12. Our SIP Provider does really strange things on inbound trunk calls: From: <sip:035xxxxxx@sip.xxxx.de> To: <sip:4935xxxxxx@sip.xxxx.de> They format the FROM with a leading 0 and the TO with E164 format. So when I change the Rewrite global numbers setting either the FROM number or the TO number is formatted correctly but the other one is always wrong. So I really would like to see the possibility to also manipulate inbound trunk IDs... Is there any chance to achieve this with the current version 66.0.6?
  13. Sorry I hadn't had a chance to post an update, but I also updated my PBX version to 66.0.6 as recommended, and it's still not working.
  14. Hi, we have the same issue. Complete new installation on Ubuntu Server 20.04. We are comming form version 66.0.6 and I also tried with version 66.0.7. Same error: On google cloud console we only see a cryptic "compute" error when the vodia tries to access the API. With level 9 we get this log: [7] 21:05:50.673 https:speech.googleapis.com:443: DNS A returnedⓘ [7] 21:05:50.673 https:speech.googleapis.com:443: Connect toⓘ [9] 21:05:50.677 https:speech.googleapis.com:443: Send request (158710 bytes)ⓘ POST https://speech.googleapis.com/v1/speech:recogni
  15. This wasn't a problem for us on 66.0.6. How are you trying to enter the user portal? Please let us know your step by step guide. You can use dummy names here, but let us know exact details. You can also email us your test account details and we can test it on your system.
  16. That's great. Looking forward to the download links.
  17. Versioning has been fixed with the latest 3.5.3 version. We added a new mechanism that provides better App compatibility with the PBX by loading the version of the user interface that comes with PBX itself. That means, in order to get the latest features and potential bugs fixes a simple PBX update should suffice. This also means your customers don't have to update the app every time we release an update and makes troubleshooting easier. Linux and macOS links will be added soon.
  18. The easy way to see what app version you are running, is to right click on the installed app and it'd tell what the actual version is. As of today the latest version is 3.5.3. Starting version 3.5.0 app does an automatic match of interface with the PBX to provide better compatibility. Which means if you are running a PBX before the park orbit bug was fixed, you'd have to update the PBX to get the latest interface and functionalities. Hope that helps
  19. I'm on version 66.0.6 on debian, but when users log in they have the following errors in debug console, and are unable to use the arrows to scroll through recordings or use the search bar.
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  23. ... or just wait a little until the next version is out where we have some easier way of uploading the ringtones.
  24. Is the PBX on public IP or in the LAN? In any case I would get a PCAP https://doc.vodia.com/pcap and see what ports are advertised by the PBX and in what direction the RTP/STUN/DTLS packets are sent.
  25. Good morning, Try to set the IP Routing List as well. https://doc.vodia.com/admin_sip_and_audio We had one way audio from the internet but working fine internal. Hope it helps!
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    Oneway Voice on IOS APP

    Hi Thanks for the response. In the internal network (LAN) every think works great, that includes WiFi. I will try all the ports again. But from the TCP Dump on the router I do not see any SIP (5060/5061) and RTP traffic coming from the IOS APP or from the PBX.
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