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  2. Now that 68 is out of the door its time to look into the topic. The new GDMS is much better structured. Our worry is that we need a co-existance—rumor has it that older devices are not going to work with the new platform, is that true?
  3. Monday morning would be 0:00/mon.
  4. The browser is easier to control the app. At least we are able to clear the cache and make sure that everything is up to date. We are changing that in the Windows app as well, but its not so straightforward. The email that the PBX sends out should be the confirmation on what as been sent. Are you saying what the FAX receiver has is different from what's in the confirmation email?
  5. Trying to understand what the problem is... So when a call comes in on the iPhone, I'll kill the app? That did work as it IMHO should on the iPhone, though the caller still hears ringback but it will eventually then go to voicemail?
  6. ringing on any browser or desktop app is not working. Windows app: ringer path fixed
  7. IOS 14.8 still the same, something in the IOS update has caused some sort of breakdown. Can this be resolved? ..... or even acknowledged as an issue?
  8. I can send a fax from the browser, but not the desktop app. However, the pdf I get in the fax send email cannot be opened - says no pages.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Turns out it did not make it into the build... Please try one more time.
  11. It has been answered in the ticket you opened with us. Thanks.
  12. What does the admin level logs for "trunk" say ? Look for the word "using" that says which ANI it's using to go out. And modify Regular ANI as such by adding "from:orig-ani cell:orig-ani" instead to it? Here are the various list that we have to try from: https://doc.vodia.com/docs/trunk-ani
  13. I was just able to check on this and yes, I have set the regular ANI rule field on the outgoing trunk to "from:orig-ani", and in the custom headers set "from" to "based on incoming call". I've been able to get this working on an IoP before, but never on my hosted PBX for some reason. Is there anything else you can suggest?
  14. We are already on 68.0.1 and still not able to select ringtone for windows app and user portal
  15. That should be resolved in the next build (68.0.1).
  16. I am having a lot of problems with v68.0.1 , I can’t log off in the browser or desktop app. It won’t play ringing, I can’t use *94 to turn off recording, no extensions or park bays show, they did in 68.0 but I can’t load that version anymore?
  17. There was actually a glitch with the permission check for the logo which was too restrictive. This should be working now in 68.0.1. The new Windows app should be puling pretty much all content from the PBX, as if it would be a browser. The problem is that the cache cannot be refreshed like in the browser, and this seems to cause problems.
  18. The ringer selection should now be fixed. Also there was on the same form a glitch that the default IVR language had the wrong text (actually no text). We'll roll it out in the next few days with a 68.0.x build.
  19. We have started with the next version of the front end that takes such things to the next level. For now, the solution is to call the service flag. We'll see if there is something simple that we can include in a 68.0.2 build or so to have better control over the service flags.
  20. Thanks Anton. Do you have the MSI file as well please?
  21. Morning all. Can you post the link to the most recent build of the MSI please?
  22. Last week
  23. is this a difficult thing to implement? Night switching would seem to be a standard PBX function, it would be nice to be able to manage it remotely. I can turn it on and off, but cant see the current state.
  24. I can get a Zoho popup if I dial out from the vodia app or browser. I cant manage the call from Zoho and cant dial out from it. When I dial in, the Vodia rings, but nothing from Zoho. I have emailed our local distributor but not yet raised a ticket. I will do so now. # ticket created - Ticket# 486721
  25. Do you have a ticket open with us regarding this? Did you try this via user portal instead of the windows app? Does that work?
  26. vodia is now in the list, I am getting the same as above. Green tick, no in or out with Zoho. In Wireshark I can see a DNS request for phonebridge.zoho.com and getting the right IP back. There then looks to be a flow of traffic TCP and TLS v1.3 to/from the IP and my PC. But nothing when I call in or try to dial out. The config steps seem pretty simple, not a lot to do. What part is missing?
  27. In the iOS app you can click on the record, then there is a "mark as read" entry. For the other apps, we'll add a drop down item that does the same.
  28. Is there any simple way to clear the 'calls' red badge notification in the Vodia app? Some people cannot stand the sight of these notifications and there appears to be no way to actually clear them.
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