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  3. Has anyone worked with Dealersocket integrations by chance? They have an api for integration vodia <> dealersocket I am hoping to uncover. Thanks in advance. -Adam
  4. The list numbers will be populated here. Delete the numbers and that's it.
  5. How do I delete the callback list? with *55xxxx you make the call, but if I want to delete the list how do I do it? If you set it up (perhaps by mistake), it suggests that you continuously call the list endlessly. There will also be a way to delete the list, I hope.
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  7. found and done, the only thing that doesn't release if I release I have also seen that what interests me is obtained with *54, how do I from the outside to make it respond to me *54?
  8. I'll explain myself better: is used to allow an employee of a company to use the lines of the Company. - a user is out of the company, call the number 02345678 (example) Vodia answers and calls the user out of the company. At that point, the out-of-company user can call externally using the Company's lines. Can this be done?
  9. rtl

    Dial Plan Comments

    Ah...yes that would work. Thanks
  10. Not sure if this will work for you, but you can always try something like this:
  11. I'm trialling Vodia and one feature I'd like to see is a comment field for each dial plan entry. Makes life easier for me and for those that follow to quickly see what the entry is for
  12. Hi, We suppose you're referring to "call back " feature which you can find only on the Agent Group setting on the PBX as described here: https://doc.vodia.com/agentgroups (Please ctrl + F for "call back". The word has space in it.)
  13. so I've tried now, even setting the extension to english no audio file proposed in the dropdown "Audio file" is read even if set. I also tried to add an audio file but in the drop-down menu it is not proposed. At this point either I'm wrong or the "Audio file" section is useless.
  14. Okay, then I'll do some tests, I find it strange that in the drop-down menu are now proposed audio files "non-existent".
  15. The availability of the files might depend on the language that you have installed. You can see in the audio_xx directory what files are available, including those for the auto attendant.
  16. There was a problem with the "compiling" of the JavaScript, should be okay now.
  17. hi, I need a "Direct destinations" info on auto attendant, direct selection example 5 -> 345678987 works and works correctly. The setting next to it called "Audio file" doesn't work for me, however, whatever drop-down item I choose. Where am I wrong?
  18. hi, I wondered if it would be possible to activate the recall function in this scenario: - external number on vody 02444444 - the customer calls from the outside to 024444444 - the call is handled by a DISA/IVR (these are just examples) and the caller is invited to type in the external number -> for example 02555555 - the caller at that point is calling the number 02555555 using the trunk of Vodia 02444444 n.b.: obviously, for security reasons, everything must be authorised by means of a password or by recognising the caller. I hope I've made myself understood, can I do it and how? I'm afraid I can't find anything on -> https://doc.vodia.com
  19. my only intention was to bring you up to speed, believing that I was doing the right thing :)
  20. Thanks - 63.1 is our development build we'll take a look.
  21. Nothing is wrong with you, please just downgrade to 63.0.2 (http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-63.0.2.xml) version and it should be working again. These are intermediate builds and are always in work-in-progress condition. But we remember we had asked you to upgrade your IOP as we were testing that for some other reason.
  22. using android apps and logging in with user/web pwsd before you could see it from the phone as in the attached photo, now with version 63.1 has become unusable from mobile phone view as you would see from pc then unsightly, Is something wrong with me?
  23. hi, I wanted to report what should be a bug, on version 63.0.1 the page "Currently Active Calls" works properly, on version 63.1 instead in case of ongoing conversations does not display anything
  24. That is kind of hard to believe - do you have Google home in Italy? Maybe the "it-IT" it not correct?!
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  26. I confirm...changing the Vodia System language from italian to english, everything is working. So it would be necessary to add some option for speech-to-text mode (phone_call, default, video) in case of different language (is it possible to change it somewhere in the linux filesystem text configs?
  27. The problems seems to be in the "phone_model" supporting only en-EN language" for other language we've to use the default model (or video model) https://cloud.google.com/speech-to-text/docs/phone-model
  28. Hello, I'm trying to test speech-to-text google api but I got an error: 15:33:44.125 WEBC: https:speech.googleapis.com:443: Return content (189 bytes) { "error": { "code": 400, "message": "Invalid recognition 'config': The phone_call model is currently not supported for language : it-IT.", "status": "INVALID_ARGUMENT" } }
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