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  2. That is kind of hard to believe - do you have Google home in Italy? Maybe the "it-IT" it not correct?!
  3. I confirm...changing the Vodia System language from italian to english, everything is working. So it would be necessary to add some option for speech-to-text mode (phone_call, default, video) in case of different language (is it possible to change it somewhere in the linux filesystem text configs?
  4. The problems seems to be in the "phone_model" supporting only en-EN language" for other language we've to use the default model (or video model) https://cloud.google.com/speech-to-text/docs/phone-model
  5. Hello, I'm trying to test speech-to-text google api but I got an error: 15:33:44.125 WEBC: https:speech.googleapis.com:443: Return content (189 bytes) { "error": { "code": 400, "message": "Invalid recognition 'config': The phone_call model is currently not supported for language : it-IT.", "status": "INVALID_ARGUMENT" } }
  6. Just send your distributor or sales@vodia.com an email...
  7. You could try {get first_name} and {get display_name} (which is the last name).
  8. Last week
  9. Can you take a look at the packet captures zipped and attached to the earlier message? ( )
  10. Ok, how to I get a hosted demo key? From my account on Purchase License I don't any option for "hosted" license. I attached a pic
  11. Well I think it makes sense to take a look at the SIP packets, maybe there is something weird going on there...
  12. It does not depend on the OS, it depends on the license. You can also use it on Raspberry Pi or Vodia IO if you like. Just get a hosted Demo key to try it out.
  13. Yeah, I had that page in the old version, but in the last version I installed, not. Maybe it's like you say, it's visible only on "cloud" version. So, if I install the linux debian (raspberry) version on some ip public linux server, is that still disabled? Or the only way to have that option is to have the Vodia Hosted version?
  14. You should see that - however this is available only for the hosted editions (on CPE is makes only limited sense):
  15. Hello, according to this doc https://doc.vodia.com/pnp_snom I should find the SNOM Redirection Server setting on Admin->Phone->Setting but I dont' see any parameter like that (I've the last version 63.0.1 Vodia mini PBX Debian (RPI3+)). Where I'm doing wrong?
  16. Initiate call back after hangup is "No" for the called extension in the tests and the calls are not made from a cellphone or POTS-phone, but from a registered extension.
  17. We also have a third party login option: https://doc.vodia.com/third_party
  18. WebSocket will not work for my case, I cannot work with it due to cross-origin protection.
  19. Are you looking for this? https://doc.vodia.com/websocket Hope this helps.
  20. Hello, I know since v61 there was added an API to retrieve an active list of domain calls, is there something for the versions below? The api I'm referring to is described in this topic, https://portal.vodia.com/pbxapi/calls_api The release note https://doc.vodia.com/releasenotes610 section API. Thanks in advance!
  21. That puts the First + Last. Isn't there a way to separate them?
  22. We suppose what we have currently is "{display-name}". Does that help?
  23. When using paramenters to provission, there seems to be {account}: The account name of the current user. But what if you just want the first name or last name? Are there any parameters for those?
  24. Well there is a feature for calling back users in dom_ext2.htm - maybe this one is "Yes"? This one is supposed to be used for private cell phone users that don't want to pay for company calls from their cell phones...
  25. I assume it's the mailbox, since there is no agent group configured, but mailbox doesn't explicitly offer callback as an option, and "offer camp on" is disabled. The sequence of events from the point of view of the caller seems to be like this: 1) caller places a call to the extension 2) Ring tones are generated . 3) "Something" (probably voicemail) at the PBX picks up and it immediately (before even playing a greeting) for unknown reasons adds the caller to the callback list. 4) The caller hangs up. From the callee's point of view, the phone rings, but when picking up, it's the PBX offering various options. Not sure what it is. (See the file rec_115_13.wav in the attached ZIP. I'm also attaching PCAP files captured on the PBX.) When this happens there is always two calls registered in the log, starting at the same time. A big question is if the callback list option can somehow be triggered before the mailbox has kicked in . It almost appears to be the case, because the mailbox really shouldn't have come into play here. (The callee account had a live registration generated by Counterpath, and the callee picked up well before the call should have landed in voicemail.) weird call with stretto.zip
  26. Hi, Community Here's some useful information on how use Zoiper with VodiaPBX https://blog.vodia.com/zoiper_qr_code
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