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  2. Can you also check if the phone left any "traces" (log level 9 for provisioning and maybe even the web server) after a reboot? And is there anything useful in the log of the phone right after the reboot? E.g. would the phone trust the PBX web server certificate?
  3. Hi Thanks for the reply. The PBX address is our FQDN for our Vodia server. I will change it to the IP and see how it goes.
  4. Your provisioning server address should be PBX's address (and that too only if it's PBX IP address and not it's domain name). Have you entered Yealink's RPS server's address on the PBX in that field?
  5. Hi, I am trying to setup our Vodia 65.0.8 (CentOS64) to connect to the Yealink RPS I have setup an account with Yealink and have the server details In Vodia, I have put in the following details: The username and password I used was under the API AccessKey ID and AccessKey Secret in , however it does not seem to connect to the Yealink RPS. I have searched the forums for details, but can only find SNOM details. Can you please help ?
  6. Some phones have a built-in PCAP recording feature. This can help a lot troubleshooting multicast problems.
  7. Appreciate the assistance, I have multicast on, but I think the Reprovision is needed, not a resync, which I have been doing
  8. That depends on the headset. You can also pick it up from the App itself.
  9. I am testing the windows app and i must say it works well. i am utilizing a bluetooth app connected to the onboard bluetooth in my laptop to make and take calls. While the headset does ring, I cannot answer the call with the headset. Is there a way to make the answer button on the headset pick up the call?
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  11. Any news on this? I installed the latest Windows app, and also the latest release but still doesn't show up.
  12. Hi, Please upgrade the PBX to 65.0 and try this again.
  13. Hi We have a vodia software 63.0.6 running and we need to synchonise (contacts mainly) of our Exchange 2016 Server : the Activ Synch parameters are set on user account 101 Activ Syncj is well enalbed on the email acocount we use: somet someting is not going well; hereafter the log we got can you see a reason og the unsucces active synch attempt ? By the way, there is a lack of documentation: is there is a limit on the numbers of contacts synchonised on VODIA ? It s not clear for us (there is a lack of documentation ..) 04/08/2020 {"list":[{"name":"activesync","value":"Synchroniser"}]} [5] 7:41:59.077 WEBC: Activesync: Start syncing. [7] 7:41:59.082 WEBC: https:localhost:443: DNS A returned [7] 7:41:59.082 WEBC: https:localhost:443: Connect to [9] 7:41:59.082 WEBC: https:localhost:443: Send request (307 bytes) POST /owa/auth/logon.aspx/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync?Cmd=FolderSync&User=JC.Maire&DeviceId=v140Device&DeviceType=SmartPhone HTTP/1.1 Host: localhost Authorization: Basic SkMuTWFpcmVARGVDbGUuRnI6 MS-ASProtocolVersion: 14.0 Content-Type: application/vnd.ms-sync.wbxml Content-Length: 13 [9] 7:41:59.082 WEBC: Initialize TLS connection [9] 7:41:59.083 TLS: HTTP send_client_hello(03035F28..00020017) [9] 7:41:59.087 TLS: HTTP process_server_hello(03035F28..E0C02700) [9] 7:41:59.087 TLS: HTTP [150b0000] process_certificate(000C3100..DE4E31EA) [9] 7:41:59.087 TLS: Received chain with 2 certificates ..... [9] 7:41:59.137 WEBS: Request /rest/domain/pbx.decle.fr/account/101/list/list_confs [9] 7:41:59.137 WEBS: REST: GET /rest/domain/pbx.decle.fr/account/101/list/list_confs [9] 7:41:59.138 WEBS: Request /rest/domain/pbx.decle.fr/account/101/list/list_adrbook,false,1000 [9] 7:41:59.138 WEBS: REST: GET /rest/domain/pbx.decle.fr/account/101/list/list_adrbook,false,1000 [9] 7:41:59.144 WEBS: Request /rest/domain/pbx.decle.fr/recs [9] 7:41:59.144 WEBS: REST: GET /rest/domain/pbx.decle.fr/recs [9] 7:41:59.175 WEBS: Request /rest/domain/pbx.decle.fr/account/101/list/list_adrbook,true,1000 [9] 7:41:59.175 WEBS: REST: GET /rest/domain/pbx.decle.fr/account/101/list/list_adrbook,true,1000 [9] 7:41:59.184 WEBS: Request /rest/domain/pbx.decle.fr/recs/?page=1&size=50 [9] 7:41:59.185 WEBS: REST: GET /rest/domain/pbx.decle.fr/recs/?page=1&size=50 [9] 7:41:59.205 WEBS: Request /rest/domain/pbx.decle.fr/account/101/list/list_actsync,1000 [9] 7:41:59.205 WEBS: REST: GET /rest/domain/pbx.decle.fr/account/101/list/list_actsync,1000 [9] 7:41:59.336 WEBC: Received 6790 bytes HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error Cache-Control: private Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Server: Microsoft-IIS/10.0 X-AspNet-Version: 4.0.30319 X-Powered-By: ASP.NET Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2020 05:41:58 GMT Content-Length: 6549 [5] 7:41:59.346 WEBC: Activesync: Syncing failed 1. Error code = 500
  14. Sorry, just realized I never came back to this topic. After the server update to 65.0.10, the app works great. Thank you for your help!
  15. If all handsets support multicast paging, I would also consider using the multicast mode. Otherwise the PBX needs to call up each extension and put them into intercom mode (this is called unicast mode).
  16. There is a password policy for the server. This determined if a password is considered to be "secure" or not. Especially when running the PBX on a public IP, it is important to make sure that the users have reasonable safe passwords for their accounts.
  17. Support

    Attendant Transfer

    We're working on it currently. Will update this thread ASAP.
  18. 1. Can you change the source from "2*" to just "*" ? 2. Why are you dialing 800# ? Is dialing just 800 not working? 3. Have you provisioned the phones AFTER you made all the multicast setting on the PBX? If not, can you please make the above changes and provision few of the phone to try out again? 4. Also, if PBX and phones are on the same LAN, you can even turn on the LAN prov.
  19. II have a home install of Vodia 65.0 Win2019 Server. There are 16 phone handsets on the network. I want to be able to page all handsets for any of the handsets. I thought this would be easy, but it appears I have missed something. all extension permissions are the same This is what I see when I test the call. It appears it is not hanging up the call after the page as well. When you dial 800# you hear the paging tone, but there is no audio, then the exist tone when you hang up. I have tried multi and unioast and both play the paging tone, but no voice. All the handsets are Yealink T58's with recent firmware Please help.
  20. Okay! What i did, was, To change the password in both: external remote extension and vodia general SIP & WEB passwords. The Flag went away. Thanks
  21. Thank you, The HTTP password ? i still dont understand, all the other extensions (remotely) are configured and connected the same way as this one in particular, the only difference is that this one is using another provider with a multi-ISP rounter ( MicroTik ) and seems to be happening with this only ISP from there. I checked and compared every section of the extension configuration with the others and all are configured identically, except for various items, like: extension number, SIP Password, and Lines, all the rest are identically. All the extensions are coming remotely, some as PBX extensions, but dont have this situation. Also, Can you please address me to where exactly i can locate this: "That means that the HTTP password is not secure." so it might help me a little further? Thank You
  22. That means that the HTTP password is not secure.
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    Attendant Transfer

    How do you do an attendant transfer using the web app or windows app ?
  24. Hi! long time There is again, a /\ Triangle and then an HTTP and the issues with the far en customer. What is the meaning or the cause of the /!\ HTTP to appears? But only when a specific provider is use. This not happening with all the other providers. Hope this helsp! Thank You
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    Hi, Have you given all the permissions to your windows client? Please re-check them.
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    good day I have a yealink phone and have installed the client for windows 64bit ver 10 .When logged into my laptop the incoming call only rings at the handset. but not in the windows client. So I cannot answer the incoming call.at my workstation. |What am i doing wrong Christopher bell
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