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  2. I think im not been clear, sorry. The problem is not at the phones, instead, at the Calls Log at VODIA-PBX, which is reporting the calls with one hour ahead of time, with the proper time set or selected. Im using VODIA as SSwitch.. no phones are registered to it. example: 7/16/2019 1:15:07 PM <sip:+18891335878@localhost> <sip:00241315083233@localhost> 02:04 farendpbx 1:16:45 PM "CallerCallerCaller" <sip:+1xxxxxxxxxx@localhost> "Customer" <sip:+1xxxxxxxxxx@localhost> 00:07 ITSP 1:14:56 PM "CallerCallerCaller" <sip:+1xxxxxxxxxx@localhost> "Customer" <sip:+1xxxxxxxxxx@localhost> 01:00 ITSP 1:13:28 PM "CallerCallerCaller" <sip:+1xxxxxxxxxx@localhost> "Customer" <sip:+1xxxxxxxxxx@localhost> 01:21 ITSP 1:13:33 PM "CallerCallerCaller" <sip:+1xxxxxxxxxx@localhost> "Customer" <sip:+1xxxxxxxxxx@localhost> 00:48 ITSP 1:04:57 PM "CallerCallerCaller" <sip:+1xxxxxxxxxx@localhost> "Customer" <sip:+1xxxxxxxxxx@localhost> 07:54 ITSP 1:09:58 PM "CallerCallerCaller" <sip:+1xxxxxxxxxx@localhost> "Customer" <sip:+1xxxxxxxxxx@localhost> 00:21 ITSP 1:08:09 PM "CallerCallerCaller" <sip:+1xxxxxxxxxx@localhost> "Customer" <sip:+1xxxxxxxxxx@localhost> 00:53 ITSP 1:05:48 PM "CallerCallerCaller" <sip:0757@localhost> <sip:18773@localhost> ITSP 1:03:38 PM <sip:+18891335878@localhost> <sip:00341315083233@localhost> 02:04 farendpbx The time should be 12:nn:nn as calls been currently dialed, but registered wrongly. I will be setting back the time to Atlantic to retry testing. Thank You -M
  3. Zoiper is a third party app. We're not affiliated with it. You will have to contact Zoiper regarding this.
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  5. Does a Vodia licence upgrade the Zoiper app?
  6. I found the problem with the config, a SIP password was not being saved correctly when creating the extension. I pasted a SIP password for the extension, regenerated the QR email and the config now works...... So, how does the Zoiper licence get upgraded?
  7. So maybe your problem is not so much the PBX itself - it might be the VoIP phone. You can check if the PBX has the time right by leaving a dummy mailbox message and then listen to it - maybe pressing "4" to hear the time when it was received. If that time is correct, the PBX itself has the time correct. If the time on the VoIP phone is incorrect, then this might be a problem with the timezone for that specific vendor and model. Unfortunately there is absolutely no standard for the different VoIP phones and we are trying to keep up. If the the VoIP phone gets it wrong let us know what model and vendor you are using and we'll take a look if it can be corrected.
  8. Is this for the Zoiper app licence or for the config? - It is for the both. Does it not stay "not registered" after a while? The fact that you're seeing the information populated here means that everything got provisioned, but your phone is not registering with the PBX. Turn on the admin level logs for "SIP" > " register" to level 9 and see what logs you see when your hit "register" on the zoiper account on the phone. You will either find the error there or logs will be empty, meaning, the phone was never able to reach the server. which means it's your network issue.
  9. Yes, it was from the beginning with that setting... but i havent been able to achieve the correct time. It always one hour ahead.. Of coase this is only changing in it under domain and as global configuration. -M
  10. Every VoIP phone has to make a decision weather a configuration change requires a reboot. Most of them "whitelist" some settings that don't require it, and for everything else (keep in mind the are millions of settings LoL) it will be careful and perform a reboot cycle. I guess the name is not on that whitelist.
  11. Well - did you try "Atlantic Time Zone (No DST)" and did it solve the problem?
  12. Thanks for the question. Option 1: I will like to provide MOH from a livestream (icecast or shoutcast) .AAC or .MP3 audio-only, to be able to decode at a local port in VodiaPBX to then connect the port to it. Option 2: I will like to phone audio stream, like i used to do so using Freepbx audio with mpg123 decoder. -If this is possible. Thank You -M
  13. Whops looks like that went under - next version will have that fixed again.
  14. I do already have a hosted multi tenant licence.....
  15. Yes, you would need to have a hosted (multi-tenant) license for testing that out. You can always try to reach out to sales@vodia.com if you'd like to know more about how to get that license.
  16. What are you looking to do?
  17. Hi. Yes, that is correct. I also tried several others like eastern etc, but no luck so far.. Hope this helps. -M
  18. I think "Atlantic Time Zone (No DST)" should be your time zone. There is no daylight savings in Puerto Rico right?
  19. Hi, You must have had a license for it from before, has that license expired? Did you pay for a new license and not get it from us?
  20. The Youtube video states the Zoiper app is free with multi tenant licence. How does this work? Have downloaded the Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone app (Free). Is this the intended app? There is a paid version also.
  21. Hi, I have a multi tenant licence running on AWS. I have a created a new domain to test Zoiper configuration before trying with my customers. I have completed the following steps:- - Upgraded Server to version: 63.0.3 (Debian64) - Followed steps on this Vodia documentation: https://doc.vodia.com/zoiper and also followed steps in Youtube video. - I have created extension and received email with QR Code. I scan using the Zoiper app and the account stays in Registering state. Does not fail..... but does not succeed either. I checked the account settings from the QR code (See screenshot) and there are a few problems:- - Account name is Vodia. - The Host is localhost, not the domain or IP address of Vodia server. - Username is correct, password is blank. - Outbound proxy is - I don't know where this setting came from?? - Authentication user is blank.... How do I get the correct credentials to load into Zoiper app? Thanks,
  22. Hey Guys I really don't know a little bit about. i am totally new in this cloud based services and all, i am also very excited that how does it work.please do share your opinion thanks
  23. Hi! Where can i download this tool also? Thank You -M
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