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  2. Ok, this still a little vague...please remember as your status says "Advanced Member", i dont have all your knowledge. When you say "Multicast Paging Group" what do you exactly mean. i am just manually provisioning to get this to work. IThe choices, on a Grandstream, for example are, to add the multicast ip ( in the multicast paging section and give it a label of page. I go to the vpk section to add a button. I add the description of Page, and value of, and select Multicast Paging. I could also select Multicast Listen Address, but i dont believe that is what you are suggesting. It actually worked, with no pbx cdrs as you said, the only difference that the PA1 and the other phones play the message. THE BIGGEST ISSUE REMAINING IS THAT THE MESSAGE IS ALSO PLAYED FROM THE PHONE THAT YOU ARE CALLING FROM, HOW TO PREVENT THAT NUISANCE, AS THE PLAYBACK IS AWFUL
  3. If everything is in the LAN, all you have to do is to put the multicast paging group on the button of a phone and provision the PA1 and the phone. Then when you press the button it will be sent from the phone to the multicast group and make the PA1 play it back. The PBX will be unaware about it—no CDR and also no call recording.
  4. Hi, This is the latest Android app download URL is here Please keep checking this space if you have any issues with it. Appreciate your feedback.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. All the phones support multicast paging, there is only one PA1 and they are all on the same lan. Are you suggesting, creating a Unicast paging with the PA1 extension only in the group, and using the PA1 to multicast to all the phones that have the multicast ip setup. In this case, the pbx would effectively only unicast to the Snom PA1 and it in turn would multicast to the phones that have been setup?
  6. One important question is if this happens within the same LAN. If the answer is yes, then multicast can be a good option (unless call recordings is required). In that case, you can just provision the PA1 be part of the paging group and have the phones permission to page that group. Then the PBX will take care about provision everything to work peer to peer. If your desktop phone does not support sending multicast RTP or you want to use the feature e.g. from a PSTN or Microsoft Teams account, then the PBX can still generate multicast. This would require that the PBX and the PA1 are in the same LAN. If neither a phone that can generate the multicast RTP nor the PBX is in the LAN, then we are talking about sending the RTP over unicast SIP. This is easy if there is just one PA1. If there are many PA1, it becomes more and more difficult to have them all play back the page as the load on the system goes up, which is especially a burden if you are on hosted PBX with limited bandwidth into the LAN. In that case there is an option in the PA1 to relay the unicast RTP into multicast RTP. However the PBX does not support provisioning that kind if scenario and this would have to be set up manually.
  7. There isnt alot of information regarding this topic, so hopefully the response will be useful for others as well. Three options No pbx involvement with paging 1. I have gathered that you put the mulitcast ip address from the PA1 and copy it to the mulitcast settings on whatever brand of phone you choose ie ( so they will ring at the same time as when the shortcut key on the phone is selected with this value. Pbx involvement 2. Call the paging extension (unicast) and put the SNOM PA1 extension number in as one of the extensions to be dialled. It in turn broadcasts through the multicast ip to the other phones that are selected. 3. Call the extension number of the PA1 directly from any phone to start a page and the other phones will broadcast as above. Thanks
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  10. Yeah, those german texts are being looked into. Please go ahead and test other modules of the app as of now. German texts will be handled shortly.
  11. It seems that the app wouldn't accept certificate I added, a Letsencrypt cert. If I deleted that and wait for the pbx to generate one then it works. Having done that I can see that the text in Add contact, edit contact & Settings is in German. How can I get this text in English
  12. I am getting regularly reminder mails for updating software maintenance. 

    How can I delete licences? Some clients have closed their business.

    1. Support


      You can directly contact hh@vodia.com and they can cancel the licenses for you.

  13. Wir arbeiten an einer Lösung die auch mit der Deutschen Telekom (und sicher auch noch anderen Anbietern) sauber funktioniert. Das wird noch ein paar Tage dauern.
  14. Try to scan the QR code with something else (e.g. Lens). Does the content make sense, especially the address of the PBX? Would the cell phone be able to reach the address?
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  16. Trying to provision the Vodia Android app with the QR code. Start the app and I can see a button to scan QR. Press this and scan the QR Code in the welcome email. It takes me back to the proginal screen. I've tried the QR in the admin console...same result. What am I missing here
  17. Als ich dem Support meine PCAP Datei gesendet hatte, sollte ich auf die 65.0.4 ausprobieren, was zu keinen Erfolg gebracht hatte. Die neue PCAP Datei haben die auch bekommen, seit knapp zwei Wochen kommt keine Reaktion mehr. Ich kann noch immer keine Faxe ordentlich Empfangen, es bricht bei längeren Inhalt immer ab. Kann mir hier jemand helfen, oder dem Support einen Wink geben, dass der Fall noch offen ist? Mit der 65.0.4 hatte ich noch weitere Probleme, daher bin ich jetzt auf die 65.0.2 gegangen, dass Fax Problem ist natürlich damit nicht behoben.
  18. We don't have a ringtone setting on Auto-attendant for the obvious reasons. But you can also change the ringtone on the extension level.
  19. Ring Melody is helping me, but it's the same ringtone on the phone when call coming in via Hunt Group or from auto-attendant someone dial extension directly.
  20. So why is the "Ring melody" setting not helping you?
  21. Hi, I'm using vodia version 60.0.3. Can we set different ring tone for Hunt group and when people calling directly to extensions from auto-attendant. I know we can set "Ring Melody" in hunt group. But my client want when call came in via Hunt group it should be a different ringtone and when people directly dial extension from auto-attendant there should be a different ringtone. Client is using Yealink T46S phones. Please advise
  22. It is a stable release. if you face any issues with it, please let us know and we can provide an update to you regarding it. The document still needs to be written about this version as it was freshly created.
  23. Yeah, I also noticed that, I solved pointing to 65.0.7 version that seems working even if I don't know if is a stable or beta or other version, I didn't see documentation about this release.
  24. Works with the App, but I also don't have the Google Login Button in there.
  25. Can you check if you're facing the same issue on the Ubuntu App: http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/app/lin/VodiaPhone1.2.5.AppImage
  26. I didn't change any of the front end templates. 65.0.7 still shows the same problem. The "Signin with Google" button is shown very briefly and then turns to "Signed In..." and redirects to the user page. Logout throws me back into that loop. I did the video in incognito because that is the only way not to be logged in automatically. Could that be related to the fact that chrome itself is also signed in to the Google account?
  27. http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-65.0.xml currently (2020-05-20T08:50+00:00) points to the unannounced 65.0.6. The binary for Debian64 referenced in there is broken and prevents the PBX from starting.
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