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  2. Hi. I just wanted to clarify the Ringback tone functionality on an Agent group "Agent Group / Caller Setup / Audio / Ringback tone" When a single call is in the queue and an agent is available: Setting it to "Regular ringback" plays the ringback tone, but non of the periodic announcements (wav file 1, wav file 2, etc) - which understandably because caller one is not technically in the queue, it is in the ringback state. However when set to "no ringback tone" the single caller in the queue hears the music as well as the periodic announcements, but presumably this single caller is still in the same ringback state? My question now being...With the "Regular Ringback" setting, is there also a way for the single caller to hear the periodic messages as well while they are waiting for an agent to pick up the call the same as when "no ringback tone" is set? And also...is there a way for callers 2+ who are in the queue to hear a ringback tone instead of music? Thanks,
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  4. I would not random down or upgrades without knowing what is causing the issue. Downloading a domain should be pretty safe - except when there are so many records that you might run out of memory. Maybe you'll see the pattern and then once it is reproducible we can say what the problem is/was.
  5. Yes we are using the RPS server - The pbx crashed last night when I pressed the download domain button to copy a domain. So it isn't consistent, it is intermittent and has only happened a few times. So far as I can tell, it silently drops out and I lose the admin website and all phones lose registration. It won't start with just a "service pbx start" - I need to perform a "service pbx stop" first. I can only connect via SSH and will check with "top" when it happens again (although I don't want it to happen again during business hours) I also didn't have these problems before 63.05, i am not sure if that is co-incidence?? Should I downgrade to a previous version as a preventative measure??
  6. My thinking would be around using an auto attendant that can distribute incoming calls where we can control the redirection with a star code (aka winter storm redirection). But what is the use case here?
  7. Of course if it happens when a specific action is taking place that helps a lot with identifying the problem. Also the question is what exactly happens - for example does it just stop accepting new connections (which would hint at problems with the number of sockets), does it go berserk with the CPU, or does it just silently drop out. Are you using the RPS service?
  8. Hi Team, Did a search but could not see any discussion. I don't see any doco on the "Call redirection" setting under domain settings yet. I am wanting to know if there is a hidden star code not yet published where the user can dial it to set the forward destination for the whole domain like with the *80+hunt/agentgroup option.
  9. Hi Guys, Recently I have come across an issue with the pbx service stops and the only way to get it back up is issuing a "pbx service stop" then a "pbx service start" command. It seems to happen after a change has been made to the system. Most recently it occurred when moving phones via MAC id's. It has happened 3 times now and usually in the middle of the day ippbx version 63.0.5 Linux version - Ubuntu 18.04.3 Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance Christian
  10. IOP does not respect contact & connect headers in device's INVITE.

    remote phone is connected via site-to-site IPSec VPN. The SIP settings are set to:

    SIP replace

    IP route is set to

    The remote phone is and the contact & connect headers tell the IOP to use the private IP of the phone, but the IOP responds back and tells the remote phone to use the public IP of 71.78.XX.XX and not the private IP of The subnet mask used in the replace should encompass the 10.10.30.X range, but it seems to not.

    I have two VPNs set, with 3 different subnets seen at the IOP: local remote remote

    Running a 63.0.4 release.


    Do I need to have a separate entry for each VPN'ed LAN to use the local IP of the IOP?

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  12. Oh what did you put into the field? Maybe there was something the backend did not understand which would explain why the email never went out...
  13. We experienced this issue also. We found that leaving this field blank was the solution. The pbx will then send the agent group email at midnight
  14. Do you have anything in the log where we can see what exactly is sent to the PBX? For example turn the logging for Call-related SIP packets on - then we should see what is coming in. Also, do you have a country code set for this domain?
  15. 1) If you have agents in an Hunt group logged in2) And if you have this feature turned on.3) And if you have one of these agents set as a BLF button on an extension ( who's not the part of that Hunt Group)4) If an incoming call falls on that HG then you will be able to pick the call from the non-agent phone via the BLF button.
  16. Hi, I've got some difficulty to configure caller ID on inbound calls with my Vodia IO. When i call the 09 82 99 97 14 with my mobile phone which has got number 06 52 23 88 87, on my extension screen i see "652238887". How can i add the 0 before the number to have the correct display on my screen ? Here you can found my configuration for the moment. If I choose "use a list of expression" my call don't work anymore because my opmerator say "This number is not assigned" If i configure like the screenshot, call works but display is not like i want Thanks for your help julien
  17. Is it like this, suppose I've a Hunt group 400, and I've registered a phone as extension 200. Now on this phone I configure a key as BLF 400. Now if someone calling at 400 on my phone I see BLF line gonna red that mean call is ringing at hunt group 400, so by just pressing that configured key I can take that call? Is it how it will work?
  18. Hi, Can anyone tell me please how can we use this feature "Enable call pickup from extension BLF" in the hunt group. I read the vodia document but did not understand complete. Thank You
  19. You can always use the ERE for inbound trunk routing, for example the one below !^00([0-9]*)$!+\1! !^([0-9]{6})$!+423\1! 40.
  20. There were a couple of issues with the *58 code. First of all, the initial message was confusing. And it could have been that the database query for the next recording did not look at the right fields. However it is important to dial into the right ACD, the code is playing back only the recordings of a specific ACD or account.
  21. Thank you, as soon as I can, I'll try and catch you up, Unfortunately Yealink phone configuration side shows this: ### For security, the following parameters with password haven't been display in this file. ###account.1.password = ###static.auto_provision.server.password = ###ldap.password = I think it was more convenient if Vodia in the webpage /reg_ports.htm had 2 more options: LDAP Credentials (mandatory and complex): - user = - password = This way it would be easier for everyone and would be useful for every phone vendor (provisioning aside)
  22. Not sure if manually hard coding the highlighted part of the template is a solution here, but worth a try. This does it for the whole admin level, you can do similar on domain and extension level too.
  23. Thank you for your answer, I looked at what the Yealink phone receives but unfortunately I can not see in clear the pswd. The web pswd works, but since I wanted to create a manual template for Yealink phones, it becomes uncomfortable on every phone to modify the LDAP pswd. I find it strange that there can be no way to read what the Vodia server sends as LDAP pswd setting.
  24. Yes, the web interface playback is fine for us.
  25. You don't have to worry about the media IP - the PBX does not filter for those. As for the signalling IP, you have two choices - leave it empty and assume that you will never receive a packet from another location except where you registered. That is actually a reasonable assumption because everything else will not work with NAT anyway. Otherwise you can write a little script in the programming language of your choice that produces the list of IP addresses - there is no limit on how many addresses you can list there.
  26. In terms of settings what you could do is provision a phone, and then take a look on how it was set up - kind of reverse engineer what has been provisioned. Instead of using the LDAP password you can then use the extension web password, and this should work.
  27. That sounds like the message was lost? Can you play it from the web interface?
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