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  2. Oh okay! great, will wait until new one comes alone.. already running with patch version #63.0.4 -M
  3. For the intermediate builds (which don't end in "0") do not have release notes, as they are under testing (but are completely stable).
  4. Awesome! will check it up! Any idea when does the Additional Notes for 63.0.5 or Additional Notes for 63.0.x will be available ? Thank you !
  5. That problem seems to be resolved in the latest version, the link is https://doc.vodia.com/dns_cache
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hi, just reporting that when pressing over : /reg_dns.htm (DNS Cache) help circle, it just open an duplicate same url on new window(s) each time you press it. -M
  8. Awesome! Emails sent to Sales. Thank You!
  9. Thank you, sorry. i meant. Will this also be shown under same login/password account i currently hold ? Thanks -M
  10. No that will be another license.
  11. Thank You, will this show up in same account panel as other license? -M
  12. Just ask sales to give you a staging license.
  13. I already have Host My Own License, several months ago.. Just need another activation code as free/trial to enable another server for test, without disrupting my current official lic. (hosted my own too) Thank You
  14. Is this a hosted or CPE license?!
  15. Hi My current account only allows me to change current IP or Name, it doesnt show a NEW or Create a New License. Only this options are showing: Change name to Change IP address to
  16. So the next step is that you have to make an account on vodia.com if you don't already and then get a new license from here: https://portal.vodia.com/en/cpelic
  17. Yes i did scroll to the bottom and hit accept..
  18. After downloading the software did you go to the license page and accept the license agreement?
  19. Hi. Do i supposed to use the same lic. i use for our current working vodia server?
  20. Awaiting for information. Thank You [1] 12:28:16.481 GENE: Starting up version 62.0 [1] 12:28:16.498 GENE: Adding DNS server to the dns server list [1] 12:28:16.498 GENE: Adding DNS server to the dns server list [1] 12:28:16.508 GENE: Working Directory is C:\Program Files\Vodia Networks\Vodia PBX [1] 12:28:16.549 GENE: Starting the Win32 PBX service [5] 12:28:16.558 GENE: Starting threads [5] 12:28:16.563 GENE: Set process affinity to 1 [0] 12:28:16.566 GENE: UDP (IPv4): bind() to port failed [0] 12:28:16.566 GENE: Could not open UDP port 161 for SNMP [0] 12:28:16.566 GENE: UDP (IPv6): bind() to port [::]:161 failed [0] 12:28:16.566 GENE: Could not open UDP port 161 for SNMP [1] 12:45:51.089 WEBC: Performing software upgrade based on http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-63.0.3.xml [1] 12:45:51.151 WEBC: The system cannot be upgraded to this version (please check and/or re-activate your license) [1] 12:45:51.151 WEBC: Last message repeated 2 times [1] 12:45:51.151 WEBC: Software update error: your OS Win64 is not part of swupdate process [3] 12:45:51.151 WEBC: Software update: Removing file pbxctrl-old.dat [1] 12:45:51.160 WEBC: Software update finished. If there were no errors, changes will be completed after the PBX restart [5] 12:51:58.270 SIP: Ignore traffic from user-agents "CSipSimple" "Gulp" "PortSIP" "SIVuS" "VaxIPUserAgent" "VaxSIPUserAgent" "friendly-request" "friendly-scanner" "iWar" "pplsip" "sip-scan" "siparmyknife" "sipcli" "sipsak" "sipv" "sipvicious" "smap" "sundayddr"
  21. This is what appears under DNS DNS Cache Reload Type Address Content TTL A portal.vodia.com 47:32
  22. This is what i have. Not able to even create the localhost or any domain. i did the upgrade to 63.0 but the system shows 62.0 Software-Version:62.0 (Win64) Build Date:Nov 9 2018 16:34:27 License statusNo license License durationPermanent Additional license information:Calls: 0/0, Extensions: 0/0, Attendants: 0/0, Callingcards: 0/0, Hunt Groups: 0/0, Paging Groups: 0/0, Service Flags: 0/0, IVR Nodes: 0/0, Alerts: 0/0, Agent Groups: 0/0, Conference Rooms: 0/0, CO Lines: 0/0, Trunks: 0/1000 Working Directory:C:\Program Files\Vodia Networks\Vodia PBX MAC Addresses:00163ECF9E27 525400391692 DNS Servers: IPv4 Addresses: CDR Records:O=0, T=0, E=0, I=0 Calls:total: 0/0 (0 min) current: 0/0 SIP packet statistics:Tx: 1 Rx: 1 Emails:Successful sent: 0 Unsuccessful attempts: 0 Uptime:17:56 Memory=132041K Number of HTTP sessions:1 (6 requests) Domain Statistics:0 (0 users)
  23. Sorry, no. I don't dictate that. That is by the client CIO and nope, sorry, it is not a win win. They see this as a problem that we are not giving them as feature rich a solution as what they are coming from. Sorry, that is how the CUSTOMER sees it.
  24. Hi, 1) So this platform is for everywhere (Laptops and phones) except for iOS. 2) Hmm we understand that, but these are the only 2 readily available options that we have. Rest everything will go under feature request for now. How about you have those desktop phones in place, but you may or may not use them as much as you use these features? Win win?
  25. OK, so two things. 1. That is great, we have been looking for when the new app base was going to be released. Is this on the Windows platform as well? (the interface before was antiquate and crazy) 2. These are state contracts where they are mandated to have certain things onsite. And when audits happen, those things need to be there. Like a desk phone with the preprogrammed numbers to various services. So while I love that a new client exists, it doesn't solve this problem for my client. Any other options?
  26. Hi I already have my full licence for the server i been running for great deal of months already. No, there is no issues with the lic. i hold., I just downloaded a copy of vodiapbx and installed in another different location server. I need to test how does it runs from there compared against current official license and server. So i will need a trial or activation new lic? so i can update and work with it? Thank You
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