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  2. Well the PBX checks at midnight if any of the certificates need to be renewed. If you can wait until morning it should heal itself.
  3. Just make sure that all of your domains are FQDN and are accessible via port 80 and give it less than 2 hours. The certs should begin to be assigned in the same section as seen above. For more, Ctrl + F for "ACME" on https://doc.vodia.com/releasenotes610
  4. I realize that this is a bit old. i have always used purchased certs, but this is a much better solution. However, i have read everything above and i am not sure what to do as there are no longer any selections to make as Lets Encrypt is default. I dont see any certifcates in place and i am not sure how to make that happen now, as https now gives the warning, as i have removed the purchased cert. What are we supposed to do to enable lets encrypt as i have read everything but there seems that there is nothing to actually do to make this happen in v. 64. thanks
  5. Hi, I am also getting the same issue. Updated to vodia 64 and now yealink T42s are not lighting the VM indicator for individual mailboxes. Tried to reprovision phones, updated to latest handset firmware. Would love to know the answer to this one.
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  7. You can use service flags to control which WAV is being played. Maybe that helps?
  8. Unfortunately, there is no way for that to be done. You can only record it, the application of it still has to be done from the web interface.
  9. You could use the code *80 for that. However that might not be the right thing because it set the redirect all to the specified value. It is usually used for "snow days" when there is nobody in the office. The other idea would be to program the IVR node. There is a action "set" that can set any parameter "night", e.g. action:set?name=night&value={input}&account=70 (see https://doc.vodia.com/ivrnodes) - however the account parameter was not available until version 64.1 (available for CentOS64 and Debian64 as of now).
  10. Can someone easily tell me if it is possible to pre=record multiple auto attendant greetings in advance and then toggle as needed without having to re-record every time?
  11. Hi, Unfortunately, the Night service number isn't a feature that we offer which can be changed via the phone itself.
  12. We have a client that would like to change where their night mode goes to each week. We can do it easy enough from the web interface, but haven't been able to figure a way for the user(s) to complete this from the handset. They can disable\enable night service without issue, but we haven't found a way for them to change the night service number. Does anyone have any idea?
  13. Oh ok - yes # is kind of special. The problem with the auto attendant is that the choices in the auto attendant (press 1 for sales) may overlap with extension numbers (101). In that case the # means that the auto attendant would not wait for a timeout.
  14. good news - after one more update to actual v64.1 now "Extensions" shows the values/data at the "General page/section". one thing I noticed: the build date did not change - so it could be a little bit irritating in which version/build this is fixed. Probably you did not compiled new exe and updated other parts/files... so there was no change with build date. @Vodia PBXthank you @chrispopp perhaps you should update to actual v64.1 and retry importing your test-domain, in case of your issues could have to deal with the now fixed "not displaying values at General page" - Good luck! Gute Nacht.
  15. Ehh ja that makes sense we fixed that please update one more time to 64.1...
  16. I can see a TypeError: TypeError: $(...).erase is not a function I attached a screenshot - hope this helps you finding a solution/fix probably an issue inside/with dom_ext.js We are not using a customized version of this file! It should be in it´s "original state" - at least not showing up anywhere under customization / not at domain and not at extension level Any hint how to solve our issue/error? Can you please create a fixed build v64.1/Win64?
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    Retard au decrochage

    Hi, Seems like an issue with your signalling. Your phones seem to be behind a NAT right? Have you configured this setting "Outbound proxy pattern" on /dom_settings.htm page and THEN provisioned the phones?
  18. Bonjour, Je rencontre sur une version 64.1 de l'ipbx vodia un problème lors de la prise d'appel. En effet lors du décrochage du combiné, l'appel continue de sonner pendant 4 a 5 secondes avant d’être réellement décroché. Je viens de mettre à jour l'ipbx, j'étais en version 63.1 auparavant Les postes sont des snom d785 et d715 en version qui sont provisionné par l'ipbx Cela se produit aussi bien sur un appel de ligne direct ou a travers un IVR ou un groupe d'appels. Étonnement le problème ne se produit pas sur des poste connecté au même ipbx mais a travers u VPN et donc configuré manuellement. Merci de votre retour Cordialement
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  20. That is indeed weird. We are also on the latest 64.1 but we don't have that problem. I would look at the "inspector" (JavaScript debugger) if there is any warning. Maybe Umläute that somehow screws things up (though this should of course not happen). You should see requests that go to the PBX trying to fetch the user settings, and they should contain valid JSON responses.
  21. I am careful with it :-) I updated to actual Win64 build as of today (Feb11th2020), but even with this version for typ "Extension" the general page/section does not display values (like account number, Outbound ANI etc.) looks almost like this page empty - other pages show their values. I cleared browser cache, tried different browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome), even private mode. No luck - Agent Groups are OK showing values - but Extensions still missing the values/content. and we did not make any changes/user adjustments to the page/page layout. it should be still "original" without any modification.
  22. Hi Vodia, just to be clear I’m referring to Auto Attendants. I wouldn’t think DMTF is the issue here as User Inputs 1-9 function as intended. Not sure if # is classified as special characters or not
  23. 64.1 is just a development build - please be careful with it. What could have happened is that the webpages are not 100 % in sync with that version. We actually made another 64.1 Win64 build today (Feb 11). Also if you have changes to the page it could cause problems like these.
  24. in v64.1/Win64 (build date: Jan28th2020) in our system the Extensions/General page/section does not show the values (like extension number, name and so on) - but PBX system including extensions is running as expected until now. Looks like the other pages to selected extension are showing values/content. I am just commenting this perhaps you have similar display/not display issue concerning your extension-values.
  25. Well that is a pretty old version - of course we would recommend to use the latest release. If you do have to install the version, I would install the latest and then just downgrade using wget and replacing the pbxctrl files with the downloaded ones. You might have to edit the /etc/init.d/pbx file and remove the command line argument --respawn because 5.3.2 did not have that option yet.
  26. I would make sure that DTMF works - e.g. call the mailbox and see if it does anything. If it does the next question would be - where does it happen?
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