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  1. OK found I was using a bad syntax managed to do it now thanks
  2. Thaks for the prompt reply. Exactly what i am trying to do but where is it ? the root@snomOne-SoHO directory does not seem to permit the Ubuntu "find" command or the "cd" command in fact not even ls seems to work so i am a Bit stuck there.
  3. Either the system has been hacked or someone has changed the password and forgotten it, but we cant get into the pbx although we can get into the admin and so we can telnet into the soho. Can anyone help me with where the pbx.xml is and how to edit it so we can delete the password It also seems some of the basic linux commands are not available! thanks
  4. Ah OK I think I understand the confusion. There is no call charging involved. I am looking at just a Dial plan and the hierarchical choices. In this configuration all calls are routed through one dial plan and there is basically at the moment two choices one with Emergency numbers to force them through a trunk with a correctly associated address as the first choice and another that is * with no replacement for all other calls. I have similar installations with other clients where there is a trunk that represents a geographical location for emergency calls and they all have the same pattern, save that the emergency number is routed through a trunk registered to that address. This is used when there is more than one geographical location for a system (ie home working, multiple offices etc). We are also using trunks to ensure that a call is made from a local code. So when a call is made to a 01202 number a trunk with 01202 code is used In all cases we are finding that the +44 or +[anything] is failing and not connecting. I was hoping there was a method of properly substituting it and if possible routing it through a specific trunk I was envisaging some regular expression that produced this sort of result: Pref~trunk~Pattern~Replacement 20~a~+44~0 21~b~+48~0048 But I can not work out the syntax of the regular expression to get this to work. Thanks Don
  5. Thanks but I am afraid I think I am now even more confused The country code is set to 44 but anything with a + is just rejected . Also in the future we may wish route calls through other trunks when the client has a valid sip stream in that country. Ideally therefore I would like to work out how to remove "+44" and replace it with "0". or for example if going through a UK Sip stream replace "+48" with "0048". So far I have been unsuccessful! Can you give me an example of the regular expression for this? Thanks Don
  6. I must be missing something fundamental as I cant believe no one else has come across this before and I cant find any topics on this subject on a search. Modern cell phones have the capacity to dial directly +44 as a Uk number from anywhere in the world or say +48 for Poland so international travellers have this in their address books. How can I make this happen in a snom one? At the moment all the + numbers just die and are coming up as errors in dialling. A real pain when creating directories as you have to put them though a cleaning routine. is there any way to fix this in a dial plan so that a snom one set up in the UK it would remove the +44 and replace it with a 0 while the other numbers would have just the + replaced with a 0? thanks Don
  7. Well I followed the wiki instructions when I killed it but I still get this spawn . I've rooted around pretty much everywhere but cant find anything remotely that looks culpable. This is the outcome of your suggestion: find /-name '*snom' find: /-name: No such file or directory find: *snom: No such file or directory
  8. Hi No this file is not there. The server should have been removed from this machine completely but I think some elements must have reminded . Any clues what they might be? Thanks
  9. I have been getting these items in my console and I cant track the cause of them down. Nov 13 22:37:58 [Machine name] com.apple.launchd[1] (com.snom.snomone[43392]): posix_spawn("/Applications/snomONE/bin/pbxctrl-darwin9.0", ...): No such file or directory Nov 13 22:37:58 [Machine name] com.apple.launchd[1] (com.snom.snomone[43392]): Exited with exit code: 1 Nov 13 22:37:58 [Machine name] com.apple.launchd[1] (com.snom.snomone): Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds I have searched for any elements of a previously installed trial of a snomone free on this mac which was put there for test purposes but can not find any . Can anyone shed any light as to why this is appearing in my consle logs thanks Don
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