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  1. before you untar it you have to do a date -s "September 28 2007" so you don't get the timestamp errors. Just put it in the /pbx directory like it says and when you untar it it will create the update directory.
  2. Can you send the whole trace with log level 7 of the call? I am assuming this is a pstn call.
  3. Here it is www.pbxnsip.com/download/pbxtsp10.exe
  4. kmoroz

    factory reset

    From the web interface you can default the configuration of the box. You can get the IP address from calling into the AutoAttendant and dialing *#ipadr #
  5. Looks like the download is in there twice. Try this. http://www.pbxnsip.com/download/pbxctrl-suse10- Kevin
  6. I received a request today that would be great to have in the product. If someone calls your extension and you have call screening set you can send it to voice mail and listen to what they person is saying and then hit a key and jump into the call. Much like we can do with a traditional answering machine at home. Does anyone else think this would be appealing to have in the product?
  7. When setting the extension to forward all calls to an external number the calls do not go through and we see play audio_en/ex_wrong_id.wav in the log file. Regular outbound calls work fine. Using callcentric for ITSP and tried Broadvoice and got the same thing.
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