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    I may have been a bit un fare and I apologize for that. Yes we did purchase PBXnSIP CallCenter version 3 and upgrade to 4 with a reasonable price for many costumers but what you are asking for same feature from v4 to v5 is insane... You have striped down all features and are asking a FORTUNE for comparable event at 50% discount from previous owners. What I did not like is the way you do things... You sell a product, unfinished with features that does not work all the time, on top of that your are restraining upgrade over time and to add to the insult you are playing game over company and pr
  2. tommymtl


    I so disagree with you, their is NO misunderstanding, their is only a company that want to get it all from costumer... http://PBXdomaine/remote_call.htm?user=user@PBXdomaine&connect=false&dest=$ThisNumber&auth=user@PBXdomaine:secret with a proper html page that you build or fix link that you provide... and this from old version... You may generate the html automatically and let's say that if is for those of us that cannot code HTML it may be worthwhile. I have activate a trial for 30 days and it is not event showing up/working... Keep in mind that you are building a
  3. tommymtl


    I am devastated... same minding then the previous owner of PBXnSIP, pay for everything and repay for it after the upgrade... 299 for a feature that you could do yourself on prior version... I am chocked!
  4. tommymtl


    Can you be a bit more specific... I cannot find this setting within any trunk setup thanks
  5. Can you direct me to documentation and give me an exemple? What should be added to the following? https : //sip.pbx.com/remote_call.htm?user=123@sip.pbx.com&connect=false&dest=15145551212&auth=123@sip.pbx.com:xxxxxx[/url]
  6. Hiding them... well I would say, to encourage you of making a purchase. From my experience, they will then do the same in about 1.5 to 2 years time frame. By the way... I did the same, 7 X 870 with Vision 2X Meeting Point and 1X PA1. I'll let you make the math!!!
  7. The following URL: https://sip.pbx.com:443/remote_call.htm?user=123@sip.pbx.com&connect=false&dest=15145551212&auth=123@sip.pbx.com:xxxxxx Initiate the call from the PBX to the extension and the system is asking to press 1 to initiate the call to 15145551212 but after 5 second, if I have not hit 1 the system disconnect me... [5] 2013/01/31 10:40:06: Dialplan "Full": Match 15145551212@sip.pbx.net to sip:15145551212@sip.babytel.ca;user=phone on trunk 15145125689 [5] 2013/01/31 10:40:07: set codec: codec pcmu/8000 is set to call-leg
  8. That is your point of view snon ONE, that we clearly do not share.
  9. I am guessing that it is because they want you to pay for it. I must say that Version 5 seams very interesting but still... What bothers me is probably the same issues you have, Basing an installation on a free licence and being force to purchase after... I understand that they need to sell and make money, changing the licence model and removing what was agreed does not seems to be the right approche to me. This look like the best way of making costumer unhappy. This is the second time that PBXnSIP/Vodia does that... Your best chance will be to find someone that have the install
  10. I have asked support for the downloadable files and I got the following: "The installers were on the snom web site where they have been removed. We don't support new installations on version 4 any more, only existing version 4 installations can be upgraded to 4.5.1. If you want to make a new installation, you must use version 5, which is available at http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Release_5.0." So all installers have been removed and are no longer available. Maybe if someone have it you can get it from that person but PBXnSIP/Vodia (same persone and company, location and everyth
  11. Hi, I need to reinstall a Mac OS X and it seams that all the link to ALL installer are gone... Where can I download (Epsilon Geminids) from?
  12. For me, both and trunks are not working... Sip Trunk are registering and working fine with version and giving me 200OK Status. With both version and they toggle between 200 to 408 and when at 200, giving me a busy signal on SNOM870. SIP gateway (Mediatrix 1204) have not been tested so fare. SIP Registration must be working before.
  13. SNOM Camera App is capable of showing my IP CAM video. This is great, Now that I've set up VIDEO URL on the extension level, how do I visualize the video from SNOM phones? I seems to find long and not ususal URL from this forom but I have no clue on how to use it! Is their any documentation that guide us step by step? Any documentation complete on this new feature of 4.5? thanks
  14. On our side it is not confluent so fare. VOIP trunk are no longer working....
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