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  1. Yes, we only have a single dialplan, and it's assigned in the AA. When you go to dial an extension on the other system, the PBX says "this extension does not exist" after the first digit.
  2. We have the PBX connected via SIP trunk to another SIP system, and we'd like to be able to transfer calls from the auto attendant to this system. We've found a workaround of creating extensions in the PBX, then creating manual contact/registrations to the other system, but this is kind of ugly. Is there a way to get the AA to look at the dialplan if it doesn't match an extension? So for example, if 3xxx are my PBX extensions, and 5xxx are my other system's extensions (and I have a corresponding dialplan rule) - will the AA look at that? Currently I can't get it to work, but I thought we'd done it in the past with other installations.
  3. When I try and add a new domain to a system, I enter the primary name and an alias, and click 'create' - and nothing happens. The page doesn't even appear to submit. I've tried in IE and Chrome, both with the same result. Has anyone encountered this, and is there a workaround? I'm running 5.1.3 on Win64 Thanks in advance!
  4. I have a customer with an old system we're upgrading, and we've already purchased a license for the most current version. However, the website says I need to upgrade from 4.3 => 4.5 => 5.2.4 - but I can't find a download link for 4.5. Can you post one please? http://wiki.vodia.com/index.php?title=Release_5.1#Upgrades_from_other_version_4_releases_and_version_3_releases Thanks!
  5. A couple weeks ago, all the content on the wiki pages started disappearing, and now the site is gone altogether. When will it return? It's very difficult to support a product with no documentation. Also, I need to download the installer, but the link on your main page (http://vodia.com/documentation/install_win) doesn't work (http://vodia.com/downloads/pbx/win64/pbxctrl-v5.2.4-64.zip) - where can I download it from?
  6. The customer wants to be able to prevent users from turning down the volume so they intentionally aren't hearing pages. If I set it in the XML file, can I prevent them from changing that volume again later?
  7. So there is no way to identify the trunk the call came in on to the called party on their phone without setting up button/line appearances?
  8. I have a request to change the display on the phones (snom 821) for incoming calls to display the following: 1) Caller ID Name 2) Caller ID Number 3) Trunk Name (or alternately the ANI of the trunk) Can I change this in custom headers w/o changing the headers sent back to the gateway for outbound calls? The custom headers page (http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Trunk_Custom_Headers) says it's for outbound calls. Thanks in advance!
  9. We have a customer who is complaining about very low volume on their pages. We are using Snom 821 phones, multicast paging, etc. Is there a way to control the volume of the pages automatically? Or override the speaker volume on the phones to force them to stay turned up?
  10. The edit domains page seems to have 2 problems with it: 1) When you click on "edit" on a domain, none of the info is filled in on the boxes, and nothing actually saves 2) The domain administrators section is missing any fields to fill out (screenshots attached) I've tried this with IE and Chrome - so not a browser issue, and it's also happening on two separate systems I manage. Here's the build info: Software-Version: 5.2.2 (Win64) Build Date: Apr 4 2014 11:15:44 License Status: Vodia PBX premium 60 These systems just went live, and I need to get local admins configured, so any assistance is greatly appreciated!
  11. 5.1.2 does the same thing - no errors in IE developer view
  12. I'm going FROM 5.0.3 TO 5.1.1 I only have 1 domain - in the domains directory I have: 1.xml and index.txt
  13. After following the upgrade instructions listed at: http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Release_5.1 When I restart the snomone service, I have no domains listed. I go into general status, and my license is good, and I see it listed that I have a domain created, but under domains, I have none. I reverted back to the old version, but is there a step missing from the instructions I need to do? I'm currently on 5.0.3 (Win64)
  14. Hello, We're ready to test -- but we have a SnomONE appliance - and it appears to be running 32 bit, not 64 Can you send a link please?
  15. Any ETA on getting this fixed? It's causing a lot of problems with our call center
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