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  1. Hello. In "Web Page Control", selecting from menu snom_300.xml file, there are some urls with parameter variables (http-url and https-url): <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <setting-files> <file url="{http-url}/snom_3xx_fw.xml?model=snom300" /> <file url="{https-url}/snom_3xx_phone.xml?model=snom300" /> <file url="{https-url}/snom_300_fkeys.xml?model=snom300" /> <file url="{https-url}/snom_web_lang.xml?model=snom300" /> <file url="{https-url}/snom_gui_lang.xml?model=snom300" /> </setting-files> Also in other files (snom_320.xml and so on). Where is it set? Is there a way to set it globally, so that I don't need to change every file? Thanks, Arrigo.
  2. Hello. We are testing autoprovisioning m9 gateway with a cordless phone. How can we provision the correct account to the cordless, with a specific IPUI? Which MAC address I must bind in account properties? We put the m9 gateway mac, without success. Thanks. Arrigo.
  3. Hello. We're implementing SnomONE PBX on a Linux machine. We created multiple instances, bound to NIC secondary addresses. SnomONE version is 2011- (Linux). Every seems to be OK. We start encountering problems implementing autoprovisioning. The TEST instance, bound to primary address of NIC, works perfectly and provisioning is OK. The second instance, which is bound to a secondary address of NIC card, doesn't works: autoprovisioning process starts to fetch XML files, but nothing more happens and checking NAT table on Cisco Router, we can see NAT translation to primary server address, instead that secondary (the correct one). Another thing: we set option 66 on DHCP section of Cisco router in this way: ip dhcp pool LOCAL option 66 ascii "tftp://ip.of.pbx.server" Snom300 phones "out-of-the-box" have 7.3 firmware version. Autoprovisioning process passes parameter "tftp://ip.of.pbx.server" but it's not correctly interpreted. If we remove "tftp://" from option 66, leaving only "ip.of.pbx.server", it works. On the other side, with 8.4.32 version option 66 MUST have "tftp://", otherwise it doesn't work again. Is there a way to set a common parameter which is OK for different FirmWare versions that we can find on new phones? The alternative is manually upgrading firmware version before, but it would nullify autoprovisioning advantages. Can anyone help us in solving these problems? Thanks in advance. Arrigo.
  4. Hi everybody. I'm trying to configure PnP in a test environment. SnomONEfree Snom320 (reset to factory defaults) No DHCP Option66 I can set up manually IP address on the phone. I access to web interface and set setting url. Everything is OK. I'd like to make installation as easy as possible. Is it possibile to setup the "update_server" (the option passed normally through DHCP Option66) through ActionURL (eg: http://phone_ip/set.php?update_server= Thanks Arryxyz
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