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  1. This behaviour was detected with our own test calls. I will send you the log file in the next few days. Thank you again for your help!
  2. I'm not sure, but with this switching from ACD A to ACD B etc., wouldn't the caller be always at the end of the queue in some cases? Where can I place my feature request?
  3. Thank you for your fast replies! In our case (support & small company!) there are unfortunately no additional agents. So the scenario is that people have to wait in queue until an agent is available. Where can I place my feature request?
  4. No, this is not selected. We use Queue entry time for caller priority. General idea / feature request: Because phones ringing for a longer time are maybe a general problem in many cases, Asterisk e.g. offers for the Queue config the option timeout in seconds (it stops ringing the phones) and the option retry in seconds (it retries calling the agents). I don't know how easy this could be implemented in a future realase of Snom One but this feature could solve some problems.
  5. Yes, it's really strange. The call is not lost, but it moves some positions back in the queue but 1 phone is still ringing with the anonymous call. We use 3x Snom 370 and 1x Snom 300 phone, with firmware 8.4.31
  6. We use the setting "Event for connecting the call" = Entering the agent group, so the call is connected and the caller hears music and pays for the call. We also use the same carrier for this test. Calls with caller id = no problems, calls with anonymous caller id = problems.
  7. Sure: We use Snom One Win64 Version and Snom 370 phones. Please also see my revised first post with an actual example. After further tests it looks like it calculates something wrong. The Agent Group Stats shows as Time => real start time + 2x Talk Time = Agent Group Stats Time (maybe it adds also 2x waiting / ringing time, not sure about that)
  8. I noticed that the time of calls in ACD log files and Status log files is sometimes up to ~ 20 minutes different. First I thought the Status log files tracks the time of incoming call and the ACD log files shows the end time of the call. But it also happens with short calls (1 minute speaking time). In some cases (to track down problems) this behaviour is problematic. Here one example: Tab Status -> Call History Start From To 2011/08/19 16:03 079XXXXXXX 50(58) Agent Group Stats -> Call History Time From To Waiting Time Ring Time Talk Time 08/19 16:11 079XXXXXXX sip:50@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX 00:08 00:10 03:50 Any idea?
  9. We use Snom One Win64 Version and Snom 370 phones. We did set up an agent group with 4 phones. Sometimes there is no one able to answer the phone immediately, so the phones ring for a longer period. We did test this and it does work properly for e.g. 5 minutes, the caller hears music and information. Caller status in Queue is Caller 1 ringing, Caller 2 and up waiting. But there is a small problem when someone calls with an anonymous caller id. In this case the phones ring about 1 - 2 minutes and then the queue starts also ringing the second caller and puts the first caller with anonymous caller id back in position. This is really a strange behaviour because we accept anonymous calls and there is no problem with anonmyous calls which are incoming through DID, AA or Hunt group.
  10. Hi In some cases it would be nice to have a voicemail mailbox with an announcement only. e.g. the person is on holiday and there should be only the information, that he is not there from x to z. or for night / lunch service flags. According to the manual (service flags) this can be done using an AA with the IVR / service flag option. It does work but it's not the perfect solution, because the person can enter an extension and if the extension is valid, it will connect him with the extension. A voicemail / mailbox with announcement only would be a perfect solution. Maybe this can be implemented easy in a future release of Snom ONE?
  11. Yes, this would be really helpful. Also together with the service flag the call could be routed to an extension with voicemail containing only the information when the office is open / closed. Currently the solution according to the manual is setting up an auto attendant with IVR + service flags. This does work of course but if a user enters a number then the auto attendant kicks in and tells if extension is available or not.
  12. Thank you so much for the very very fast reply! In our case, this was the solution, now it works! Bye Silvio
  13. We have a similar problem. We would like to block calls to 0900, 0901 and 0906 numbers which are the swiss equivalent to 900 numbers. We use a Trunk (SIP Gateway) from our VOIP provider. Our dial plan is: 50 Not Allowed 090* 100 Trunk IT * The strange thing is we can place calls to 0900 numbers without any problems. The log shows the following: [9] 2011/08/01 16:31:35: Dialplan: Evaluating !^090([0-9]*)@.*!!i against 0900111111@pbx.company.com [9] 2011/08/01 16:31:35: Dialplan: Evaluating !^(\+?[0-9]*)@.*!sip:\1@\r;user=phone!i against 0900111111@pbx.company.com [5] 2011/08/01 16:31:35: Dialplan "Standard Dialplan": Match 0900111111@pbx.company.com to <sip:0900111111@XX.X.XX.XX;user=phone> on trunk Trunk IT Any idea what should be changed? Thank you very much in advance for your help!
  14. Hi I installed Snom ONE free edition on my Windows 7 Pro 64bit computer. I tried to connect to the Snom ONE PBX using a Snom 370 phone. Settings in Snom ONE and Snom 370 is correct, it does work if I turn off the Windows FireWall completly. Is it necessary to manually open port 5060 and 5061 in Windows FireWall? Are there also other ports needed, which I should open in Windows FireWall? Thank you for your help!
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