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  1. Thanks for all the prompt responses. That is exactly the sort of scenario we are looking at, with head office and larger branch offices running IP-PBXs and OCS to integrate the entire organisation. The tight integration with the Office 2007 suite that you get with OCS is also very important to us. I don't know if digest authentication will ever appear. I hope it does, too, but MS aren't always the best when it comes to standardising their software. I think we're lucky they decided to use sip instead of a proprietry protocol! I hope this will be a capability that will surface in the near future.
  2. If it is of any help, OCS also uses kerberos authentication. You can choose between one, the other or both. Also, I believe if you use an OCS mediation server, you can bypass authentication entirely and use it as a simple sip gateway to route traffic between OCS and any other sip source (although I might be mistaken on this.) If this isn't possible at present, do you see it as something that will be an option in the future? I would imagine if Exchange 2007 integration is possible, then OCS integration should not be too hard. There's no authentication settings required when integrating Exchange and OCS.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to integrate pbxnsip with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007? If so, are there any instructions for doing so? My company is looking to replace our aging pbx with a new IP-PBX and integration with OCS 2007 has already been deemed a necessity. Thanks, Dan.
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