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  1. Thanks. I have emailed my contact info. Michael
  2. OK, I have followed your advise and have reinstalled Exchange 2007 and PBXNSIP on two separate servers. I can place inbound and outbound calls through my ITSP (Callcentric). However, on a ring no answer the external caller is disconnected without ever being transferred to the mailbox on the Exchange Server. So I am right back to where I was before. Where do we go from here? Are they any logs you want to see? Have you been able to get this working? I hope we can resolve this soon. Please advise, Michael
  3. What do you think of installing pbxnsip on the Exchange 2007 Server, obviously this runs on Windows Server 2003, I only use Server products for production services, not workstation software (Windows XP). I would run both systems on the physical server - no VMware. What do you think of this proposed configuration? Would this work? What do you recommend? Please advise. Thanks. Michael
  4. I am not running Vista. I am running pbxnsip in a virtual machine in Vmware Server which runs on Windows Server 2003. I have another virtual machine running Exchange 2007. As for the string it was configured exactly as your config note describes so that's not the issue. Where do I go from here?
  5. After some more investigation, my tech uncovered this information: I just took a look. The problem is you are using UDP vs. TCP. Exchange only supports SIP over TCP. Sample frame: Frame 39 (853 bytes on wire, 853 bytes captured) Ethernet II, Src: Buffalo_ae:ed:5a (00:0d:0b:ae:ed:5a), Dst: Vmware_65:98:0b (00:0c:29:65:98:0b) Internet Protocol, Src: (, Dst: ( User Datagram Protocol, Src Port: 5060 (5060), Dst Port: 5060 (5060) Session Initiation Protocol How do we make pbxnsip communicate over TCP? Please advise.
  6. Can you tell me what logs you are looking for?
  7. I have followed the instructions to setup Exchange UM, but UM does not answer on a ring no answer. I am using an ITSP (callcentric) with inbound calling only. Can someone please help? Please note that inbound calls do ring my extension - so I know the PBX is working. It's just the voicemail piece that I am having trouble with. Thanks, Michael
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