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    Version 5

    I suppose that last-year lincesed snomONE yellows will not get upgrade to 5.0 for free.. right?
  2. Realogic

    License problem

    I read that the software would not run under vmware.. that's a couple of years ago. Good to know that know it's ready for it. And, yes, is good to know that backing up the directory and restoring to a new drive would not ask again activation. Now I got it working again, but retrying to activate with the same code would not do the job. I modified pbx.xml, deleting all the values under license lines, then I restarted the service It asked me to Agree the EULA again, and providing the same code again this time worked. So, it was not possibile to do it before manually removing lines from configuration.
  3. Realogic

    License problem

    Another hour is gone.. My telemarketing Customer is still offline. Hope that external people reading this forum will take their cons before buying your products.
  4. Realogic

    License problem

    key sent to pvt... So, if a PBX got a drive failure, I should wait half day to get the license back? This could be OK for SOHO with 3 phones.. How you could manage this on large business? Is there anyway to backup the installation in an "activate" state? I never ment to rely on IP address... you could bind it on MAC & BIOS UUID
  5. Realogic

    License problem

    Sorry but this is URGENT! My customer is DOWN! I already mailed sales at snom dot com, I already opened a ticket on VAR Snom Area All I got in an hour is 20 email of "Read Receipt" but nobody taking care of it. I can't believe that a reinstall on same hardware will invalidate the license, and nobody would help in fast way, since THERE IS NO TRIAL TIME!
  6. Realogic

    License problem

    Hi, I just reinstalled my PBX, but can't get my snomOne Yellow licence activated again.. It's the same hardware, just a different hard drive and OS (was centos 6 now it'a ubuntu 12.04), ethernet are the same. What I need to do? Thanks
  7. Realogic

    Bad implementation of codecs

    Hi, I noticed a very big problem on my SnomOne Yellow. Due to bandwith problem, my customer need to use g729. Carried with Yellow version, just 5 concurrent calls are allowed. This is ok.. but it's a lack of features when you can't buy these as single product. Anyway, the problem is this: If I set a trunk with G729 and one more (like GSM, for example) I expect that when 5 calls are reached, PBX will use the GSM! But it doesn't! It just drop my call. This is a very big hole for g729 users.
  8. Realogic

    GXP2000 NO Transfer

    Hi all, I'm having issues with three Grandstream GXP2000, with dirrent firmwares (even with latest They're connect on SnomOne Yellow (latest updated version) under Linux enviroment. None of them are able to trasfer a call. When an incoming call arrives, user open a new channel to call an extension (the caller goes automatically on hold), then, when user press Transfer button and the line where caller is on hold, the call just drop. If you need log, please tell me which level of debug you need, and I'll enable it Thanks
  9. Realogic

    Avoiding transcoding

    I thought it was very "simple" for PBX to tell the phones "sorry, I just have g729" in specific situations. I was expecting negotiating was something useful for these type scenery. Could be a future feature that can be set only on some supported phones? So, it would be better to switch all calls to g729. Is there some limitation on that codec with yellow version?
  10. Realogic

    Avoiding transcoding

    I understand that, but what I mean is something like this: When snom phone got a call from Patton isdn, both will use g711 When snom phone make a call by ITSP, both will use g729 Phone -- g711 --- PBX --- g711 --- Patton BRI Phone --- g729 --- PBX --- g729 -- VoIP provider Patton BRI trunk only allow g711 VoIP trunk only allow g729 Snom phone has both codec enabled, with g711 as first choice In every call, snom phone use g711 only How to tell phone to automatically switch preferred codec?
  11. Realogic

    Avoiding transcoding

    Hi team, I would like to know if there's some option i can set to avoiding transcoding where ever is possible. I have snom phones and snom one yellow @ latest version. By default, I like g711. Because I receive calls through two BRI Patton. But on itsp, I would like to use g729 on phones too. Is there some way to set the trunk's codec as the preferred one even for phones? Thanks