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  1. outbound3.txt is also from So it is essentially same as outbound2.txt. We want similar log from
  2. Here is the win32 version - http://downloads.snom.net/snomONE/win32/v4.6/pbxctrl- Make sure that you make a full backup of the snomONE folder before the upgrade.
  3. SIP log can be taken in 4.2.x.x version based on http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Retrieving_SIP_logging. That should show you the INVITE that is going out to the trunk proxy. Since you have already given us the outbound2.txt, we do not need the log from the new version again. Once we see the log from 4.2 version, we will suggest the trunk "Remote Party/Privacy Indication:" settings. That should take care of the issue you are facing in the new version.
  4. PBX is sending the INVITE to "" and not getting any responses back from them. Is that the right address of the trunk provider? If they say the outbound call never hit their system, then there is some other issue, most probably the network issue. Possible cases are, black listing of the IP address, firewalls, etc. If you happen to have the SIP log (the outbound call log) to this provider before the upgrade, please post it too. We can see what's the difference between the 2, just to make sure that they are not dropping the INVITE because of the message itself.
  5. There was one more change you have to do in the latest version. The reason is that we used to have the name of the binary as snomONE-ctrl before and now we use pbxctrl. Please take a look at the http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Software_Update#Important_Note that talks about the above name change. You have to do this only one time and don't have to worry about in the future.
  6. There is no call log attached. Apart from that - is the latest version. If you still have issues after upgrading to .1090, then please look at the custom headers as explained here - http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Trunk_Custom_Headers Some examples are here - http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Custom_Headers_on_the_Trunk
  7. There was some new changes regarding the blind transfers in that version. Please move to It has the backward compatibility for the transfers. If this was related to the "smart blind transfer" issue, then will take care of it.
  8. CDRs are reported based on the legs, not on the full call. If you are not interested in the internal legs, you can ignore everything but the one "trunk" field set.
  9. You should be able to login with your VMWare account and download this. But if you don't have one, please use this link http://snomone.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/snomone-virtual-appliance/
  10. We tested here again and seems to work fine.
  11. We will double check. I assume you are looking at http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Cellphone_Codes
  12. Ok, not very clear about the call flow here. This log that you attached is the outbound INVITE from PBX. Can you check if some call forwarding (or service flag) is set on the account 70. Maybe the call is being forwarded to somewhere. In any case, please enable complete logging (at level 9 for pretty much everything & SIP call logging, no need of REGISTER, SUB/NOT) and PM the log to me.
  13. What is 305xxxxxxx2@ Is this an internal number or something else? If it is an internal number then either it should ring or answer (if it is some AA/ACD/Hunt etc). The response is sent by "User-Agent: packetrino". Does this ring any bell?
  14. If you still have issues, please PM with the login to the SoHo. We will manually upgrade it to a version that will not have any issues for the future upgrades.
  15. pbx support


    You can setup the address book with the CMC codes.
  16. What version did you upgrade to? If you can login to snomONE web interface, then you can setup the admin password for the PBX as the SSH password. The newer PBX versions have switched the SSH back to default port (22 instead of 8722).
  17. I think the issue is that CDR was not listed as *87<ext number> under the extension's web interface(on the PBX, not on the phone's web interface). The extension's call log will show the CDR as original call. I think if the call log contains the "dialed digits", then it will be clear. I am not a big proponent of tweaking the outbound calls to show up as received calls. That always come back and bite us sometime later in some other scenario.
  18. Either no one has looked into this poll or other than Windows, other OS versions are not being used by many.
  19. FYI.. from onwards, you do not have to restart the PBX to pickup the changes to "IP Routing List:" setting. PBX does an update internally to use the new settings.
  20. This is fixed for the next release. Release dates are still not set yet.
  21. This will be part of the next release.
  22. If that field is empty then you should be able to pickup any "ringing" call. We have verified it in the lab and live system and works fine.
  23. Polycom does not seem to like the ACK for the 200 OK. So it keeps repeating the 200 OK with SDP and after certain timeout it sends a BYE (disconnects the call). From the first glance at the SIP log, it looks fine on the PBX. But we will double check.
  24. Can you please check what is set for "Domain->Settings: Stay in the call during the blind transfer:"?
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