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  1. It was far more sinister than I thought! When the user goes into voicemail now, the "Virtual Keys" screen appears. "7" was mapped to another extension --- so if a user tried to delete the VM message by hitting 7, it actually tried to transfer the call to that other extension. The quick fix was to simply disable the Virtual Keys altogether. Am I missing something here?
  2. Ahh... might be the blind transfer. I'll look at it today. Thank you!
  3. I'm struggling to get firmware installed on Snom821 phones (we're migrating from firmware 8.4.31) in a SNOM One environment. The problem is simple, but its driving me bonkers! When a user goes into their voicemail to retrieve messages, they could normally just hit "7" to delete an ongoing message and either return to the menu or listen to the next message. Now, with, the phone seems to initiate a "HOLD" and put the voicemail connection into hold, and there's no way to even get back to the call. Any ideas on why the keypad doesn't seem to properly control the voicemail like before?
  4. Unplug the power, press and hold the "#" key and replug the power and release the "#" key after 10 seconds. This should start up the rescue mode which helps to reset settings to factory defaults or reflash the phone.
  5. Having lived with 'the other vendors' products for too many years, I cannot possibly imagine going back to *anything* branded with their name. I'd rather carry a SNOM hardphone in my travel kit, than deal with the other supplier's software. It was a constant refrain of: STUN this. Tunnel that. Proxy these. Update here. Downgrade this. Patch mine. Uninstall yours. It was a headache that never ended. Actually, I think the Verizon tag-line "Can you hear me now?" was the corporate mantra of the other vendor. End-to-End SNOM solutions work across our somewhat complex network -- and that's all the proof I need to stay happily in the SNOM family with 821, 320, and Bria deployed on a Windows 2008 server. Your mileage may vary.
  6. Agreed, that will work -- but there's no telling how long it will stay on that specific IP. Until there is a better solution, we've (as I noted before) rolled back to a legacy email provider, non-Gmail.
  7. Same issue here... we "lost" about 2 days of backed up voicemail before we realized what was going on. Rather than mess with Gmail, we switched over to a legacy non-Gmail account and it all flushed through. In the meantime, I was seeing all kinds of Gmail errors about the CNAME records.
  8. A follow-up post, with a big THANK YOU to "pbx support" here... Using Vonage as a SIP provider, the settings that worked are (in Trunks->Number/Call Identification): Prefix: empty Trunk ANI: xxxxxxxxxxx (where xxxxxx is our 10-digit Vonage telephone number) Remote Party/Privacy Indication: Custom Headers Request-URI: Let the system decide From: Based on incoming call To: Let the system decide P-Asserted-Identity: Other "xxxxxxxxxxx" <sip:xxxxxxxxxxx@{trunk-registrar}> (where xxxxxxx is our 10 digit Vonage number) P-Preferred-Identity: Don't use header Remote-Part-ID: Don't use header P-Charging-Vector: Don't use header Privacy Indication: Don't use header All works great now.
  9. Your PM box seems to be full, or cannot accept the message I've just tried to send.
  10. Uggg... I've tried a bunch of different variations, but cannot seem to find the magic bullet. Our incoming caller ID's are fine.... it is simply out going ID that shows on destination (people we're calling out to) as "Unkown". We're on Vonage, if that might help anyone point us in the proper direction.
  11. We recently upgraded to Beta Corona Austrinids, and have only SNOM 821 handsets in the organization. Since the upgrade, our outgoing caller ID seems to have been lost and external recipients of our calls simply see "unknown". Is there a setting somewhere I can reset this?
  12. Probably just a coincidence. Not that my opinion matters, but I think naming software that is suitable for General Release with names like "Alpha" and "Beta" is extremely confusing to those of us who are (or have been) in the I.T. world.
  13. I have a very 'newbie' question... We are running 2011- (Win64) currently. Is 2011-4.5.1005 still considered Alpha/Beta release software, or is this production-level stable?
  14. Were you able to get sipdroid working from 'outside' the SnomOne's network? Mine works fine within the network itself, but once I'm on another WiFi network or over the cellular network, it fails to register. (Yes, I have opened the IP access restrictions to ensure the new IP is permitted).
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