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  1. we have found that on some Windows 10 PC's the extension can be registered and accessed from the app but if you call the extension you get sent direct to message bank and no calls to other extensions or outgoing can be made. We turned off all firewalls however, client is using Sophos Intercept x Advance. The same issue occurs in user mode as well as the Window app.
  2. it works with 1xx 3 digit, just 2xx and above.
  3. With version 64.1 for a particular domain we have found that when the users dial anything starting with 2xx only 2x is used. If they use 1xx all three digits are used. We then looked at the Domain settings for this and changed to press enter, but nothing changed. Please see logfile. The handsets are all snom D785 Please note another domain on the same server has no issues? ext to ext 21 Jan 2020.txt
  4. we are using 64.1 CentOs 64 and under a domain we go to Logo Upload. In the Generate Images from svg we clicked on image and uploaded the same image to Dark and light. However, when we try and save this is greyed out and a bar across the save button. If we try to upload images in the upload separate images they are uploaded and we can click on save, however, when we refresh the screen they all disappear? logo-darleyst1.svg
  5. The issue at this time is that the svg image is not being loaded into the Vodia PBX. we upload the image and get the green tick. However, if we refresh the page or go away and come back to that page the image is unavailable.
  6. Scenario: Company has a Agent Group with all their office phones listed. In the event of a power outage the company would like all existing calls to be redirected to a mailbox instead of waiting for the queue timeout to occur. We know we can use a service flag for this when all agents are offline however this does not effect existing calls in the queue. Is there a way to do this? The customer we need to configure this for us has this configuration in their Avaya and it is part of a more elaborate configuration and this is the sticking point. The above scenario is just an easy way to explain it
  7. We are having issues with custom logos loading onto the SNOM 785’s. We load the image into the portal, get a green tick and then we go back the image is no where to be found. Any tips? This used to operate correctly. Any update from snom and others?
  8. Any examples of how to set this up for outgoing calls. Please advise and example and your scenario and what needs to be set up.
  9. We only have snom handsets connected and there is two way audio when connected.
  10. Just want to check if something is possible (I’m not sure anything is, but just how it is implemented). Customer has domain setup in Vodia. Using Yealink 6 x T46s and 2 x T42G/S Customer is adding another brand to the company and wants to ensure when they answer/call out, they are going via the correct branding. For the inbound calls, we can setup a new ring group so that it would ring 3 out of the 8 extensions. But for outbound calls, could we setup a BLF key that as predefined outbound caller ID so that it has a different outbound caller id to the normal/default number? It would be using the same trunk.
  11. we have moved client to version 64.0 and find that when they dial ext to ext or dial out the caller cannot hear the dial tone? the far end gets ring tone and can answer the call. Any suggestions on the issue?
  12. Hi Mal, thanks for the feedback. we can assist you with your requirements and support of Vodia is Sydney. please use our email rupertu@dtasia.net or call me on 0424373516.
  13. We had enabled call logging to go back 30 days and pull each call by extension so we could send our client an export of the csv on this. It appears that call logs only go back 12 days – are you able to confirm the locations we configure this to ensure we have not missed something?
  14. Two new values shown in the Domain General settings: Threshold value for rejecting SPAM calls SPAM score for anonymous callers How do these work and what is the score required and how is this worked out?
  15. how does this operate? There is no details in the documentation? Also Google Contacts client ID and secret.
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