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  1. Two new values shown in the Domain General settings: Threshold value for rejecting SPAM calls SPAM score for anonymous callers How do these work and what is the score required and how is this worked out?
  2. how does this operate? There is no details in the documentation? Also Google Contacts client ID and secret.
  3. CO Lines have been used for other uses where rather than using multiple identities CO Line would offer a better option so that by selecting a CO Line will determine the ANI sent out for that call. This is an important use for serviced offices. We have set up CO lines as per the documentation, but something appears to be missing as these do not work. We set up CO 1 to CO4 as accounts 811 - 814, these are assigned to buttons on a handset. However, when the button is pressed the response is Not Found? There is a requirement to enter a parameter but no documentation on what the parameters might be or any examples. CO lines show inbound and outbound parameters separately? Also the request url?
  4. we found the issue. If the Tone Language is not set to default system tone scheme it does not work. If you change this to any language it operates.
  5. we are using 63.0.5 and find that when a new snom D785 is auto provisioned we no longer get the Vodia background picture. the snom identity shows that user picture url is https://vodia.com:443/prov/snom_thumb-00041392CD39.jpg and the xml in Vodia shows the same <user_pic idx="1" perm="RW">https://vodia.com:443/prov/snom_thumb-00041392CD39.jpg</user_pic> however, the screen is blank? this used to work on earlier Vodia versions?
  6. we moved an existing domain to a new server with a number of other domains. However, one domain using snom handsets gets any dialling noise when calling other extensions. All snom handsets were factory reset. The extension being called can answer the call and two way audio is available.
  7. we have a new domain in a multi tenant system and tried uploading the svg files as required. It appears to upload and even saves (with green tick). However, if we refresh the page the Vodia logo still shows and the new logo is not available? we tried going to the domain url and refreshing the screen and still the standard Vodia logo. this is version 63.0.5 CentOS 64 Aug 23 2019. The format should be correct and according to the details will resize if necessary. the logfile shows no details?
  8. we have set up a new system and have downloaded the license, added it to the required field and saved. Nothing happens and it shows unlicensed. On checking the logfile we see the following? 12:20:03.590 GENE: Received geo location AU [5] 12:31:56.766 GENE: License: Activate license with code 5WERW52YXG1H [0] 12:31:57.872 GENE: License: The license 5WERW52YXG1H does not cover version 62.0 what does the above mean that the license does not cover version 62.0?
  9. the screen display for Call Log admin level displays START, FROM, TO, DURATION, TRUNK and at domain level it displays START, FROM, TO, AGENT, TRUNK, DURATION. However if downloading the CSV file for both admin and domain we only get DATE, TIME, FROM, TO, DURATION. Is it possible to get a CSV download that reflects the displayed details and if not what other options are available to get defined variables in a CSV file download?
  10. we have found that trying to download csv file both at domain and admin levels only works if you are using Chrome rather than Firefox. Has anyone else experienced this?
  11. the snom D735 can be added to the provisioning tab of an extension using the correct MAC address. This is sent to SRAPS and shows there. However, when the handsets starts its process it gets no details. see below attached and txt files from snom and Vodia. D735 Provisioing 4 Jul 2019.txt
  12. OK, further to the previous update, we have found that if we wind back to 62.03 Ext Icon now works: see below Added picture: see attached Went back to 63.1 – Broken under the Extension: see attached But displays the image on the Extension list: see attached It appears that 63.1 has link issue?
  13. the mailbox is disabled and still calls go through to the mailbox with the message.
  14. We have a request that I am sure might have come before in Australia with the connection of Vodia PBX’s to AAPT. The requirement is to take the 10 digit number eg 0282128680 and make this an ENUM when it passes through the trunk as +61282128680 and then out to each extension as the ENUM number. What is the setup required in the trunk to achieve this?
  15. We have found that in version 63.1 the country code is automatically set for each country. However, this appears to be at odds with the dial plan. if we dial a standard 8 or 10 digit call in Australia we get 61 61 03 82128680, so the 61 is doubled up and no call is made. How do we disable this and use the dial plan and SIP trunk country and area code details correctly with the new version? we saw the same with 852 for Hong Kong and others. we have found removing the country code in the settings page for the domain sometime allows it operate correctly and sometimes it still adds the additional country code? can you please advise best practice for using the domain country code and other details that need to be adjusted or set up to operate correctly?
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