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  1. Anyway to use shoutcast in MOH, so I can put in a link everytime MOH plays it will play a shoutcast? Please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know which file in the MOH is the white noise file that plays before a call is connected?
  3. How would i do option 2. Where do you see this setting?
  4. I have a Panasonic PBX which i am registering one registration to the vodia system, but I have 100 DID's, and I want the Vodia system to sed the calls to my PBX with the DID in the invite instead of inviting the extension number. Is this possible? or whats the best way to do sip trunking with DID's on this system?
  5. Hi, We need this feature very important. That we should be able to call into a Auto attendant and rerecord the AA message. And customer does not have to call from a registered phone. Is it possible to do now? Let me know.
  6. But, is SNOMONE running on a few cores or the same as it used to be, on one core?
  7. I totally understand what you are saying, that it all depends on what is being loaded onto the server at once. But, i am asking as when you ask a an expert about freeswitch, they would say a number of about 400 concurrent calls on a 8 gb quad core server. SO, what would be the number of call that a server can handle today, with SNOMONE, on a quad core 8 gb server, that lets say only does calls only.
  8. Hi, Is it true that since version 5.0.2 the PBX runs on a few cores of the server? if yes how many calls can the system handle today? Till today, when we saw a spike of 30 concurrent calls, everyone was complaining about static calls.
  9. I guess i need the Polycom feature fix, that it should keep the logs.
  10. We are using Polycom VVX for the past few months, but we keep on having customers call in, that they dont see their missed calls on their phones, We found that sometimes its on the phone, and sometimes you come to the phone and the calls in recent are old calls from last week. Does anyone know how to fix this and where can the problem be?
  11. Thanks, all for the ideas. We know that and did that. For some reason, SNOM always finds a way back into the picture. Now that our portal is branded, we have to get snomone in the voicemail emails. we gotta keep on running after this. Therfore, I requested that we vote for appearance and branding abilities to come back to the system ASAP.
  12. We need the rebranding and appearance tab to come back asap, to version 5+. All our customer see we are are using SNOMONE. I cannot use the system this way. In addition, they get the Voicemails, it has all Snomone logos around.
  13. No changes were made. Pm me. Matbe you should login into my auatem and get me some help. Its embarrasing for us that snom phones dont work with snom.
  14. It the generated file it only creates a file snom_3xx_phone-(mac...
  15. Changed it to tcp. takes the first file of the list. the sxx_fs, but not the rest of the files. I need to get this to work. i did so much tracing already. It works on 5.0.4 and it does not on 5.0.10
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