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    obi ATA

    Vodia, have you looked into what it would take to PNP an obi ATA?
  2. Im trying to import a 30M backup file (lots of recordings). and every browser locks up.
  3. hosted

    RTP music

    should an RTP stream from http://easyonhold.com work?
  4. text links are white for me, with a white banner.
  5. add one more setting above 8 hours also. like 10 reason being we have a couple customers who stay logged into a dialer through their PBX. good reason to have it per domain. dialer/call center company long calls normal office 2 hour limit.
  6. hosted


    so I see "Agents of group 304" which looks like the same information an agent gets?
  7. hosted


    now that 5.2.1 is out, how do you display the wallboard?
  8. is there a way to reset a voicemail so when the next user enters the voicemail it will walk them through the setup?
  9. asterisk has its own API, that is different from snomone.
  10. someone compatible with receiving the SOAP CDR..
  11. Are there any external call accounting systems?
  12. how can i limit what trunk providers i want in the pre-populated list..?
  13. hosted


    how do we connect wallboards for ACD statistics? i know the SOAP URL has something to do with it
  14. hosted

    crash 5.2

    I just had a 5.2 crash. should it have dumped a core file? where is it at? all i can find in the log is this: Mar 3 12:38:38 b5-SAAS1 kernel: pbxctrl[1129] general protection ip:4be374 sp:7fffb3ebfea0 error:0 in pbxctrl[400000+62c000]
  15. awe crap! i remember you said that before. thanks.
  16. what are you not using an email from your corporate email system? room1@mycompany.com seems ideal to me
  17. recording format: /usr/local/snomONE/cdrrecording/$m/$d/$t-$i-$u-$n.wav and I get invalid source trying to play them back. is this because of the customer directory? what can i do to fix?
  18. use G711 unless you have bandwidth constraints. or G722 for internal phones, if you phone support the codec.
  19. hosted


    getting closer! WEBC: Activesync: Syncing failed 1. Error code = 404 this is a 2013 exchange, it was working during 5.1.3
  20. hosted


    ok i upgraded another server and it showed up.. not sure why our demo is missing that feature.
  21. hosted


    another thing i found, on a fresh installation you have a new feature blacklist user agent *awesome* but its missing on an upgrade..
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