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  1. Has there been a resolution to this scenario please?
  2. This is two-way video/audio; in other words a two-way video call. So if we set this number at <timeout_connected>3600</timeout_connected> this will affect only the video/audio call and not voice only calls? I guess I'm still a little confused as to what this number controls. One of the tests that we conducted this morning was to establish a normal audio-only call. After about 5-6 minutes on the same call, we switched on the cameras, exactly 120 sec later the call dropped, both audio and video.
  3. But what if we are doing both video and regular VoIP calls? This is a multi-tenant PBX with multiple domains and multiple trunks. What will be the affect of changing that setting?
  4. There is a setting in pbx.xml labeled "timeout_connected" which by default is 120. We are experimenting with video calls and they are dropping precisely at 120 seconds due to RTP timeout. A regular non-video call works as expected. What are the values that can be placed in the "timeout_connected" setting and what ramifications are there to changing this value? PBXnSIP version CentOS 5
  5. Unfortunately, the support web site is geared toward the snom phone and not conducive to PBXnSIP. The MAC address of an affected phone is necessary to open a ticket. We do not use snom phones at this time. Also, all of my open tickets are now missing. I realize that PBXnSIP is no longer PBXnSIP but there should be a way to open a support ticket without having to enter an snom phone MAC address.
  6. We have a support contract with PBXnSIP and we can no longer send email to the support email address. Those emails started bouncing yesterday. Where do we send support email now? Also, how do we get to the PBXnSIP support ticket site now??
  7. Does anyone know if version 4 is capable of running on a virtual server? Has anyone done this with success?
  8. Is this version available for CentOS 5?
  9. Recordings are being made, and placed in the specified directory. But they are not being emailed out. Alerts, CDR and *12 recording are being emailed but not auto-recorded calls.
  10. We are testing version pbxctrl-centos5- and have come across two issues dealing with recording. 1. The record all feature appears to be broken in this release. I have tested this using the following settings: Recording default for this domain: all on Account Recording: default Recording default for this domain: all on Account Recording: all on Recording default for this domain: all off Account Recording: all on In each scenario, there is no recording created. 2. Recording does work if I use the *12 code. However if I have more that one email address defined for the account, the second email address will receive the recording attached as a zero byte file. The first email address in the list is the only one that receives a playable recording. Are these known issues and are they actively being worked on? Is version pbxctrl-centos5- the latest RC? If not, can you provide a link to the newest release please? Thanks in advance.
  11. Is the "Show Test Area" on the domain dial plan configuration page operational? I think it is supposed to test the dial plans that are configured above. If anything is typed into the "Input" text field the result is always "No pattern found for the dialed number" How is this to be used? Thanks Version (Linux) CentOS
  12. Cannot remove in GUI or Text mode.... (Linux) Will open a seperate thread but the Test Area does not work either...
  13. Yes sir I am aware that it is adjustable in version 4 What I am asking is "Is it adjustable in version 3?"
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