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  1. Anyone have any suggestions? im on my 4th trial of this software (and its a pain as its tied ot mac id so i keep having to find new network cards) and still cant get the basic pbx funtions to work i have tried 4 routers as well i have 1 pbx people register we can all call each other but nothing is transmitted over the web, if i install all my phones locally then everything works fine
  2. hi and thanks for the help i have done pretty much all of what u said but still no voice data is moved over the system im using SPA942 phones from linksys and they work fine with our other voip provider just not the pbx i have setup my self my pbx sits on a XP machine and is in the dmz everyone can connect and register on it but when calling someone (anyone) no voice data is transmitted just "beep beep beep" any ideas? i would think putting the xp machine in a dmz would of done the trick no software firewalls at all. what should i check for in the codecs of the phone?
  3. good day all. i have the demo of pbxnsip setup on a xp box behind a router on an ADSL line. the xp box has the ip of I have forward the ports (i assume i need to forward) and i have had users connect from outside the building using a multitude of hardware based phones as well as some sip based softphones they can connect and register and i can see them registered in the pbx status page and everything looks fine. The only issue is when they then dial an extension, for example user 1 is extension 100 and he dials user 2 on extension 101 it will dial the extension and both users will hear it ring but when user 2 answers no voice data is transmitted between them. Now obviously a PBX is designed to allow users to connect and talk from all over the world so im wondering am i doing something silly. What ports do i need to open to allow voice comms between 2 users? Thanks in advance for any help
  4. ok i will give it a whirl, just out of interest what environment would be best the easiest/friendliest i have a pbx and wish people to connect to it and then call each other using the extention number the equipment involved is 1 xp box with pbxnsip and 1 router to connect to the web. I thought i was making it simple for my self Thanks again
  5. Hi and thank you. Does that page mean i need to use 2 network cards and give 1 the external ip and 1 the internal ip?
  6. Good day all. I hope someone can help with a small issue im having with my pbxnsip setup. I will detail my setup and then the problem. I have 1 PBX setup with 3 accounts on it (101 / 102 / 103) This sits on a computer with a static IP and is connected to a router that joins it to the internet. I have 3 voip phone users. 1 internal connected to the same router the PBX is (101) and 2 external (102 / 103) extensions used by home users. I also have (and this shouldnt confuse anything) a MS speech server setup. All 3 can register on my PBX. i can dial all entensions for any phone but i have audio issues. From 101 (my internal phone) i can dial my speech server and talk to it so i know that works. But when 102 and 103 try and dial my speech server they dont get anything at all (it rings and answers but thats it) From 101 i can dial 102 or 103 and it will ring and they will answer but i can not hear them and they can not hear me. from 102 and 103 they can dial 101 and each other and both will ring but once again they wont hear anything so thats external to internal phone no audio and external to external phone no audio. every phone tested is also setup under another extenion to another pbx hosted by our ISP and that works fine so im happy the phones work. I have the PBX computer setup to be in my DMZ and any software firewalls disabled. Am i missing anything? Thanks in advance regards ross
  7. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has pbxnsip and speech server 2007 installed on the same machine. Every time i install speech server and pbxnsip together i cant access the pbxnsip control panel via http://ipofmachine i get a user name / password box pop up in IE but its not the login page for pbxnsip i try various user names/passes but then it fails and goes to a standard ie error page about security and iis........ as soon as i remove speech server it works fine. any ideas
  8. Hi, Speech Server 2007 does indeed support SIP (over TCP only). more info: http://forums.microsoft.com/Ocs2007publicb...8&SiteID=57 http://download.microsoft.com/download/9/c...ta_Relnotes.htm
  9. Hi, interesting post. Does anyone have any experience in getting PBXNSIP working with speech server 2007?
  10. did you get a solution to this? i wish to call my speech server and it has the same issues with SIP and TCP i would love to be able to call my speech server through a PBX.
  11. Hi all, My setup is 2 hardware linksys SPA942 phones (they will hopefully be extensions 100 + 101) Also on my local network is Speech server 2007 running on a XP box no firewalls etc involved. I have downloaded pbxnsip but do not have the trial ket yet, just planning my install/setup. I need to be able to call my speech server using an extension (102) To do this i need to be able to register speech server as an extension (102) on pbxnsip. Anyone have any ideas how I do this using pbxnsip? Or had any experience with speech server + pbxnsip? Thanks in advance for any help. regards, SOS
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