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  1. Hi, I am currently facing the same issue when registering against Broadsoft switch. Vodia PBX sends qop="auth" in Authorization field. I remember having this issue few years ago as well. If I look RFC3261 again then I understand that the right way is to send qop=auth without quotations in Authorization filed. In other fields (WWW-Authenticate and Proxy-Authenticate) it should be with quotation marks. So I think Vodia should change this behavior or add possibility to change it in case some developers have misunderstood the RFC. Best regards Madis Ma
  2. Just to let everybody know that there was no mistake in trunk configuration. Simple snomONE restart solved the DNS lookup problem. Madis
  3. Yes. resolv.conf is configured and I can resolve the names in Centos. There is no DNS logging option available. I had set other logging options to level 9 (SIP and audio levels are off). [root@localhost ~]# dig -t SRV _sip._udp.proxy.pbx.xxx.ee ; <<>> DiG 9.7.3-P3-RedHat-9.7.3-8.P3.el6 <<>> -t SRV _sip._udp.proxy.pbx.xxx.ee ;; global options: +cmd ;; Got answer: ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 36310 ;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 2, AUTHORITY: 2, ADDITIONAL: 6 ;; QUESTION SECTION: ;_sip._udp.proxy.pbx.xxx.ee. IN SRV ;;
  4. Hi I have a problem that trunk is not registering when I use DNS names in proxy address field. With IP addresses everything works. In log I only see: [8] 2015/09/25 11:30:47: Trunk 5: sending discover message for crx.xxx.eu [2] 2015/09/25 11:30:47: Web interface triggered reregistration of trunk 5 [8] 2015/09/25 11:30:47: Trunk 5: sending discover message for crx.xxx.eu [2] 2015/09/25 11:30:48: Web interface triggered reregistration of trunk 5 [8] 2015/09/25 11:30:48: Trunk 5: sending discover message for crx.xxx.eu [8] 2015/09/25
  5. Hi I have a problem when redirecting a call. The problem is that my carrier only accepts calls from numbers which are defined within the SIP trunk but when I use redirect to external number then SnomONE initiates a call where From header has original caller number and carrier rejects this call. How could I set PBX up so that on redirects it uses called number as From address? According to manual there should be a parameter "Caller ID update on trunk" but I do not see it. Maybe it is in newer versions? My version is 2011- (Linux). Would this parameter help in my case?
  6. I managed to get my 760 provisioned after removing old pnp.xml from html directory. But after that I was not able to attach it to any extension. I had two extensions, which should have been able to use this phone - one with correct mac address binding and one with * binding. SnomONE was not giving it to any of them. I believe that reason lied there: [8] 2012/07/13 04:24:01: HTTP: finding snom_3xx_fw.xml for vendor snom, MAC 000413710A1D [8] 2012/07/13 04:24:01: PnP: Using the credentials of 829@elion.ee for file snom_3xx_fw.xml ... [8] 2012/07/13 04:24:01: HTTP: Received request for fil
  7. It does not contain any information about 7xx phones. I upgraded from previous version and it only updates executable. Is there a new pnp.xml file available for download?
  8. Maybe I need to generate some configuration files for 7xx before it starts working? Here is copy-paste from server version - Version: Epsilon Geminids (Win32) And here is more detailed server log: [5] 2012/07/12 08:36:49: SIP Rx udp: SUBSCRIBE sip:MAC%3a000413710A1D@localhost SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport From: <sip:MAC%3a000413710A1D@localhost>;tag=1869990681 To: <sip:MAC%3a000413710A1D@localhost> Call-ID: 944876847@ CSeq: 1 SUBSCRIBE Event: ua-profile;profile-type="device";vendor="snom";model="snom7
  9. I am not able to get 760 phone to provision with SnomONE. SnomONE version is Epsilon Geminids. Below are logs from server and phone. Tried also with version Alpha but it returned "Not found" to SUBSCRIBE request. ####SERVER LOG [9] 2012/07/12 05:42:55: Resolve 38: aaaa udp 52297 [9] 2012/07/12 05:42:55: Resolve 38: a udp 52297 [9] 2012/07/12 05:42:55: Resolve 38: udp 52297 ####PHONE SIP LOG Sent to udp: at 1/1/1970 00:00:44:828 (428 bytes): SUBSCRIBE sip:MAC%3a000413710A1D@localhost SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/
  10. Thanks for the hint:) Looks much better now.
  11. I have configured cell phone number for extension under Redirection but when I call from this number then there is no assistant playing. Extension just starts to ring. From log I see that snomone recognizes my cell phone. Are there any other steps that need to be taken to make it work? SnomONE version is 2011- (Win32) but it did not work also for version 4.2. [8] 2011/11/16 03:57:52: Call from a trunk 1 [8] 2011/11/16 03:57:52: Trunk CR@localhost has country code not set, area code not set [9] 2011/11/16 03:57:52: Incoming: formatted From is = "5295XXX" <sip:5295XXX@91.
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